Mysuntown Winter Tropper Hat

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Winter trooper hat provides full coverage of your head and face. Perfect for any kind of winter activity in below freezing temperatures.

Keep your face and head happy and toasty warm with a fully wind-proof and water-proof trooper hat.

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Full coverage winter tropper hat is a great product to have in freezing cold and wind. This trooper hat (also called ushanka, or trooper trapper hat, or Russian hat) is made from premium insulating polyester outer shell which is completely wind proof, and faux fur on the inside layer keeping your entire head warm.

Winter trooper hat provides full coverage of your head, including face, ears, nose, mouth, and even eyebrows. Removable face mask and adjustable chin strap will allow you to adapt to the elements.

It’s durable and perfect for any outdoor activity such as skiing, hiking, snowboarding, or hunting. Product is fully waterproof and windproof, and gentle fleece lining will help keep you warm in the harshest environment.

Mysuntown’s winter trooper hat is for both men and women, and comes in black, blue, white, khaki, and red colors.

13 reviews for Mysuntown Winter Tropper Hat

  1. Okami Promotions

    Just got this hat today and it is wonderful. It is a little big on me in particular but that is to be the expected because I have quite a small head. My only complaint is that I wish the chin buckle was designed a little differently so the clip just wasn’t threaded on. But for the price, this is a very small thing to me. I’m mostly looking for something that will protect my ears and face from the cold and this is it.

  2. Bronx

    loved this hat… perfect for cold chicago winters… too hot for a mild cold… perfect for those below zero temperatures

  3. splowder

    I bought this ushanka because I was going camping to kings canyon for a week and I heard the temperature drops pretty low. Well with this ushanka I had no problems with the cold I was warm the entire trip. In fact, it snowed the second and third day and all I needed to do was fold the flaps of the ushanka down and I was fine. Also, even though I like the cold I dislike how dry my nose gets with the cold air, and this brings me to another thing I love about this ushanka. The face mask does keep your face warm too! If you are going anywhere cold, you need this ushanka.

  4. Amelia Amon

    This is the best hat I’ve had for winter sailing, aka Frostbiting. It’s warm, water-proof, stays on, is a bright safety red, & provides a little extra padding for the unexpected jibe.

  5. Han May Chan

    I visited Beijing, Shenyang, Toronto, and Washington, DC during winter break around January when the weather is very cold and snowing, and this hat has seriously been my life saver. It is so incredibly soft, comfortable, and warm. Highly recommend getting one.

  6. Bob19

    For the price, this is a GREAT product. It was a little too big for me, but, still very comfortable and usable. I would recommend it highly. It beats paying $30-$70 for one that won’t keep you any warmer.

  7. Mary Mulrooney

    This hat arrived just in time for the Blizzard in March. I have a 110 foot driveway that I clear by myself with the help of my snowblower. I found this hat to be the first time I was able to be warn with snow blowing back on to my face and head as happens when you are blowing 2 feet of snow.
    I don’t worry about how I look when I am out there in the snow, I want to be warm and able to complete the job. So this is the best hat for the job.

  8. Sandra Davis

    I used to have a ear flap hat without the mask that I wore for almost 20 years and it was very expensive. This is reasonably priced. We didn’t really have an extremely cold winter so I didn’t get to use it much. I did wear it a few days when it was pretty windy and it seems like it will be nice and warm. I have asthma and need to wear a mask to warm the air but again, I didn’t use it because it didn’t get that cold. Seems well made.

  9. sunnydaytoday

    I loved my hat! I bought it for a trip to Iceland where it was in the 30s Fahrenheit, windy and rainy. Folks thought it was overkill but I was very warm. It covered my entire face, neck, ears. Could barely see my eyes but I could see very clearly. Bottom-line, I was warm and quite stylish and warm. And I like that there was a snap to keep the side flaps together.

  10. Wise Shopper

    Too small for us…and didn’t look right atop our head!

  11. Abby

    3 stars because the wind gets into your ears when you don’t wear the mask. I wish we could be able to tie it ourselves instead of the clip, maybe that way it will stay on tighter and won’t led the wind in. My whole purpose of buying a hat is to keep my ears warm and this hat is not doing it. And I can’t wear the mask all the time in the city.

  12. Vishak Gopalan

    I live near New York city and have to take the train to work. Sometimes it gets blistering cold due to the freezing winds blowing from the Hudson but this hat makes it feel like I am in Sunny California ! Fits very well for my head which is between a medium and large size man. Also love the mouth piece which can be buttoned in for more protection from the cold.

  13. Kristie

    I love this hat. I bought it just in time for the -22F weather here in Colorado. The hat is fully lined, fits well, and I love the face mask. Perfect hat for cold weather and extreme cold weather and everyone asks me where I got it.

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