Volt Electric Heated Work Gloves

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Volt electric heated work gloves can handle just about anything. Made with quality leather and reinforced palm, these work gloves will last just as long as any work gloves available on the market.

Volt’s heated work gloves can keep your hands toasty warm for up to 8 hours with rechargeable batteries, allowing you to work warm and comfortable in freezing cold.

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Volt electric heated work gloves are a must-have product if you work in cold or freezing temperatures. If you work in construction or handle any rough objects, durable and flexible gloves are important.

Warm hands and fingers can be equally important. Volt heated work gloves provide warmth to each finger and both sides of your hand, back and palm. This ensures your entire hand is continuously warm and toasty.

Volt electric work gloves are waterproof and windproof. Leather outer shell is very durable and comes with with breathable membrane and soft tricot fleece lining. Palm is reinforced for extra protection and durability.

Volt’s work gloves are powered by 7V rechargeable batteries. Battery pocket is located on your wrist so it doesn’t get in the way or cause discomfort. It’s sealed with a waterproof zipper, and has a display window enabling you to see power level setting and set temperature.

These work gloves have four adjustable levels of heat. 2200mAh capacity batteries last from 2 to 8 hours depending on heat setting. Temperature goes over 150°F on highest heat setting, ensuring your hands are warm even in toughest weather conditions.

Volt electric heated work gloves are durable and flexible, exactly as heavy duty work gloves should be. Quality materials and added reinforcement and protection will ensure these gloves can handle any kind of work, whether it’s simply shoveling snow or doing serious construction work.

3 reviews for Volt Electric Heated Work Gloves

  1. Customer

    I purchased these for my dad. He is in his seventies and has circulation problems. His hands are always cold and the winter weather is hard for him. His hands turn snow white and are so cold that it is very painful. These should be perfect as they don’t rely on body heat the keep them warm and they are nothing like the old heated gloves that were out in the 80s and 90s. We charged the batteries, connected them and warmed up the gloves – nice and really warm. Fingers, finger tips and thumbs. You wouldn’t be able to do dexterous work while wearing these but for using a snow blower, cleaning off the car or just being outside these will do. I am thinking of buying a pair for myself.

  2. Customer

    the gloves are great, dont even have to have them full power, using them up in the mountains of maine. wont give them a five because of the cuffs. they are too tight, cant pull them all the way on if you have layers on, need some flex room, need to be adjustable

  3. oatmeal

    Love my gloves. Always have cold hands so these gloves work wonders for me. I bought the work gloves and they were completely comfortable and flexible when we cut and handled brush. Have not worked in rain or snow yet, but I love it that they will be waterproof.

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