Volt Women’s Electric Heated Mitts

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Volt electric heated mitts are designed for women. Durable windproof and waterproof materials will ensure your hands are not exposed to the elements.

Powerful rechargeable batteries and four different temperature settings will keep your hands toasty warm for up to 10 hours.

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Volt women’s electric heated mitts will keep your hands toasty for up to 10 hours. These heated mitts are made from durable nylon shell and feature a digital leather palm for improved grip.

Two 7.4V rechargeable batteries with 2200mAh capacity power these electric mitts. Heated elements are located on both sides of the hand, and surrounding the thumb. This ensures optimal heating for your hand.

Batteries are placed in a small pocket on wrist, which also displays power level. Four power level settings are available, giving you as much heat as your hands need. On lowest temperature setting batteries will last up to 10 hours.

Volt women’s electric heated mitts are an effective way to stay in the cold for hours without feeling numbness or cold fingers. Whether you’re shoveling the snow, skiing or hiking, Volt’s electric heated mitts is the best companion in cold weather.

5 reviews for Volt Women’s Electric Heated Mitts

  1. TMV

    “Happy wife, happy life” – these keep my wife’s hands warm for most of the ski day. She gets about 4 hrs warmth when on high which is better than about 10 minutes with no heaters. If you want a full day, buy an extra set of batteries and you will be a hero.

  2. jen beck

    Great gloves. Keep my fingers warm when nothing else has worked while skiing. They are a little tight though around wrist where battery pack is located

  3. kato

    The first day i wore these mitts they were great! The battery pack is big and heavy on your wrist! Def takes some time getting used to! Hands were toasty in 20 degree temps!
    Second day it was -2 at the summit and hands were toasty for two hours then the battery was dead!
    This is when I really needed them!
    So I’m not sold!

  4. Carol B.

    The mittens were fine but didn’t suit what I wanted them for and that was during a run. They are too bulky.

  5. CW

    they work really well. Battery lasts a good long time and they don’t interfere with wrist movement when skiing. I highly recommend them. Particularly like the thumb being heated as well.

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