Volt Motorcycle Electric Heated Gloves

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Volt’s motorcycle electric heated gloves are constructed from high quality materials and are light, strong and flexible. Heating areas are on palm, back of your hand and all fingers, providing complete warmth and comfort for your entire hand.

Volt’s motorcycle gloves connects directly to your bike’s 12V battery, providing quick heat for short commutes or endless heating during long road trips.

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Volt motorcycle electric heated gloves are made with riders in mind. They are constructed with a rich, drum dyed and top grade cowhide leather with nylon cuff. These motorcycle gloves are incredibly light, strong and flexible.

Volt motorcycle heated gloves have heating elements on palm, back of your hand, and all fingers. This ensures your entire hand is toasty warm while riding in any cold weather.

Most electric heated gloves we review have rechargeable batteries placed in them. This product is different, as the gloves connect directly to your motorbike’s 12V battery for power. Once fused battery harness included with Volt’s motorcycle electric gloves is connected to your bike battery, you can expect endless amounts of heat.

You don’t have to worry about replacing or recharging batteries. Your gloves will stay warmed for as long as you’re on the road.

Volt’s motorcycle electric heated gloves are constructed from high quality materials and have digital leather palm for improved grip. These motorcycle electric gloves easily will keep your hands warm during commuting or long road trips.

6 reviews for Volt Motorcycle Electric Heated Gloves

  1. Gary

    Heats very well. Extra large is a bit small but can make it work.

  2. Rod Bettis

    Seem to be good quality. Back of hands get too warm compared to the fingers. But that was riding HD trike at 55 mph with 5 degrees above zero in December in Alaska. At 20 degrees above they are perfect on 2nd lowest setting.

  3. Jon E. Hooper

    I bought the large gloves and they are still too small for my small hands. the warmth and wind resistance is great. They are very toasty even on the low setting. It’s just that because they are so tight my fingers get numb from the lack of circulation. Unless you have very small hands I do not recommend these gloves.

  4. Mike S.

    Gloves worked very well. My hands were kept warm on the middle setting while riding in temperatures in the mid 30’s F. If purchasing in a store, I probably would have gone for the next larger size, but no time to exchange before leaving on the trip I was scheduled for.

  5. Drew from Long Island

    They are snug for the size. I normally wear large gloves so I ordered these in large but they are snug. Not uncomfortable but a little tighter than I like. I won’t use them enough to return or exchange so they are definitely keepers. The heat function is phenomenal. There’s 4 heat settings and I only use the 2nd lowest and I was nice and warm in 25-30 degree riding for about 8 hours. Well worth it for the price.

  6. David Wilkes

    Great heated gloves as expressed by others I had to go a size bigger

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