Global Vasion Battery Heated Gloves

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Global Vasion battery heated gloves have small and discreet rechargeable batteries. Batteries provide 110-150°F of heat and last 2-5 hours depending on heat level selected.

Product is made of quality materials and will keep your fingers toasty for hours in freezing cold.

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Global Vasion makes one of the best electric heated gloves on the market. This product includes high-quality gloves with cotton lining which are warm even when not heated.

Global Vasion battery heated gloves have three heat settings, providing from 110°F on lowest and up to 150°F on highest. Battery life is from 2 to 5 hours depending on temperature settings.

Rechargeable 7.4V batteries included with the product fit conveniently in each glove’s special pocket. Batteries are placed in the small pocket located on your outer wrist and will not cause any discomfort or inconvenience.

These electric gloves are made of water-resistant coating shell, but should not be machine washed. Washing electric heated products should be done by hand to avoid any damage to electronic components.

Turning gloves on and off or setting temperature is easily done by pressing the button located on the gloves. You don’t have to take the gloves off at any point and you can control heating levels at any time.

Many electric gloves available on the market only heat the back of your hand. Global Vasion’s gloves provide heat to all of your fingers. Whether for working, shoveling the snow, skiing or sports, having warm fingers is immensely important in freezing temperatures.

Decent battery life, rechargeable batteries, and hours of warmth make Global Vasion battery heated gloves one of the top products and well worth the investment.

9 reviews for Global Vasion Battery Heated Gloves

  1. Paul Sterling

    Purchased gloves for riding my motorcycle and they work great! Last week I rode 40 miles in 45 degree temperature out side. Ad windchill…riding
    70 M.P.H., and on medium (green) setting they kept my hands warm. My finger tips were warm also. So far the battery is lasting about three hours on medium heat. The only thing I don’t like about the gloves is the grip level is not so good on my motorcycle. The quilting inside the gloves makes the grip slippery. Overall so far very happy with the gloves.
    I hope this help anyone buying them to ride your bike with.

  2. M Israel

    I ordered these gloves for my husband to use during the wintertime that way when he is shoveling snow his hands will stay nice and warm. The gloves are accurate and size as long as you go by the company sizing chart. When receiving these gloves I did look them over to make sure that everything was intact. And I was very happy with how well the gloves are stitched because there was no loose seams. We tried out the gloves when they arrived and they heat up very nicely but not too hot which is perfect for us. The batteries are easy enough to take in and out of the gloves to charge them and I like that the plug-in charger that comes with them is a dual charger that way we can charge both batteries at once these are a very nice and comfortable pair gloves that allows you great movement with your thumbs and fingers so you’re able to grab a hold of a shovel handle very nicely. Even though these are a little bit costly they do the trick and are well worth the price.

  3. D. Stack

    After reading all the comments about how the gloves run small I was surprised how well the gloves fit in the xxl size. Many of the famous maker gloves are too small for me in xxl and I have to order xxxl when I can find them.
    But these fit fine and you can’t beat the price for lithium heated gloves. Maybe the larger sizes fit better. Kind of bulky and not as precurved as real motorcycle gloves but they don’t advertise or claim to be motorcycle gloves.

  4. John K

    I ordered these gloves one week before our WBC organized snow camping on Mt San Jacinto. As we sat around our snow kitchen at night, others were using hand warmers. I used my battery heated gloves which kept my hands dry and warm. I love them. I may just use them for my annual snowboarding trips from now on.

  5. Kermit D. Russell

    My wife has neuropathy in her hands. The heated gloves help the pain at night while she is sleeping. The previous pair of heated gloves did not work as well.

  6. Victor Montalvo

    Battery life isn’t the best. Gloves are good.

  7. Margaret Mayer

    Perfection! I purchased these to alleviate my boyfriends nerve related hand pain due to cold sensitivity. I am sure they are fantastic for any cold weather activity.

  8. Customer

    Gloves work well, but do not last 4 hours. I purchased these for attending outdoor football games. Started on low, then to medium at halftime, then high during 4th quarter. Outside temperature was 11 deg, 2 deg wind chill factor. Hands stayed warm until battery gave out walking back to car. So tey lasted about 3 hrs 45 mins.

  9. T. Bell

    Great concept…heated fingers I have other gloves size XL and they go on easy…these are listed as XL but are much smaller…a real struggle to get on…sadly had to return.

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