Lectra Sox Battery Heated Electric Wader Socks

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These electric socks will keep your feet warm for 6 to 8 hours. Features a detachable battery pouch you can wear on your belt or put in your pocket. Comfortable, won’t pull your socks down, and you can more conveniently turn them on and off.

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Lectra Sox Wader socks provide 6-8 hours of warmth using D-cell batteries (not included). They’re great for hunting, ice fishing, hiking, sporting events or other outdoor activities.

These electric socks are designed to keep your feet warm, but not hot. What makes these electronic socks different than most other models is the detachable battery pouch which can be worn on your belt or in a pocket. If you’re having problems with battery pouches pulling your socks down, this is the solution.

Made from wool blend (17% wool) for maximum comfort and warmth.

14 reviews for Lectra Sox Battery Heated Electric Wader Socks

  1. Jill H.

    Great sock! Heats well and steady temp. Not too hot, where your feet sweat.

  2. Lori A. Ellis

    Didn’t heat up enough to make a real difference. Couldn’t tell if it was making good electrical contact, but warmth was minimal.

  3. Customer

    The heat mechanism was fine but the whole product is just too large and clunky.

  4. Aimee Tubolino

    I wore these two days ago when the water was 35 degrees and my.feet were completely.warm the entire time. This is the first time my feet didn’t freeze while fishing. These work great!

  5. Customer

    received on time and worked fine, toes no longer cold

  6. Cynthia Gilbert-Locke

    They just didn’t get hot enough for my husband.

  7. vickyl

    returned to big and battery pack was large.

  8. Larry

    I bough a pr for my wife and myself for hunting.
    They do make some heat but now enough for in West Central PA in Temps. below 32 degs. out hunting all day.
    I would not recommend them if you are looking to keep your feet warm all day.
    Other wise it’s a lot to pay for a pr of socks!!!!!!

  9. Customer

    not pleased. there is no way to ck if socks are on or off. and 1 little body jiggle misaligns the battery pack so socks turn off without notice. no battery gauge, no on /off switch. cant tell when batteries are dead or just not charging. and when on, the heat strip is very small so little heat emitted

  10. Rob

    I brought for my dad who does dialysis and they don’t work at all. There is no on and off switch, heating coil is only at the tip of the toe and pretty much worse than wool socks. Oh and by the way, the battery pack has to be put on a belt like pants belt loops. If wearing sweat pants there is no way to attach it to the pants or person.

  11. A. Rude

    The only complaint I have for these is that the batter part is huge. Sadly you can wear these with waders as it just digs into your calf. Bought them for my husband for duck hunting but he can really only use them when he’s doing deer since they have to go above the boot.

  12. Customer

    The socks do not get hot at all, they do not work as heating socks.

  13. Logan

    I purchased these socks for my military family member. They worked for 3 days then just stopped working. Very disappointed for what I paid!!!!

  14. Mrs Robert Howe

    Very disappointed. Not at all the warming socks I’d anticipated. One tiny warming wire runs across the top of your toes. Took forever to start to warm up. Never really got warm enough to warm the tops of my toes let alone my feet. Very disappoInted.

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