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Verseo ThermoGloves electric heated gloves are perfect for mild cold. Rechargeable batteries included with the product will keep your hands warm for up to 5 hours.

ThermoGloves are thin and can easily be worn as an electric heated glove liner under your regular thermal gloves. This makes them suitable for a wide range of activites in mild cold but also freezing temperatures.

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Verseo Electric ThermoGloves battery heated gloves are suitable for any cold weather. These heated gloves are warm enough to be worn alone, but also thin enough and can be used as glove liner for your existing thermal gloves for added warmth.

Putting them underneath regular thermal gloves will generate more heat than your hands are accustomed to. This makes Verseo electric gloves one of the top products you can get. ThermoGloves will heat your fingers and palm.

ThermoGloves use rechargeable 3600mAh li-ion batteries with an operating time of up to 5 hours. Batteries are safely tucked into a small pocket on your wrist. While it may cause some discomfort, having warm hands is often worth it.

Gloves can be activated by pressing the power button on wrist. Three heat settings are available, heating from 93°F on lowest and up to 111°F on highest heat level. You can cycle through heat settings easily by pressing the power button again once the gloves are turned on.

Although somewhat pricey compared to most other electric gloves available, Verseo ThermoGloves rechargeable electric gloves are lightweight and thin. They can work well for driving, snow plowing, cycling, golf, or simply walking or watching football games. They will keep your hands and fingers warm during non-extreme cold.

If you need gloves for extreme cold and freezing temperature, more thick thermal gloves are recommended.

Verseo’s gloves are fairly thin and can be used as an electric heated glove liner and placed under thick thermal gloves. This is an upside though, as it makes them very suitable for harsh weather conditions and more demanding activities like skiing or snowboarding.

13 reviews for Verseo Rechargeable Electric Gloves

  1. Laurie02357

    Good product, only it takes so long for finger tips to get warm enough.

  2. Jay

    Main part of your hand stays nice and warm but it has no heat for the fingers. They work better as a liner inside a mitten but as a stand alone glove the fingers still get cold.

  3. Elaine

    I suffer from Raynauds which mean not enough blood flow to my fingers and when they are cold they turn black and get numb. My Sister has these gloves and suffers from the same thing and loves them Mine, however did not get hot like hers does. So they must have been defective. I sent them back.

  4. Rosina Rylah

    I absolutely love these gloves they fit perfectly also fit nice as a liner or just in your pockets I’m going to order extra batteries cause they just don’t last quite long enough which I don’t mind getting extra batteries cause it’s better than having a bigger battery attached to you

  5. Laurie Casseday

    I received my order today but they came with absolutely no instructions!

  6. John Slagle

    I got a pair of these “gloves” to use with my ski mittens because I have a problem keeping my thumbs and finger tips warm. I’ve been using hand warmers, which work fine for the backs of my hands, but not my thumbs. Using these liners has made a huge difference. I have used them for cross-country and downhill skiing, with the ambient temperature in the low teens (F). I did not have discomfort in my thumbs or fingers.
    I will say that I do not think these would be satisfactory as stand-alone gloves in a cold environment. They are very lightweight and are not wind-proof. But as liners? I am very thankful I got them.

  7. Cathy McDonough

    I love these gloves! I love to snow ski, but I have Reynaud’s and spent too much time in the lodge warming my fingers. I put these on low, they lasted 5 hours and my fingers were toasty warm. I wear these as a liner under ski gloves. I found some gloves using disposable batteries, but decided I wanted the rechargeable lithium batteries. The batteries go on the wriist adding a bit of bulk there, so ski gloves with a long wrist will work the best.

  8. Janie Bennett

    Wish they heated on both sides of the fingers

  9. Customer

    These gloves are exactly what I was looking for. Perfect for warming up quickly and maintains even heat at 3 different levels. Thin enough that you can put other gloves over them to change the look. Only drawback is the cuffs are quite bulky since they contain the battery, but the warmth when you need it outweighs. I’m already used to that so really not seeing it as a problem.

  10. Customer

    These heated liners are not good for riding a motorcycle or a bicycle. They get nowhere near hot enough for those activities. You MIGHT be able to shovel a small driveway before the cold penetrates through the gloves and past the “heated liners” I will be sending them back.

  11. S. Hendrickson

    These are the only liners I have found that heat fingers relatively well. They are thin enough to fit under any gloves or mittens I have. Even though I’ve seen them marketed as good to use alone, I personally think they are too thin. The batteries can be somewhat difficult to get in and out of their pocket. I wish the charge lasted longer, too, but I always use them on the highest setting so that should probably be expected. Overall, the warmest product I have found to date.

  12. Peter La Monica

    If you are out for a walk maybe these are ok, don’t touch anything that might get them wet, like snow. a wet glove is a wet glove. Maybe latex gloves over them, then over gloves? sounds like a lot of work, you would be better off with hand warmers.

  13. Anon220

    This product is intended as a glove or mitt liner. Wind will blow right through otherwise.
    Purchased with that knowledge it is a great product. Battery life is better than anticipated.
    Pheasant hunted a couple hours in -10 with wind under rather thin Bob Allen shooting gloves. Never got cold.
    Life is better with extra electrons.

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