Best Electric Socks For Christmas Gifts

Electric socks make for a wonderful Christmas gift. Christmas season is an exciting time for anyone who enjoys giving or receiving presents. Surprising your friends or family with an electric heated product can be tremendous fun and definitely unexpected.

Quality electric heated socks are a product which the recipient will use for multiple seasons, so your gift will no doubt be enjoyed for years to come. Recipients can get a warm feeling in their feet every time they get cold feet and think of you, and what more can you ask from a Christmas present.

If you’re shopping for Christmas gifts and considering electric socks, here are a few things to pay attention to!

Don’t go for the cheapest product

Extremely cheap electric socks are usually not a great idea for a present. You don’t want to gift a product which will break down before the winter is over, so I recommend spending a few extra bucks to get a product with high customer reviews which will last longer.

Rechargeable batteries are recommended

You should also consider batteries. Having replaceable AA batteries is convenient for everyone, but AA powered socks are typically not nearly as good as rechargeable battery ones.

Don’t forget about anniversaries, birthdays, and many other occasions when you can gift replacement rechargeable batteries if your recipients enjoy and use the product you gifted.

Top Electric Socks 2018/2019 Season

All that being said, here’s a few of our top electric socks for this season which can be fantastic Christmas presents!

1 – Mobile Warming Heated Electric Socks

Mobile Warming’s electric socks are one of the best on the market. They feature rechargeable batteries and provide up to 11 hours of heating.

Their most prominent feature is a handy remote control. Remote control allows you to regulate heat levels and turn the socks on or off whenever you please. No more pulling down pants or reaching for battery packs!

Biggest downside to Mobile Warming socks is their price. If you’re buying electric socks for the entire family or several friends the price is probably unacceptable for most people, but if you want to show a loved one that you care they are the best electric socks you can currently buy.

2 – Flambeau Heated Socks

Flambeau electric socks are cheaper than Mobile Warming’s, but they can still keep your toes toasty. Flambeau socks feature rechargeable li-ion batteries and heating on toe area.

Batteries on Flambeau heated socks last from 5 to 7 hours depending on heat levels used.

3 – Global Vasion Battery Heated Socks

Global Vasion’s electric socks are one of the best sellers, and they offer quite a bit considering their price. These are one of the cheapest electric socks but with excellent reviews from many satisfied customers.

Global Vasion heated socks provide heat on front instep. Batteries last from 3 to 6 hours depending on which of the three heat settings you choose.

Alternative to electric socks: Heated Insoles

If for some reason you think electric socks won’t be a welcome Christmas gift, consider electric insoles. For keeping toes happy and warm heated insoles can work just as well.

When comparing prices and customer reviews, ThermaCell heated insoles offer the best for your money.

ThermaCell electric insoles have rechargeable batteries, and a handy remote control allowing their user to regulate heat levels on demand.

Alternate electric heated gifts

If socks aren’t your ideal Christmas gift idea, there are plenty of other battery heated products on the market you can consider gifting.

Hand warmers:

First are definitely hand warmers. You can purchase inexpensive electric hand warmers such as the ones below. I’m absolutely confident your recipients will love them! They are easily charged and great to have in many occasions in cold weather.

Electric hand warmers displayed above can also be used as a power source for cell phones, making them the perfect gift for kids as well as adults.

Electric gloves:

Electric heated gloves are another interesting gift if you want to go a step further. Having warm hands is extremely important to anyone suffering from poor circulation or working in freezing temperature. Electric gloves are good for riding a bike, playing sports, commuting to work, or even just walking the dog around the neighborhood.

Will your recipient like heated products?

There’s one easy way to find out! Spending $50 or more on a Christmas present you’re not sure your loved one will like can be a downer, but there’s anĀ easy way to spend very little while still providing some much-needed heat.

Chemical warmers are disposable one-time use products which are not powered by electricity. That means no batteries or worrying about charging, and no chance of breaking down or receiving potentially faulty products.

Chemical warmers are fairly inexpensive compared to electric ones, and they provide a surprising amount of heating to hands or feet for a very long period. These air-heated warmers are certainly worth considering if you’re at all unsure if your Christmas gift will be well received.

Are electric heated products the right Christmas gift?

Electric heated socks or other electric heated products are no doubt an amazing gift for Christmas, but also many other occasions. I’m confident your loved ones will enjoy it greatly.

Replacing batteries should not worry you. There will be plenty of birthdays and anniversaries in months ahead where you can buy great follow-up gifts: batteries.

If you have a larger family or need gifts for a whole office you an even consider buying dozens of electric hand warmers. You can expect to spend about $25 per warmer/person.

Compared to thinking about what to buy for each person individually, and then considering hundreds of dollars you will likely need to spend, electric hand warmers are the best holiday gift alternative you can ever hope for. They’re inexpensive, and everyone loves gadgets.

The ones here can also serve as emergency power source for charging mobile phones, making them great gifts for older people with poor circulation in hands but also teenagers or younger generations.

And if you’re ever in doubt or want to find more electric or thermal products be sure to browse through out categories. You can quickly and easily compare products based on price or user reviews and find the perfect Christmas gift.