Mobile Warming Heated Electric Socks With Remote Control

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With rechargeable batteries and over 11 hours of heat, these socks are one of the best ones on the market. Remote control via Bluetooth allows you to easily turn them on or off whenever you please, or choose from one of three different levels of heat.

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Mobile Warming’s heated electric socks are made from moisture wicking tri-blend construction. Materials used along with hidden wires and integrated battery compartment makes them very comfortable to wear at all times and no matter the activity.

This product is powered by rechargeable lithium ion batteries which last 4-11 hours per charge, depending on temperature settings. Three different levels of heat are available, depending on your needs and preferences.

Best part about these heated electronic socks is no doubt the remote control. Remote control works through an easy to use smartphone app. It allows you to easily turn your socks on or off, regulate the heat, and view battery power level at any time. Many other products on the market require you to pull your pants up or down and figure out a way to access the controls, but Mobile Warming’s heated electric socks are definitely one step ahead.

There are very few heated electric socks with remote control available on the market, and this product is possibly one of the best ones you can get.

Downside is they don’t come in a variety of colors and patterns, in fact they’re rather bland in design. They’re also a bit pricey for the average person. However, they very are reliable, batteries are rechargeable and last a very long time, and the remote controller is only icing on the cake these socks can easily melt.

16 reviews for Mobile Warming Heated Electric Socks With Remote Control

  1. Teacher Mom

    I wanted to absolutely LOVE these socks, and for the most part, I do. There are just a couple of issues that would otherwise make them perfect. First, the pros…
    The fabric is soft and yet snug. This is nice so that the socks don’t slip down my legs quickly.
    The wires are sewn into the fabric, and not just left floating on the inside. There is only about 4″ of wire that sticks out at the top.
    There is a fabric battery pocket to hold the battery pack. The pack itself is about 3″ long, 1″ deep, and 1/2″ wide.
    The texturing of the foot makes the wires less noticeable.
    The socks are machine washable. (Hang to dry, though!)
    The handheld controller is convenient if you need to adjust more or less heat, saving you from having to dig into the top of your socks to manually switch it.

    The cons…
    The sizing is strange. The feet are very long, indicating they’d fit a large foot, but the area around the calf doesn’t seem proportionally as wide.
    The wires, although inside the fabric, make the socks stretch in weird ways.
    You can feel the wires around the ball of your foot when you walk. They are under the toes, and then behind the ball of the foot, not directly under it. I can feel them, but it’s not uncomfortable, just noticeable.

    Just a few more notes, neither positive nor negative…
    It takes about 3 hours for these battery packs to fully charge.
    The fabric alone is very thick, and cushioned.
    They heat quickly, and I was able to feel it in less than two minutes.

  2. Annie

    My husband loves to hunt deer, rabbit, quail and turkey. His feet get cold easily. These socks are perfect for him. They keep his feet warm for at least 5 hours. There are 3 different settings. They are odor resistant and fabric pulls moisture away from the skin. They run off of Lithium ion batteries. The socks are soft and snug enough not to slip. They are machine washable but not machine dryable. There is a battery pocket to hold the battery pack. the wires are sewn into the fabric and there is a handheld controller to adjust the heat.

  3. Tim

    they work better than nothing at all battery life is debatable .New product for me.Use hunting twice so far and not happy overall. Contacted company that purchased from and was told slightly different information than read in manufacturer brochure.Product is new to market and extra batteries were not available. I managed to cross reference batteries and found a similar battery to use,but can’t control the heat. Will keep the product and deal with the negatives.Down the road will upgrade when they fix the bugs, have had mobile warming gear for years and their other products are GREAT!

  4. Kelli

    This product was very nice when I initially got it. I thought that it was just what I had been wanting to keep my feet warm when working outside in the winter with horses and loved the remote control. Basically, after the first time of washing the socks, they barely heated up any longer. The instructions state that it is okay to put the socks in the washer, but not the dryer. However, I wonder if I had hand-washed the socks if it would have made a difference. For the price, this was an extremely disappointing purchase.

  5. Jeff R Belak

    These socks are okay. I believe they worked the one time I used them for snowboarding, but it wasn’t cold enough outside to tell. One of the socks turned off; I’m not sure if this happened by the settings switch accidentally being hit or if one just had the battery drained quicker than the other? It also could have been human error and I didn’t turn one up as high as the other. At the end of the day, one still had juice and the other did not. Turning the socks on using the remote is a guess if they are actually on and on what setting. Under my boots and pants and with the battery tucked into the sock, you can’t see the on / off indicator and they do not warm up immediately so the settings and knowing if they are on is tricky. I need to test them on a colder day. The battery is also tucked into a small pocket in the sock near the top so it was above the boot which was good. Overall a great idea to keep your feet warm.

  6. Matthew S Smart

    Battery power doesn’t last long, but socks warm up

  7. Rachel Dawn

    I gave these to our youth pastor to test out for us. He couldn’t say enough good about them. Wore them out during winter excursions (he’s from GA but living in PA). Said the socks felt great on his feet and legs. The warmer lasted for hours and kept him completely comfortable during one of our hardest winters in recent history. In fact, he had to play the role of a Sheperd for an outdoor Christmas event when the temps dropped into the teens and he had only these socks and a pair of fuzzy mocassin slippers on but he was perfectly warm and comfortable while several people around him had boots and felt cold. I need to buy another pair to give my husband during hunting season.

  8. honesty69

    What a sexy sock, that is practical. The heat is so mellow and long lasting you wonder why its not working then you remember its only 20 degrees out, (with the windshield -10 degrees.) and I can feel every toe and their not frozen, their comfortable. You guys and your tech. What will you think of next ?

  9. Mike krider

    Only used these a couple of times for hunting and they worked great only con i have that they could use a easier access port with fingers space to plug and unplug to batteries to charge

  10. Dante T.

    Great socks. Saw a returned set pop up for 50% off and jumped at the chance for my girlfriend who has renauds (poor circulation so extremities are always cold). She LOVES them and it was money well spent.

    My only complaints:
    -Take too long to charge (3-4h)
    -Too expensive for what they are. I’d love to buy 2 or 3 more pairs if they were $30-40/pair but at $60 it’s a lot for a pair of socks.

  11. fngrpntr

    Couldn’t make them get warm. Also the large was too small. Returned.

  12. Lee

    These may be great for the average “Joe”. A construction worker like me that puts in 20+ thousand steps a day seems to wear the elements out or break them. Still a good product.

  13. sue strunk and dale strunk

    Check to make sure remote is synched to the sock/batteries. Works nicely — heat is on top of the feet. But – if my feet are warm – the rest of me is fine. Remote can hang off a zipper on your jacket, very convenient .

  14. Steven W.

    Do not hesitate to buy these sock. I deliver mail in New England and this is my second year with these socks and if it wasn’t for these I would probably be miserable. I bought an extra set of batteries in case my batteries die all I have to do is swap the dead batteries with the charged batteries. Batteries lasted on medium from 11 am till 5 pm (which is the time I got out of work) and they still had life.

  15. bruce key

    I bought the extra large socks (10 – 14) and they were too small. I wear a size 12 shoe and these socks were, to me, like a size 9. way too tight. when i did put them on i could never get them to work. no matter what i tried they wouldn’t heat. I’ve never used them. i was busy over this last winter so i didn’t get a chance to return them. so now i’m stuck with a $100.00 pair of socks that don’t work. So Disappointing! As a check to check guy this one hurt!

  16. John A. Grega

    I use to ride my bike in winter and expected more heat. Also I am recharging the battery after 2-3 hours of use on high which in my case is every two rides. If it were not for the socks themselves being of good quality I would have returned.

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