HotHands Toe Warmers (40 Pair)

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Toe warmers will start to generate heat quickly after coming into contact with air. Each warmer is thin and can easily be placed below your toes, and stay there due to adhesive already included.

Package includes 40 pairs of toe warmers generating up to 8 hours of heat per pair.

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HotHands toe warmers are air-activated warmers providing up to 8 hours of heat. Toe warmers by HotHands are the most convenient way to keep your feet and toes warm during any activity in the cold.

All toe warmers come with adhesive which keeps them in place. Once the packaging is opened, warmers start to generate heat quickly after coming into contact with air. They are made from natural and safe materials.

Package includes 40 pairs of toe warmers.

8 reviews for HotHands Toe Warmers (40 Pair)

  1. B. Beebe

    Great product! I ride horses in all weather with western boots on (not known to be warm) and these do a terrific job of keeping my feet warm all day. And the way they are designed to fit in the toe section and the thinness make them very comfortable to wear. I have tried others, but none have done the job as well as HotHands. Be aware that this product is designed for inside a closed environment, not a pocket. It has to do with the amount of oxygen required for them to function. It may not feel warm to your hand holding it in open air or even a pocket, but put it inside a shoe and there will be noticeable heat!

  2. Sweetie

    Toe warmers, like fire, need oxygene to work but will burn out quick if they get too much for an hour. Whatever a small fire would do in the space you put them in, is what they will do, eg. burn hot, go out.

    So, let them breath for 15 minutes to warm them… And thereafter limit the O2 supply some, don’t let air flow over them at 30 mph, for example.

    In CYCLING, put some saran wrap around your shoe and then a bootie cover over that to hold the saran on… this will keep you unfrozen for ~2 hours at ~20-35 degrees F if you put the warmers on top of your toes, outside the sock, with adhesive facing sock.

  3. Ellen Ruh

    I’m a hiker and have found these to be the trick to staying warm. I use to put them in with the sticky side down in the shoe but found they are very hard to peel out. I now turn them upside down and stick them to the bottom of my socks. They stay in place as I put my foot in my boot and peel right off when done.

  4. Jay L

    We use these for skiing and have been happy with them. They have strong adhesive that keeps them anchored to socks to prevent unexpected movement and to maintain warmth. In short, the warmers work as advertised.

    The one consideration is that they do add some volume below your toes and so may make your shoes/boots tighter. It can be a worthwhile trade-off for warmer feet, but it also may prevent them from working with tighter boots. (To be fair, this is not a limitation of these warmers, but really all warmers.)

  5. dreemsnake

    They are not perfect but I have tried so many other brands and I always come back to these. I have raynauds so my feet are always cold. They don’t bunch up and they do offer relief.

    A couple of problems: they don’t last very long…four hours maybe? Maybe six. But if your feet get damp at all, usually from sweating, they quit working. Wearing socks like Smartwool help a little because your feet don’t get as damp but if your feet sweat a lot, get battery heated socks because these won’t work.

  6. Customer

    This is a winter necessity for me. If you are wearing shoes, they will last 6 – 8 hours. The more open-toed or open air shoes you have on, the less they will last. I used these as hand warmers in an emergency, but they only lasted about 2 hours in the open air. The ones made especially for hand warmers last much longer (obviously).

  7. M. Deans

    These are great! I put them in my winter boots stuck to the top of my socks over my toes. I always get really cold feet and these work great for snowmobiling and ice fishing all day. They last for about 9 hours. I’ve used other brands and they’re ok, but these really do put out the heat.

  8. James

    Pretty good, although sometimes they were hit and miss (maybe 80-90% working rate?). I’m not sure if they needed more air or less, but sometimes they wouldn’t work. In -25F with snow boots, we found that we had to sometimes use 2 or 3 of them to keep our feet warm. But they do last for up to 8 hours as advertised, when they do work.

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