Global Vasion Rechargeable Battery Heated Socks

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Long heated electronic socks with adjustable heating settings and rechargeable batteries. Designed to keep your feet warm for hours indoors or outside. Comfortable and sleek, these socks are a must have for anyone suffering from chronically cold feet.

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Absorbent, breathable, quick-drying and flexible electric socks will keep your chronically cold feet warm.

Heated area is in front instep. Socks feature a reinforced and padded heel and toe, and a recessed heating element focuses heat on your toes.

These rechargeable battery heated socks kit includes one pair of socks, two 3.7V li-ion batteries, and AC charger. Replacement batteries are not available.

Three heating levels will ensure you can keep your feet warm based on your preference. On highest heating setting the batteries will last about 3 to 3.5 hours, and up to 6.5 hours on lowest heat adjustment.

40 reviews for Global Vasion Rechargeable Battery Heated Socks

  1. ASummers

    I was a little hesitant to buy these, because of the lack of reviews but I’m glad I did! I’ve purchased 2 pair now. These were purchased for my husband that rides his Harley all year. He loves them! They are really thick, soft, well made socks. We wash them on gentle in a laundry bag and hang dry. A full charge lasts a full day of riding. They do get very warm, and they have adjustable heat settings (3}.

  2. Nikki Hamilton

    My son and I go fishing quite regularly all the way up to winter. There are times when there is snow on the ground and our feet are absolutely freezing. Cold hands and cold feet are the absolute worst so I decided to try these socks out to see if they might be a possible solution for my feet at least. I actually tried them out at work since it’s not winter yet and I was amazed at how well they do actually work. In fact, I had to turn it down to low or medium because they were getting a little too warm. The only thing I’d like to see improved is that the heating element be moved closer to the toes which I think would really help better in keeping my feet warm. Also, the socks don’t go up as high as I would like. Since I often wear large hiking socks that go up to my knees to help keep my legs warm when I go fishing, it would have been nice if these socks would have gone a little higher as well. However, the socks are quite thick and look to be very well made. All in all, I do think these will do the trick.

  3. Christanne

    These are the most expensive socks I’ve ever purchased. They are worth every penny. I live in California, so I don’t really need these here. These are for my camping trips and for my snowboarding trip and for when I travel to places that actually have different seasons. Like the instructions said, one battery was completely dead when I received the package. Plugged both batteries in to charge. The top part of your toes heats up really quickly. I’m going to Chicago at the end of October. I cannot wait to use these. Don’t machine wash and you should be good

  4. Ray

    Bought these socks for my wife because she always has cold feet during the night. Love that it uses rechargeable batteries and not corded so it does not take away any too much mobility. These socks are great and all but heating just the top of the feet is not enough but then I am not sure if I want to step on the heating pad if it’s on the bottom….

  5. Steve H.

    Heating element is on top of the toes, thought it would be on the bottom. Charge didn’t last long enough – 6 hours.

  6. Customer

    Seriously, for the price… they worked beautifully. It was a cold night football game, with tailgating before and we could not have been any warmer. I highly recommend. I might even get more.

  7. frugg

    Works better than I ever expected. I wear them for winter golf and they keep my feet warm the whole round. They are comfortable too.

  8. Lindsey

    I really like these. Delivered on time. They heat up immediately. The battery life works well for me. I only wish I looked more carefully. I like the socks that heat up on the top and bottom. But I still would recommend these to anyone

  9. Nonah Smith

    I am a female, 5’4″, 135 lbs, and I have medium(?)-sized calves (14.5″ circumference). These socks are tight on my calves. They also fit right in the middle of my calves. So they are neither really knee-high (and I am short) nor 3/4 length. I haven’t trekked with them yet, have only worn them around the house, but I am concerned that they would fall down, either right away or eventually—as they stretch out. In terms of their heating capabilities, they do heat as the photo shows—only the top of your feet. But I reckon that’s better than nothing.

  10. Heather

    I used these socks over the weekend on our trip up in Tennessee. I didn’t know what to expect so I had them on low then over time I turned them up to medium and then to high. Last for almost 6 hours after that they died, but when they were on they worked great. When we got back I plugged them up to charge and used them the 2nd day. Again worked great for a rainy cold day on the trails.i wish I had these the last couple.of months. LO VE THEM, I would recommend.

  11. Jenny B

    I have Raynauds and these socks are perfect helping keep my toes warm. Great purchase.

  12. Customer

    These electric socks have been a perfect solution to my cold feet. I bought them mainly for snowboarding. On medium heat they last 5-6 hours. They perfectly heat my feet enough when snowboarding. The only thing I have had issues with is the connection from the sock to the battery is a little loose and comes disconnected easily (this is also due to my boot pressing on the connection as well) the solution to this problem was turning the battery sideways with the connection being completely enveloped in the pocket that holds the battery. Highly recommend these socks for skiing/snowboarding purposes.

    I wear a women’s size 7 shoe and these socks fit great.

  13. Brian Rom

    I got these socks for when I’m working outside all night in the cold. The socks are great as far as an insulated sock goes, the heater is another story. To get any heat you have to have them turned on high and only one sock puts out decent heat, the other doesn’t really put any heat at all. Another problem is the plug for the battery, it comes unplugged so it will just stop working. The battery also only last a few hours so not a good all day heat source.

  14. jazzyfatnasty

    So I wear a 7.5 in ladies and they are tight, like really tight like compression socks. It doesn’t heat as well as I expected and there is only one panel and that’s the one on the top in the photo. It’s better than nothing and I like that they are rechargeable so I’ll keep them.

  15. Jewel

    I bought these to warm up my feet so I can go to sleep at night. The socks are pretty tight. I would prefer them to be bit looser. They do warm up my feet. The rechargeable batteries go into pockets at the top of the socks. They are uncomfortable if you sleep on your side.

  16. Idaho Luke

    They work as described, and have good battery life. Somehow I lost one of the batteries while skiing, so I bought a second pair, I have added a velcro closure to the battery pockets

  17. Cheryl Gulota

    The socks are thick and nice quality. I would like the heat to cover more than just the tops of the toes, like the whole foot top and bottom and the ankle. The battery pack is bulky so you can’t wear tight jeans with them.

  18. Robert Leonard

    I suffer from chronic cold, damp feet in the winter even if I’m in a warm room. My solution has always been to put my socks in the dryer and put on two warm pairs for temporary relief. I finally decided to invest in electric socks. I’ve worn these daily for about a month, and have solved my cold feet problem. The overall quality is good. But they are not perfect. They are pretty snug and I get involved in a wrestling match to get them on and off. But, once on, they are not uncomfortable (I wear size 10 mens). Around the house, I wear slippers or socks only and found that these work best if I put a second pair of larger bulky socks over the electric ones. The batteries can take time to charge and will last about 4 hours on medium – maybe 2 on high. Once the batteries are in the dedicated side pockets, they are pretty much unnoticeable .The heat is subtle – but enough to do the job. They work well with winter boots. I have found that they are sometimes very itchy where the elements are located at the top of the foot. I got a rash when I first used them. I think its the fibers digging in to the skin. Maybe I just have sensitive skin. They still itch a month later unless I take the precaution of rubbing a little Vaseline on the effected area – then no problem. Even with the drawbacks, I can recommend these socks – they cured my cold feet! I think I’ll be searching for a second set of batteries so I can extend the wearing time.

  19. Henry H.

    Can’t use them at all – Should have sent them back – Reviews seem to indicate they would fit size 13 – NOT

  20. Joe Ferreira

    These aren’t good for extreme cold and they’re only warm for a couple hours max.

  21. chris aasen

    Worked as advertised. No cold feet in the Idaho Backcountry while camping.

  22. Sandra F.

    Love this. Just wish you could get extra batteries. Works great in below 0 temps. Just doesn’t last long enough. Extra batteries would take care of that problem though.

  23. J. Thompson

    These fit nicely and are made very nicely. I wish the heat was a little lower on the toes but they do warm up and help when your feet are freezing. I use them around the house in the winter as my feet get freezing on our hardwood floors. Batteries seem to last about 3-4 hours. Low and medium don’t do anything for me, I go straight to high.

  24. Kelsey

    Bought these for my boyfriend and he raved about them!! BUT be wary if your ski boots are high bc these aren’t that high of socks and they made it so the hole is right at the top for the battery pack to go into. He was happily skiing down with his toasty feet and by the time he got to the bottom, he noticed the battery pack had fallen out. nuts. Maybe these are just for walking around in the mountains NOT skiing? they worked well until that happened – though you definitely do need to have it on the highest setting to feel that cozy warmth.

  25. Samie

    I have them on right now, for half an hour, and can barely feel anything. The heating pad is only located on the Top over the toes, not on the bottom or anywhere. The battery is large and bulky, so What is the point? I barely feel any warmth, so why lug a huge battery around, if you barely feel them on the top of the toe area. Im returning them today

  26. Charles W. Reese III

    I have had these heated socks for over a year before I had real purpose to use them. I ride a Motorcycle so I decided to charge them and pack them with my gear. The first leg of a particular trip was rather cold so I put them on and set them to the low setting. After a while I felt some heat and all was good. First thing I noticed is that the socks didn’t cover the entire calf, so they didn’t stay up very well. Then once back home (the day warmed up), That one of the battery packs was missing. So the cons are the length of the socks and that the little pocket is not secure enough to hold the battery pack/control. I got 1 use out of them and now they will sit unless I find a way to get a replacement battery pack/control. And at that I will have to find a way to improve how it stays in place on the sock. And know that if I wear them I will be constantly pulling them up.

  27. JD

    I got these socks for my husband to wear when he’s clearing snow from our northern Wisconsin winters. He has a tractor with a bucket that he uses to lift, move and then dump the snow. He’s not walking much and his toes would get really cold. Now he’s so much happier not having frozen feet! They’ve kept his feet warm for hours with minimum movement. The only downfall is that the socks are little short when they come up the calf and might not be tall enough to have the battery pack above the top of the boot. This hasn’t been a problem for him, but it might for some.

  28. Christianna R.

    Hubby got these for me. They’re warm. The only thing that I didn’t like about them was that the heated area is like the top of the foot. Sometimes, that’s uncomfortable for me. I’d rather it be more towards the toes. Still does a good job of warming up feet.

  29. Ron Cartwright

    The heat is on the top of the sock, not the bottom foot area where you need it. The heat is weak, needs to be on high before you feel anything, this will drain the batteries faster. Returned, will just go with two layers of really good socks.

  30. Customer

    Socks are nice but make sure you buy a little bigger size than what you wear

  31. Rob

    I would recommend these. They work best on high, medium and low I can’t really tell that much about but they do keep my feet warm.

  32. Debra Raab

    Would like them to be a couple inches longer. That would keep the battery pack above my boot, which would make it more comfortable. Sock element is just warm enough to keep feet from getting cold, on a 20 Degree Fahrenheit day.

  33. Buckeye Fan Forever

    These socks are comfortable however the battery hits mid calf therefore making it difficult to wear boots. They would be more comfortable with anklet boots or tennis shoes. I wear a size 7 women’s and they fit fine. My husband wears a size 10 mens and they are good. They would be fine wearing around the house.

  34. H. Lawrence

    I have been purchasing a bunch of cool gadgets off of amazon gift lists online for my families holiday gift exchange games and decided to try out some of these heated socks. I tested them out myself to make sure they work and unfortunately decided I need to keep them instead. Honestly, these will be great for my menstrual cycle when my feet constantly feel cold. I will probably be buying another pair for our family games as I’m sure another family member will enjoy these as well! The socks seem to be one size fits all, which could be problematic for people with extra small and extra large feet, but the packaging is excellent and I think these will fit decently for a high number of people.

  35. Indru Kriplani

    I have tried these for a few weeks and am not satisfied. The batteries on high last only 1 hr and on medium about 2 hrs. I suffer from neuropathy and want something to last longer and cover the foot more fully rather than only the top. Will return them. Indru kriplani

  36. dee rey

    Received as a gift. New out of the box, I charged the batteries per instructions and turned on both batteries, inserted them into sock pockets but – nothing happened…. no heat. Tried for an entire day but now I’ve given up on the socks. Wish I could return them – but i’ve never returned an item that was received as a gift.

  37. Benjamin B

    These work fine, but they just didn’t fit in my ski boots. Get some longer ones if you intend to ski with them.

  38. Laura C

    I purchased these to wear to an outside NFL arena that I knew the temperatures were going to be in the mid- to low-30’s. I think since I had a pair of insulated tights on under the socks, it made it difficult for me to know for sure just how warm/hot these got; even when set at the highest temperature of the battery. I will say that my feet didn’t freeze.

  39. Jennifer

    bought these for hunting. Absolutely love them. Battery lasts long, but it’s nice to have a back up set for the days you have to use them on high.

  40. Suzanne

    I have raynauds problems in my feet but I ride motorcycles all year around. These socks allowed me to ride in the cold and have just enough heat on my feet I didn’t have a raynauds problems. If you are in cold and have to keep the socks on low you will notice a difference but it will not be as warm comfy as if you can have them on high. Use them on high if you have the ability to charge them often or you only need them a short period of time.

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