Product Returns

At this time does not handle shipping, payment or otherwise directly sell products listed on our website. All products on our website are from 3rd party sellers or manufacturers. We are only providing reviews and gathering many different electric heated and similar products for comparison.

Each seller may have different terms and conditions under which you can receive refunds or replacement parts or products. Please see each individual product page, click the “buy now” button to be taken directly to seller’s website, and review their terms and conditions, and returns and refund policies.

Many products listed are from Amazon suppliers, in which case Amazon’s buyer protection, shipping costs, or other terms may apply.

For Amazon sellers please see the following pages for returns policies and terms:

You can return many items sold on When you return an item, you may see different return options depending on the seller, item, or reason for return.

Prepare and ship your return

After you’ve followed the prompts in Amazon’s Online Returns Center:

1 – Prepare your package for return.

Pack your item securely, inserting any paperwork that was included when you requested your return from the Online Returns Center. If you don’t have the original product packaging, use a sturdy box and include padding such as packing bubbles or newspaper. Attach your return label to the package.

2 – Ship your return based on the return shipping option you selected.

For more information on the return shipping options, go to About Return Shipping.

If you need to return a gift, go to Return a Gift.

For more questions see our Frequently Asked Questions page.