Flambeau Heated Socks Kit

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The Flambeau heated socks kit feature carbon fiber heating elements designed to keep your toes warm. Medium weight sock is designed for maximum balance between warmth and comfort. Wool, polyester, and cotton blend designed to pull moisture away from feet. The battery compartment is designed to sit just below your calf. Includes (1) pair of socks, (2) 3.7V Li-ion batteries, AC charger and dual mini-USB cord.

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Flambeau heated socks kit are a customer-favorite when it comes to heated electric socks. This medium weight sock features fiber heating elements designed for maximum balance between warmth and comfort.

Flambeau’s combination of wool, polyester and cotton materials is designed to keep moisture away from your feet. These compression socks fit well form the knee down, and the battery sits just below your calf and does not pull your sock down.

This product includes one pair of socks, 3.7V Li-ion batteries, an AC charger and dual mini-USB cord. Battery lasts about 5 hours on highest settings, and up to 7 hours on lowest.

20 reviews for Flambeau Heated Socks Kit

  1. Elle Em

    As advertised. I use these socks for cycling in the winter. I have used them down to about 16 degrees F. They keep my feet warm for about 1.5hrs on the high setting, however after being exposed to the elements for longer my feet aren’t frozen, just cold, but tolerable. Considering that I have summer cycling shoes with many vents and with 3mm neoprene shoe covers, I say it’s a win. My feet were always numb and painful after about 20-30 mins without the socks. I’m sure they would keep feet warmer longer with an mm more insulated shoe or boot. I plan to try them on a ski trip in February.

  2. rockanrade

    Great product for the price! I have chronically cold feet and got these to keep my feet warm while around the house. They are comfortable and heat up quickly. I get about 4-5 hours of heat on the high setting.

  3. Customer

    These sock are wonderful. Great purchase for someone who has to spend lots of time outside and suffers from cold feet.

  4. Rizod

    Buy an extra pair of batteries. Otherwise no complaints.

  5. Gary Carlton

    I used these in waders while fly fishing in 40 degree water and my feet were toasty for 7 hours on the low setting.

  6. Deirdra Strangio

    I really like these socks! Easy to recharge the batteries using either USB or wall plug. Cord that attaches from sock to battery can be wrapped around and placed in battery pocket of sock so it doesn’t pop out when you go to adjust the heat level or check if the battery is still active. Batteries are light enough not to hold down to the top of the sock where the battery pocket is.

  7. Thomas L Durant

    I have peripheral circulation issues that causes toe damage and pain with exposure cold. With these socks, I can now use my snow blower and take hikes again this winter. I use the socks on low heat only and my feet stay at 80 degs for over 5 hours. Very nice while watching Tv for hours at night and the warmth seemed to have helped heal my toe problems.

  8. WDS

    Keeps your toes nice an warm out on those cold walks with the dog. Batteries last about 3 hrs on high. Use a foot powder if your feet sweat. Wash by hand and let air dry. Over all good socks that work.

  9. Lindsey

    The product came on time. Works perfect. The battery life lasted the entire work shift

  10. Vincent Dizenzo

    These socks are amazing. I get terribly cold feet while skiing. It was to the point where I didn’t even want to participate in one of my favorite activities anymore. I was looking at heaters that go in your ski boots, but there were so many mixed reviews. Plus, they were so expensive. After that I went on an expansive heated sock search. I hated the idea of spending a ton of money something that may or may not work that well.

    During my research I happened upon the Flambeau Heated Socks Kit. There were some great reviews and they were the most reasonably priced. I could not be happier with their performance. On the low setting they have kept my feet comfortable for an entire day of skiing. I just make sure to turn them off when I come in from the slopes for lunch or whatever to preserve the battery length. I have used them seven times so far and have never run out of juice.

    On the low setting they don’t make my feet hot, they just stay comfortable and I have worn them a number of times up in Canada in negative degree temps. I’m also glad i got the socks instead of the boot heaters because I have worn these out hiking, snow showing, and even when clearing snow from the driveway. I cannot recommend them higher.

  11. Lisa

    I purchased these for my grandfather and he couldn’t use them. He could feel the the heating coils or wires through the foot of the sock and it made walking very uncomfortable for him. NOW this being said, he has sensitive feet that are often swollen so I would not NOT recommend these to any one with normal feet. They are just not good for the elderly.

  12. mandrill

    These are fantastic and stay heated for a good amount of time. I did find that i needed to put on socks before wearing these as they got a little too hot on my bare feet

  13. S. Champion

    These socks are great. The first time in my life my feet have been warm while hunting.

  14. Customer

    I bought these for my wife for ice fishing. We didn’t have a long season and the conditions weren’t extreme but the heated socks did make a noticeable difference and performed well.

  15. King Pelican Press

    Wore these while sitting in a blind in Nebraska watching Greater Prairie-Chickens. My feet never felt cold!

  16. Grandmother of two

    My brother loves his pair. He lives in CA and sometimes it is not cold enough for heat, but his feet get chilly. Just put them on and flip the on switch. He wears them over a pair of socks so there will not be too many washes for socks to go through.

  17. PKJunction

    I purchased the socks to help alleviate neuropathy toe pain by heating my toes and increasing blood flow. The socks have been helping decrease the pain and the length of time my toes hurt after going to bed. The issue I have with the socks have to do with the quality of construction. The battery pocket on one of the socks opened on the side so that the battery would not stay in the pocket within two weeks. The sewing on the cloth tube that holds the wiring from the battery pocket to the toe heating elements on the other sock let loose about a month after purchase of the socks.

    I am not happy with the build quality of the socks and wish I had returned them as soon as the first issue became apparent.

  18. Roger L. Roy

    Awesome heat and last for 6 hours on low and 4 on high. I only need one battery on for my limited circulation foot so I can use second battery when snowmobiling in -30 C. Easy to access pouch to turn on or off

  19. Spaw

    Work well for skiing in the Colorado Rockies. Nice to be able to purchase extra batteries, but have not had to use them this past season. The batteries also fit the Glacial Vision socks, which have the heating elements on the top of the sock. My wife uses these in combination with her heated ski boot soles. Unfortunately, she lost one of the original batteries, could not find a replacement, but the Flambeau’s worked fine!

  20. John

    I got these a couple of years ago for deer hunting. My feet are freezing if it’s below 50 degrees. After many pairs of boots with liners that didn’t work. I bought these socks. Best money ever spent for me. I can actually sit in a deer stand at 29 degrees and not feel miserable because my feet are freezing. Oh, that’s always on the low setting. I’m hunting for a max of 5 hours a hunt. I can’t remember running the batteries down yet.

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