Must Read Advice For Buying Electronic Socks

Buying electric heated socksElectrically heated socks are a great way to keep your feet warm. They are used for a variety of different hobbies and lines of work, with many styles and models to choose from. When picking out an accessory to keep your feet warm, it is strongly recommended that care is taken while taking the vast models into consideration, as slight differences can make wearing them uncomfortable. While these differences are very slight, they cause huge changes depending on what you’re using them for, such as thickness, durability, and material.

Some things to take into consideration when purchasing electrically heated socks are what you’re going to be using them for, how long you’re going to need them, and how much money you’re willing to invest in a pair, as the twenty dollar pair you pick up from Walmart is not going to stack up to the hundred dollar pair you can purchase from a specialty store, depending on what you’re going to use them for. If you’re planning on using these on hour long hunting trips in the blizzard, you probably should spend your money on a pair that features a rechargeable battery, as carrying around some extra batteries could be rather annoying. However, on the flip side, if you’re just planning on using them around the house, there are models out now that feature an AC adapter, so you can plug them into any wall socket, and enjoy the warmness the socks protrude.

As far as cost goes, if you’re really counting on the product, go for quality, and spend the extra money, although cheaper models are relatively inexpensive, so they are replaceable for a low cost. Higher prices models now usually feature a temperature control, so if your feet are too warm, you can turn down the heat, or vice versa if needed. Also, different models may have different thicknesses. So, if the plan is to go hiking or mountain biking, you may want to choose a thinner style, depending on the conditions that you will be facing. The thinner styles are generally made from pure cotton, so they’re still warm, but offer more flexibility than the thicker wool styles, which are great for being in the cold for hours on end.

One important thing to note about the socks, as they carry electronics, they are indeed washable. However, do not throw them into the washer with other clothes by any means. They need to be washed by hand, and hung dry, so the electronics do not get damaged. It is also recommended that an extra pair of socks is worn before putting the electronic heated sock, because the metal inside of the sock could potentially cause burns on the foot if they’re worn for long periods of time.

All in all, if you’re interested in keeping your feet warm in cold conditions, electronically heated socks work great. Please take consideration while looking at these, though they are great products, they are not for everyone. If you’re looking to save a few bucks, an extra pair of wool socks may do you justice, but you may still feel the cold.

How Electronic Heating Socks Work

How electronic heated socks workElectronic heating socks are used by many people for a variety of different reasons ranging from working in cold conditions, hunting, and even just having cold feet around the house due to poor circulation, arthritis, and a number of other different variables that cause discomfort due to cold feet. A lot of people don’t like them, because of how they work. But exactly how do they work?

Basically, the electronic sock works by having a D-Cell battery, or a higher grade rechargeable battery, run electrical currents through wire, that are fashioned around the area that are around where the bottom of your foot would be placed, if worn properly. When turned on and the battery connected, electricity warms the wire, in turn, warming the foot and toes. A lot of models now come with an AC adapter that plugs into an ordinary wall socket, instead of running off of bulky batteries that need to be recharged over time.

The materials that are used in these socks vary from product to product, however, most models feature the same type of metal found in electric blankets, which is a resistive wire that generates heat when electricity is running through it. Generally, they are made with either wool, or a pure cotton material, depending on the make that is purchased. It is highly recommended that with whatever conditions you’re using heated socks in, that you wear a thin sock, so the heating elements have no direct contact with your feet, because that could cause burns over extended periods of use.

There are several models to choose from, ranging from a thick wool for long hunting trips or work days in the cold, to a thin cotton, that is meant to fit inside smaller, athletic shoes for hiking, mountain biking, or other sports. Like I stated earlier, there are also models out there that are a medium sized thickness that are made for chronic cold feet due to a number of different issues, which are usually used around the house.

As far as the battery goes, it really varies, as technology is always advancing, and needs are always changing due to the market. Some less expensive models feature a D-Cell battery, while more exquisite models feature either an AC adapter, or a rechargeable battery. The more expensive makes also usually feature a control box that can be used to control the heat of the socks. The battery is mainly fashioned on the inside of the calf in a hideaway, so it doesn’t cause irritation, or weigh the socks down. However, with the less expensive models are said to have cheaper elastics, so the battery weighs down on the calf, making the sock ride down.

Long story short, whether you’re ice fishing in Alaska, working a blizzard in the mountains, hunting for hours in below freezing temperatures, or have any issues with feet that just won’t stay warm, these relatively new electronically heated socks could potentially save your feet from uncomfortable conditions, or even save you from losing toes, or getting blisters from cold conditions.

Top Reasons For Using Electric Heated Socks

Why buy electric socksUnbearable climates, poor circulation, or even just a cold house can all be causes contributing to cold feet. However, with that being said, a great idea for tackling the uncomfortableness is the electronic heated sock. These products are used in a variety of different scenarios, ranging from hunting in below zero temperatures for hours, working in harsh, cold conditions, and to chronically cold feet due to arthritis, poor circulation, and other problems that can arise.

Instead of wearing multiple pairs of socks at the same time, a lot of people that hunt, fish, hike, or do any other hobbies in below zero conditions, have turned to heated socks for their convenience and warmth. They are easy to use, you don’t have to wear multiple pairs of socks, and they last four hours, which is great for treading around in freezing cold weather. Generally, the models that are out now for these activities are made with thick wool, which features either a rechargeable, or a replaceable battery, which is very convenient.

Hunting and other strenuous activities are not the only hobbies that the socks are used for. Other outdoor enthusiasts that use these also have a choice for a thinner version, which can fit easier in shoes, which work great for mountain biking, hiking, work, and other hobbies. These specific models are usually made with pure cotton, which does a great job of insulating the shoe, so warmth doesn’t escape.

People that suffer with arthritis, diabetes, and other poor circulation problems can also benefit from using electric socks. If you’re having issues with your feet staying cold no matter what you do, these work wonders. If keeping a fresh battery on hand isn’t efficient, there are models out there that feature an AC adapter, which can plug into your wall outlet, so you can enjoy lasting warmth wherever you are in your home.

One great thing about electric socks is that the battery can last for hours, so you can continue doing whatever it is that you’re doing for a long period of time. Most newer, more expensive models feature a rechargeable battery, so you don’t have to carry around extra batteries wherever you’re going. Also, if the one electronic sock is not giving you the warmth you need, you can always wear an extra liner sock, to help keep the warmth in. And, they’re washable, too! Just be sure you don’t throw them in with your normal load of laundry. They need to be hand washed, and hung dry, to ensure the electronics do not get damaged in the process.

Whether you’re going on a long, cold hunting trip, working in blizzard conditions, or just lounging around in your house with cold feet, these electronic socks can definitely be a benefit to you. Be sure to use care whenever they’re used, and treat them properly, and they should last you a long time. They can definitely be a wise choice, and a great investment, to take care of your cold feet issues.

How To Wash Your Electric Heated Socks

This is a pretty straightforward advice, but one that should be noted as I’ve heard of plenty of people that put their heated socks in the washing machine and end up ruining them. Never wash your electric heated socks in a washing machine!

Instead, you need to hand-wash them carefully to make sure the wiring doesn’t get damaged in any way. Most heated socks are pretty durable but a machine wash can easily ruin them so make sure you always wash them manually. Rinse them slowly and wring them as tightly as you can, and make sure you don’t damage anything.

As mentioned electronic socks aren’t very delicate but taking good care of them will make sure they don’t get ruined very soon. When drying them simply lay them out flat somewhere, and make sure they don’t come into contact with pets or direct heat. If you need to dry them faster place them in front of a fan.

This will ensure your socks last as long as possible.

What Are Electric Heated Socks, And Why Use Them

Electronic heated socks have grown in popularity immensely over the past few years and continue to be used extensively for all kinds of activities. These socks are used by both men and women of all ages to keep their feet warm for various reasons and activities:

  • Sports such as skiing, sledding, fishing, football, hunting
  • Outdoor activities like hiking, golfing, or even dog walking
  • Hobbies such as hiking, running, camping, airsoft
  • Outdoor jobs such as a security guard, military, police, roofers, carpenters

Basically any outdoor activity you can think of can be more enjoyable by having your feet warm. It’s not just for geeks, these socks are nowadays used by military professionals and regular people just enjoying a day outside. Even senior citizens and people with chronically cold feet are frequently using heated electric socks to keep their extremities warm at all times.

Electronically heated socks are powered by batteries and keep your feet temperature high for hours, depending on the model or manufacturer. Typically it last anywhere from 3 to 8 hours, with some models having additional or replaceable batteries that you can use if the power runs out.

These socks work in a similar fashion as electric blankets. Small wires inside the socks can’t even be felt by the wearer so they won’t interfere with walking in any way. There might be a small bulge where the battery is placed depending on the type of heated sock you get, but it’s usually located in a place where you can safely ignore it.