Volt Tatra Rechargeable Heated Gloves

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Volt Tatra rechargeable heated gloves are possibly the best electric gloves on the market. Although they come at a steep price, these are the gloves you can count on for years to come.

Volt Tatra are made from high quality materials and feature rechargeable batteries with four different heat levels. Neat battery power level display will make you feel like putting on a high-tech battle suit.


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Volt makes premium quality products, and their Tatra rechargeable heated electric gloves are one of the best heated gloves on the market. With durable leather palm, heavy duty nylon construction, Volt’s patented Zero Layer Heat System, and waterproof but breathable membrane, these electric gloves are one of the best you can find.

Volt heated gloves utilize premium grade rich leather on palm and fingers, with added digital leather reinforcements on high-use area. This means these gloves have a great grip and feel for any outdoor activity.

Volt’s electric gloves are powered by a 7V rechargeable battery. Batteries and dual wall charger is included with the product. Volt’s patented Zero Layer Heat System is placed throughout the entire glove, providing heat to all five fingers and both sides of your palm. Essentially, your entire hand will feel the heat ensuring it’s always toasty and warm.

Volt rechargeable heated gloves are not only warm, but also breathable. A waterproof but breathable membrane will ensure your hands are dry. Adjustable wrist strap and elastic cinch cord at the cuff will prevent any cold air from coming into the gloves.

Battery pocket opens and closes with a strong waterproof zipper, but also has a sleek looking display showing battery power level. It allows you to easily adjust the temperature to one of four preset heating levels depending on your preferences.

Volt Tatra gloves come in black and grey for men, and white and grey for women. They are pricey, but very well made and durable with highest quality materials. Futuristic and high-tech looking display with power levels is a fantastic touch. Volt’s rechargeable heated gloves are a product that will keep your hands toasty for years.

21 reviews for Volt Tatra Rechargeable Heated Gloves

  1. zombiecrisis7

    These gloves are freaking awesome and look badass. Just like all heated stuff, I recommend that you turn these on like 5-10 minutes before you head out so that they are pre heated, keeping your hands completely warm.

  2. mary

    have used them for two years, winter bicycle riding, snow blowing and shoveling. May have to get new batteries soon. love ’em!

  3. Customer

    They saved my hands while riding motorcycles in cold Colorado.

  4. R. Bauer

    Solid construction with apparent quality materials…Time and use will confirm. Set up…battery charge and install completed. Engineering of the battery install/location is user friendly. Upon battery charge; batteries installed and set to highest heating level. Quite slow warm up. Maybe as designed…or…possible defect. Will start the heat process before use….Use pending upon cold weather. Update to follow.

  5. Frank B Miller Jr

    I am a happy owner of both the Volt 7V Heated Fleece Gloves and the Gen III Indoor/Outdoor Heated Slippers. I purchased them for my wife last year. We go to many football games in the fall and winter and she gets cold often in her hands and feet. Many times we would need to leave early because she just couldn’t take the cold. Both of these items have been invaluable to us. They are stylish and work better than advertised. The batteries are easy to charge and hold a charge longer than needed. I would recommend any of Volt’s products to anyone who wants to stay comfortable while facing the worst winter has to offer. Volt has really found a balance of technology, fashion and value.

  6. noktern

    Finally Found a pair of gloves that I can use to Ride my Bicycle during those frigid NYC winter days. They keep my hands nice and warm in below 20 degrees Fahrenheit with no problem. Easy to charge, easy to turn on and off. Great Glove guys!

  7. Jeffry Ackerman

    They work very well. Nice and warm from the palm of the hand down to the fingers. You have to make sure the batteries are charged fully before a long outing. The gloves exceeded my expectations.

  8. Fargo ND

    Ordered the XX Large but they were very tight and I decided that it would be better to send them back and get something that didn’t restrict the circulation in my hands.

  9. steven wittlieff

    they where tight fitting compaired to the sizing cart,but they work well.

  10. Michael Cornell

    My wife was slow to believe anything would keep her fingers from hurting due to the cold and Reynaud syndrome! You got to try so I bought these gloves for her based upon a search on “heated gloves & Reynaud” They had excellent reviews. My wife finally tried them and loves them. No pain and we are in the teens and 20’s. Worked as expected! She is now searching for heated socks.

  11. Customer

    Battery didn’t last long – need an extra set of batteries for full day of skiing

  12. Catherine M. Koss

    I bought this as a gift and boy, is it perfect! Other reviews listed it as running a bit small so I got the largest available! They just fit! Honey loves them! No more frozen hands! Very sturdy

  13. Customer

    Quality made. I rode my motorcycle today. Temp is 40 degrees outside in NH. I must say that these gloves do the job. At 65-70 mph hands stay warm (not hot) but not cold, comfortable and that’s the bottom line for me. I have a 50 min commute to work. On the highest setting I lose 50% power (2hrs of heat), recharge and I’m good to go. Overall, I am very satisfied with the quality and performance of the gloves and would recommend them for winter riding or any outdoor activities. I plan on trying them out on the slopes in a few weeks.

  14. David Weisheit

    On a cold day they work pretty well on high but only last about 2 hours. Order one size larger than normal.

  15. Steve Sondhi

    Great product for people with Raynauds. I have tried the cheaper gloves and ended up returning them. These gloves are great, you can control how warm you need the gloves to be with 4 different levels. If I keep it on high my hands start sweating.

  16. Elaine Hawes

    Why do the batteries not last longer. I have to charge them every night.

  17. Catherine

    My son has Raynaud’s Syndrom and works outside in the winter. These gloves keep his hands warm and symptom free for a 6 hour day. Other reviewers stated that the gloves fit tight, so I ordered him a large (he would normally wear a medium), and the gloves fit perfectly.

  18. Bonnie

    At this point, I’ve purchased 3 pairs of these gloves. I bought a pair for my daughter in Minneapolis, a pair for myself (I live in NYC), and a pair for a good friend who is also a New Yorker. We all LOVE them!!! I have Reynaud’s in my hands, this makes my fingers turn waxy white when my hands are cold and when they warm up, they get purple and hurt. These gloves prevent this painful symptom completely. They are wonderful!

  19. rhonda

    Way TOO SMALL. The gloves were marked as size large and the package was marked and sold as XL

  20. Mary H

    With out a doubt these are in the top five category of the best thing I did for myself. I work on a horse farm and I can’t have bulky gloves. If I do have to take them off, when I put them back on, they warm my fingers back up. They don’t feel hot but I realized they keep my hands comfortable. A large was a bit tight

  21. giselle

    My husband bought these gloves for a week-long all-day ski camp he attended. He set them at 50% heat and they kept him warm all day. Admittedly, the temperature went up into the 40s that week, but even at lower temperatures these gloves should work very well. If you have to set them at 100% heat, just get a second set of batteries so you can switch them out midday.

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