ActionHeat AA Battery Heated Socks

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ActionHeat AA battery heated socks are powered by 3(6) AA batteries. These wool socks will provide up to 4 hours of heating to your feet and toes.

If you’re looking for basic AA battery powered electric socks, these are one of the few products on the market worth mentioning.

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ActionHeat battery heated socks use three regular AA batteries for each sock. Simply inserting batteries into the power pack and connecting the cord is enough to get these electric socks started.

ActionHeat’s electric socks provide heating to the bottom of your foot. AA batteries are not included with the product. Average batteries should be provide up to 4 hours of heating.

Keep in mind that you should purchase rechargeable AA batteries and a charger. This will save a lot of money in the long run, as constantly buying disposable batteries can be costly.

There are several electric heated socks with rechargeable batteries we reviewed. We consider most other electric socks superior in quality and price compared to ActionHeat’s.

While rechargeable batteries are certainly more convenient and cost efficient, if you need a product that works fairly well with regular AA batteries consider these socks.

ActionHeat’s AA battery socks are one of the few AA battery powered socks available that are even worth mentioning. If you’re looking for the most basic electric heated socks for occasional use these may be a decent starter choice.

For more demanding users we strongly suggest higher quality socks with more powerful and rechargeable batteries.

11 reviews for ActionHeat AA Battery Heated Socks

  1. Littlec

    They barely heat up

  2. Steve S.

    Wife says they work well!

  3. Matt McCutcheon

    Fit great. Comfortable. One of the battery packs lasted 10 minutes and stopped working. Tried replacing batteries. Nothing still.

  4. William P. Kearns

    Too small for my feet; the size was misleading.

  5. Janer

    Barely any heat and only heats top of toes.

  6. ginny sheppard

    The socks are supper soft and comfy. I turned them on before putting my feet in them. The toes are the only part heated, I thought it would be more. It does take the chill off the toes. Didnt have any heat from the battery.

  7. Customer

    The socks worked ok, and I wanted them because they’re wool. However, there seem to be no heated wool socks that come with rechargeable batteries, and I can’t stomach throwing out so many batteries! Totally wasteful.

  8. Tosh.o

    These. Socks. Are. AMAZING! Winters are extremely cold where I live, so cold feet and everything becomes a really bad discomfort for me. It becomes almost unbearable to walk and makes my days a little bad. When I found these and wore them, my day grew way much better. I had toasty feet throughout the day and felt comfortable in the cold. What’s good about these is that they’re rechargeable as well! So multiple uses are allowed on these with satisfaction and so on. What’s also a great factor about these socks is that they last all day long. So for people that work long shifts in the cold outside or want to keep warm inside, i recommend these!

  9. Tracy

    I was so excited to get these! My feet are always freezing so these were a blessing. They keep my feet nice and toasty. My husband is so thankful that I can sleep next to him without my frozen tootsies.

  10. Elonta Henderson

    They were pretty comfortable and warm as I had hoped. I wish they also provided batteries. You would think for the price batteries would be included. Bear in mind, these socks use up six batteries at a time, so energy wise, they are quite costly. Other than that they are fine.

  11. Christopher

    The socks work great for their intended purpose.
    However, the heating pad on top of the tops is awkward and would be more desirable under the toe area.
    An additional heating pad for the heal area could help to improve the design as well.
    The single heat setting is a bit much. An adjustable heat setting would be more desirable with a possible auto shutoff when a specific temperature has been reached.
    The battery packs on the side of the socks are uncomfortable. An alternative battery design/ source of a smaller size could improve this issue.
    Over all, the socks function as intended and they do get the job done. I would recommend these for a fun gift or to have on the go.

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