HotHands Fleece Headband with Chemical Warmer Pockets

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HotHands fleece headband with chemical warmer pockets is a convenient way to keep your head warmed. Warm fleece material combined with integrated chemical warmer pockets ensure your head is heated for over 8 hours.

HotHands heated fleece headband can be used for any activity or hobby in the cold. Disposable chemical warmers are sold separately.

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HotHands fleece headband with chemical warmer pockets will help keep you warm in freezing temperatures. This headband is made of fleece, and combined with HotHands chemical warmers will keep your neck toasty warm for hours.

Chemical warmers are made from natural materials and are perfectly safe to use. As soon as they’re exposed to air, a chemical reaction will enable them to generate heat for over 8 hours.

Special pockets on HotHands fleece headband are designed to hold two regular HotHands chemical warmers. Pockets are on side of your head next to ears, providing excellent warmth where it’s needed most.

This headband can be used for added warmth even without using chemical warmers, but provides tremendous amounts of heating when warmers are inserted.

Excellent product for football, jogging, fishing, snowmobiling, or any hobby or activity in freezing cold. Product comes in black for regular use, and mossy oak camo ideal for hunters.

8 reviews for HotHands Fleece Headband with Chemical Warmer Pockets

  1. Customer

    My ears get cold first because my hair is short, so I bought this for an upcoming trip to Iceland, knowing the temperatures are going to be in the mid-30’s. But I had to wear it last week when the temperatures here on the easy coast went into sub-zero ranges. My ears were toasty, and because of that, my whole head didn’t feel the frigid weather that we were hit with. The fleece is very soft. Definitely worth the money.

  2. Michelle

    This fights tight. If my head were any bigger it would be to tight. At least I know it won’t fall off, I am little concerned it might give me a headache because it is so tight. Quality is good thick fleece. Well made. Also comes with a set of warmers.

  3. Scott

    I don’t like giving bad reviews, but this was WAY too small for most adult heads. I don’t have a large head, but I couldn’t even pull this down to my ears.

  4. LaDanah

    I bought this as a gift for my brother for his winter shifts as a police officer. He says it fit a bit snug (he might just have a big head). It worked to keep his ears warm though!

  5. Michael M

    It’s not to bad, it kept my ears warm while taking care of all the snow today. My only complaint is it was a very tight fit, hopefully it’ll loosen up. I’m a normal sized head male so I was surprised by the fit. It comes with a set of hand warmers to use in the inserts by your ears.

  6. The Go To Gal

    Bought this for my husband for when he went hunting. It was very windy and cold this year and sitting in the woods all day. He said this was an ear saver. The headband was a much better success than his trip. He does not like to wear a hood but to put this over a baseball style hat is acceptable in his book.

    Our son has been using it to plow and shovel all the snow we have been getting. I don’t think Dad is getting it back any time soon. I see a great gift opportunity.

  7. Jay Nisenfeld

    Bought these for my gown for his birthday. He rides about seven miles to and from work, and that is not easy in the NW. He says they do a great keeping his eard warm without excess buk and are quite cinfortable to wear.

  8. Judi B

    My husband loves to fish but when he goes early in the morning he gets VERY cold, especially his ears. This is the perfect answer for him to keep him warm and comfortable

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