Turtle Fur Unisex Lectra Sox Electric Battery Heated Socks

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Designed to keep your feet from getting cold without turning them swampy, these socks are the ideal cold-weather solution with proprietary battery-heating technology.

The Lectra Sox were originally designed for commercial fishermen braving the icy cold waters of the Northern Atlantic. As winter approached and the sea grew hostile, the fishermen were able to fight the elements and maintain their posts with the help of the Lectra Sox.

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The Lectra Sox are designed to keep your feet warm for six to eight hours. They use “D” cell batteries (not included).

Battery pouch is attached to the calf. Made from a wool blend (17% wool), Lectra Sox features a padded reinforced heel and toe, and an extra wide reinforced cuff.

These electric heated socks have a heating element recessed in trench to eliminate abrasion. Heating is concentrated in the toe area.

Turning these socks on is as easy as closing the battery pouch. However, the battery pouch may be difficult to access underneath pants, making these socks inconvenient for certain activities.

Overall Turtle Fur Lectra Sox are decent electric socks for beginners who don’t have high demands. They will warm up your toes and keep them from freezing.

17 reviews for Turtle Fur Unisex Lectra Sox Electric Battery Heated Socks

  1. Customer

    Daughter had these for work in a very cold office. Works well, eats batteries, as you would expect with anything generating heat.

  2. RunnerMom

    Worked well when needed. Material is a bit rough and loosened up quickly. Not for hiking but good for standing.

  3. Tamara Sorell

    Not very warm. Took the edge off at best. Batteries seem to last a bit longer than expected but also easy to unsnap when not needed to preserve battery life. Can feel wire ridge in bottom of sock – would not recommend for extensive walking or hiking. OK for occupational use that I had.

  4. Jeni G.

    I can’t give this a less than one because it isn’t offered. They didn’t work!!! The SmartWool socks I bought my husband were definitely worth the money and they kept his feet warm. These however were as much of a joke as I expected they would be. Very disappointed!

  5. Customer

    Doesnt get that warm and takes a D battery each on the side ofthe leg so super big and heavy … Not great

  6. Jordan

    Very disappointing. Heating element doesn’t get very warm and batteries died after one evening of wearing the socks at home for 3 or 4 hours.

  7. Pbard

    I went ice fishing this weekend. It was 20 degrees. My feet were nice and toasty. LOVE them!

  8. sherry staskowski

    The socks aren’t the problem as they are nice comfortable and thick. The issue is the heating element doesn’t get very warm at all. Also, the D battery is heavy and not very practical due to the amount of heat the socks provide and the battery only lasts 6 hours. Overall the socks don’t do what they claim. The heat is only in the toe area, and at best the heating element is lukewarm . Totally over promised and under delivered.

  9. Customer

    My husband says his feet stay warm but the socks them selves don’t get hot the battery is a size D so it’s kind of in the way.

  10. Customer

    Fit pretty well,warm, but top of socks slide down a bit due to heavy battery at top of bad. I usually just scrunch or roll the top of the sock down so it doesn’t fall while walking around the house. Overall, I like them and would recommend them.

  11. SKWI

    Nice pair, I bought for my husband. It is bulky at the top but it seems to work fine. Color is as shown and fits as expected

  12. Kristie s.

    I am NOT happy. I spent $30 on one pair of socks that DID NOT COME WITH A BATTERY. I am so mad right now. After I put my own batteries in the socks, I have been waiting for an hour, still not warm. Save your money!!!

  13. Customer

    The fit is odd. You can feel wires bunched up under your toes. Also, the big C or D batteries at the top of the sock is just uncomfortable. Not sure how you’d go about washing these.

  14. sharonme

    These socks were a gift for my nephew. He has used them on a couple of hunting trips. Said they worked great.

  15. John Bruce

    Batteries are very heavy and will only keep your feet slightly warm, doesn’t heat them up much

  16. Customer

    Very disappointed. Not at all the warming socks I’d anticipated. One tiny warming wire runs across the top of your toes. Took forever to start to warm up. Never really got warm enough to warm the tops of my toes let alone my feet. Very disappoInted.

  17. Logan

    I purchased these socks for my military family member. They worked for 3 days then just stopped working. Very disappointed for what I paid!!!!

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