VentureHeat Avert Battery Heated Glove Liner

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VentureHeat battery heated glove liner are smartphone compatible gloves/glove liners that can keep your entire hand warm for hours.

Liners are warm and comfortable even while not powered, and you’ll be amazed at how warm your hands can get when placed under thermal gloves as liners.

Convenient button on each wrist provides customizable temperature based on your needs and preferences. VentureHeat’s Avert electric glove liners are perfect for any season and weather.

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Hands are easily the first body part to go cold in low temperatures, and quality thermal or electric gloves are important to keep extremities warmed. VentureHeat’s battery heated glove liners work great as standalone gloves in mild cold, but will keep your hands hot and toasty when used as glove liner under thermal gloves.

VentureHeat glove liner is made of wind and water proof softshell fabric keeping your hands warm and dry. These gloves are ideal for running or sports, but can easily be used as glove liners for skiing, hunting, fishing or other activities in freezing temperatures.

VentureHeat Avert battery heated glove liner features hair-thin micro carbon fiber heating elements you won’t even feel while the gloves are powered off. Heating wires stretch from each finger and thumb all the way to your wrist, providing warmth for your entire hand.

Simple button controller located on your wrist can be used to turn these electric glove liners on and off, or choose from one of three heating levels depending on your preferences and needs. Battery lasts up to 5 hours on lowest temperature setting.

These electric glove liners are made for modern users, and one of their best features is they’re touchscreen friendly. Special material on index fingers and thumbs allow you to use a touchscreen on any smartphone or tablet without taking the gloves off. You can answer calls or text without exposing your hands to the cold.

VentureHeat’s battery heated glove liners are one of the best pieces of electric-heated clothing you can get for cold weather. Avert can be used as glove liners or regular gloves making them equally useful throughout the year.

6 reviews for VentureHeat Avert Battery Heated Glove Liner

  1. A

    I use these with 12v gloves for riding in winter. In 20-30 deg weather. On high setting my hands sweat. Finger tips nice and warm the whole trip. I ride daily to work and have tried many different glove and liner combos. These liners work great for me. Very happy with the purchase. Battery life is good but they are new.

  2. Happy Retiree

    These heated liners are just what I needed! I have had some problems with cold fingers and recently had an injury that made the problem worse. The first time I tried the liners skiing they worked perfectly. I started them on medium and they were so effective I actually had to change to low! I think they work so well because the heat elements follow the contours of the fingers and don’t just heat the back of the hand as some other brands do. I highly recommend them!

  3. Robert Knight

    Am giving it 5 stars because I liked my first use, but haven’t used them enough when it is very cold. Seem very well made and the battery and switch system is well thought out and seems to work well. Will need to give it a more thorough work out on a cold and windy day when I am stuck outside for a long time. If it’s anything but excellent I will amend this review

  4. Customer

    Had high hopes for these gloves, as they kept my hands toasty warm on the highest setting…the mid and low settings not so much. The gloves appear well made and sized right, the XL I ordered fit nicely. I fully charged the batteries when I received them, before plugging in the gloves for the first time. Unfortunately, the battery packs only lasted 20-30 minutes, and that’s not acceptable nor as advertised.I charged the batteries twice more and got the same result, about 20-30 minutes of heat, then nothing. I’ll update this review after I contact VentureHeat’s customer service, hopefully they can make me a happy camper.

  5. Anibal Rivero

    Works as advertised. Very high quality. Perfect for people with Raynaud syndrome.

  6. Joe G.

    These are life-savers for me. I have a nerve issue and my hands can get cold in 70-degree weather. During winter, they get debilitatingly painful. With these- I’m able to enjoy winter again and even run the snowblower for hours without any problem. Even the battery life is surprisingly good.

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