HotHands Heated Fleece Balaclava

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HotHands heated fleece balaclava will keep your entire head from being exposed to the elements. Neck, ears and head protection from warm fleece combined with chemical warmers will keep you warm in extreme cold.

Integrated pockets are designed to hold two chemical warmers for 10 or more hours of continuous heating.


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HotHands heated fleece balaclava is designed to work with HotHands chemical warmers. These small air-powered warmers can be placed in special integrated pockets on this balaclava.

Balaclava has two pockets located on your ears. Ears are often the most important part of your head to heat while in extreme cold so this placement is optimal for best results.

HotHands heated fleece balaclava will fit snug on your head, but loose around your neck. Good fit on any head and fleece material will make it comfortable to wear, and will keep your neck and face covered.

HotHands balaclava is a good alternative if you’re not a fan of electric headwear. Chemical warmers are fairly inexpensive. They work in any temperature as long as they are exposed to air.

Product comes in black and mossy oak. Balaclavas are perfect full-head covers for skiing, ice fishing, hunting, or any other activity or hobby in the wilds. HotHands balaclava can keep your head, ears and face warmer in winter.

9 reviews for HotHands Heated Fleece Balaclava

  1. Mark Comer

    Third hunting season using this Balaclava. Holding up well and the hot hands make life wonderful on those cold mornings

  2. Eagle

    It does keep you warm but just a size smaller would’ve helped

  3. Dan H

    This is a one size fits all–because it is enormous. Don’t buy unless you have a really big head.

  4. A.Schlyer

    This was as expected. I haven’t used the hot hands inserts yet, but have worn this under my other hats while working outside, shoveling snow. As a big guy, with a big head, I find that the balaclava fits well, and I am able to put other hats over it without issue.
    My only complaint is that this is not warm enough to wear on it’s own. But, all in all, a solid product.

  5. ssg lee

    I used this on a shooting range that was freezing (30 degrees outside) and windy (about 10 MPH) and it worked great! I was afraid that it might burn my ears, but it didn’t at all. This was a great purchase IMO.

  6. Trey

    Balaclava has a nice fit and feel, really helps to keep the wind off my ears and nose. Haven’t tried it yet with the hot hands packs, I haven’t gotten cold enough to feel like I needed them.

  7. esp

    I bought this on a lightning deal with the intention of using while winter camping. It worked like a charm. I primarily used this while sleeping and it kept my face and head nice and toasty. The hot hands fit into little pockets right over your ears nice and easy and the material is a soft and comfortable fleece. As some other reviewers have noted, this thing is huge. Suits me fine since both my husband and I have gigantic noggins, but for those of you with more normal sized heads, you might opt for something a little smaller.

  8. Nasim Arborio

    Awesome tool to survive the polar vortex! My ears stay warm and I don’t have to freeze my face off 🙂

  9. Llewella

    It’s okay. I suppose I thought it would be thicker and longer. I finally wore this last night when the wind was howling and it was blowing snow… I didn’t use the heater inserts. I was only outside for approximately 2 hours and this did keep my head, neck, and face warm even though it’s loose-fitting.

    Suited its purpose of keeping my face protected, so I guess its better than nothing!

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