Autocastle Electric Heated Gloves for Touchscreens

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Autocastle electric heated gloves are great for outdoor activities in the cold where you want to use your phone. They are fully touchscreen-compatible and will allow the use of smartphones or tablets while wearing them.

These electric heated gloves provide from 3 to over 6 hours of heat depending on your preference and will keep your hands warmer during walking, fishing, hunting, driving, snowboarding, or any other activity in winter.

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Autocastle’s rechargeable electric heated gloves are one of the few products on the market that work with touchscreens. Heated gloves are the perfect product or gift for anyone who wants to use their cell phone in the cold.

Autocastle’s heated gloves use two 3.7V rechargeable batteries to keep your hands warm. Gloves have three heat levels adjustable with a small control in each glove’s pocket designed to hold the battery and control.

Heating levels are: green where battery lasts about 6 hours, orange with over 4 hours or battery life, and red providing over 3 hours or heat.

These electric heated gloves have 70% fabric cotton lining. This thermal lining will keep your hands from exposure to cold. Heating area is on your fingers. Gloves are also wind and waterproof.

Warm fingers and special fabric on your index fingers will allow you to use touch screens on phones or tablets. The added ability to text, call or tap is very beneficial to most consumers these days. You won’t have to expose your hands to the cold to simply answer a call.

Overall Autocastle electric heated gloves won’t keep your hands overly toasty in below freezing temperatures. However, they will provide enough heat to keep your fingers from freezing during sports, hiking or just walking your dog.

12 reviews for Autocastle Electric Heated Gloves for Touchscreens

  1. Stewart

    Lovely and warm and an absolute bargain. I normally have issues with gloves having fingers that are shorter than they should be based on the length of my palm, but these fit perfectly.

  2. Alexander

    Much better than I was expecting. I bought an electric scooter and needed to keep my hands warm. For the price these are excellent value for money and keeps my dandies warm. Very, very pleased

  3. Tom Bolden

    These gloves are a waste of money. They do not keep hands warm even at the highest setting. Thumbs and palms are not heated at all. In addition they sent the wrong size (ordered, size free) they sent large. Don’t know if (size free) would have been a better fit as they don’t provide a comprehensive sizing/selection chart detailing the difference! Fingers are too long which makes the touch pad feature useless!

  4. Kenneth

    Great heated gloves.Bought these for my husband because he drives a motorcycle and this time of year it becomes very cold , So these gloves really help keep his hands warm. Good products,will buy again!

  5. Gabriel Aledk

    I seem to feel the cold more than most, I always have my heating on 23° much to the amazement of visitors. So when I go out I feel the cold.
    When I saw these I was excited knowing my hands would be warm in winter.The gloves fit correctly for the size, which is great. I’ve tried them outside straight away and they have a noticeable warming effect. Have high hopes for the depths of winter. Comfortable too.

  6. Gustave Morrison

    My son gave me these as a birthday gift, I just love them. They give out just enough heat to keep my hands warm, I can use my phone as well, so very happy, thanks!!!

  7. Erika Miller

    I would love to give this product a 5 star review because they have worked great. The reason I can’t is because they just aren’t holding up. In all fairness, I use these for farm chores – they are used around horses, cows, moving hay etc which I don’t think they were designed for. They do however keep my hands warm even in super cold weather (think -5) so thats a huge plus.

  8. Zionhoney

    Good for driving or just walking around, but are really hard to work in.

  9. B. Graz

    I bought these heated gloves in September and today was the first time to use them.
    I charged the batteries for over 10 hours as directed. I have a severe case of Raynaud’s disease and must keep my
    fingers and hands warm. Yesterday was the first snow of the season and I planned on shoving my long driveway
    and was counting on these heated gloves to work. There was not one bit of heat in these gloves. I should have paid
    attention to the previous reviews. $58.00 down the drain – very disappointed.

  10. Michael Ward

    Bought these for my wife. She has really bad arthritis and the cold damp weather makes her hands hurt. She absolutely loves these gloves! Batteries charge quickly and last for a long time. Very happy with them.

  11. abrown

    these gloves heat up in seconds, but not hot enough for cold temps for a period of time. lasted only a few hours low heat at most. socks were very warm but very bothersome after i hand washed them as wires moved.

  12. Customer

    I wish there was heat on the palms but they still keep my hands from hurting in the cold.

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