HotHands Hand Warmers (10 Pack)

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Air heated hand warmers can easily be placed into your palm or slipped into your glove. They are thin and will provide up to 10 hours of heat. Perfect and convenient for any outdoor activity.

Package includes 10 hand warmers.

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Keep your hands warm and toasty with HotHands warmers. These hand warmers come in special packaging, and start to instantly generate heat when opened. Made from natural and safe materials, the warmers heat up immediately when coming into contact with air.

Air heated hand warmers can easily be placed into your pocket, palm, or slipped into your glove. They are thin and will provide up to 10 hours of heat. Perfect and convenient for any outdoor activity.

Package includes 10 hand warmers.

13 reviews for HotHands Hand Warmers (10 Pack)

  1. Elizabeth E

    These are a must in Minnesota winters. I use them while I’m shoveling out epic snowstorms – I put two in the gloves and two in the shoes (that is, one per glove and one per shoe). I also use them to go out hiking in the woods comfortably when it’s cold. I like to go geocaching and these keep my fingers functioning in the cold so I can open caches and sign logs.

    They also work great for attending sports games and waiting for the bus.

    Last year I went through two 40 pair boxes. I kept giving them away to friends and family. This year winter has been milder so I’m still working on Box #1 for the season. But you can rest assured I will always keep these on hand in the winter.

  2. Hope Walters

    By far the best hand warmers we’ve used at our house. Particularly good for those times when you are out for a long period…plowing our long driveway in wind and snow for example. Hands kept very warm

  3. Titus from Texas

    They work pretty well, I’ve got a couple of them in my pocket right now and they have been keeping me warm for about 2 hours so far.

    I use them in my gloves while I’m running or exercising outdoors. This with my gortex gloves, jersey gloves, and thick waterproof mitts keep me warm in temperatures down to about 20 F so far.

    My only gripe, and the only reason I didn’t rate it higher is that it’s hit or miss with this bulk pack. Sometimes I can rip open a pack and they start working after 15 minutes, sometimes they don’t work at all, and some of the packs are defective in the plastic wrapping (hard as a brick).

    You get what you pay for, these are cheap bulk rate packed handwarmers and when they work they work.

  4. E. Anderson

    I bought these hand warmers because Target was out of them. I tried them out the first time in January for my local women’s march. While it did take awhile for the hand warmers to get warm and toasty, I did like the fact that they lasted for several hours. Definitely would buy them again for the long, cold winters in Minnesota.

  5. Stevie Doodle

    Were shipped loose in the box, but that’s OK. These are a Godsend for me in the winter as I play golf and shoot unless the weather is below the freezing point. Excellent product.

  6. Customer

    I bought these for the wife for the ski hill. They routinely last all day and give steady, warming heat. I have used others in the past that would get so hot they could burn your skin or be really uncomfortable. These get to just the right temperature. These are also just the right size. You can shove these in a boot or glove and not feel too cramped.

  7. David

    In the winter when I get home from work and want to play some Overwatch, the area around my gaming rig tends to be pretty cold. My hands are also generally cold from the drive/walk home. I’m too impatient to wait for central heating before I start playing and my hands are generally the last of my extremities to warm up, so these are the perfect fix. It helps that I’ve seen my favorite pro-gamers use these at LANs. It makes me feel like I am pro too (I am a plat scrub). 🙂

  8. Nikolaus

    These things are lifesavers when you’re riding motorcycles in the cold. When your toes or fingers go numb, they aren’t going to warm up until you stop. With these in your gloves or shoes, you got a source of heat to keep you going.

  9. JTown

    I’d say out of this box of 40 pairs, I had around a 95% success rate with these warmers. Almost no duds in the whole package, and many of them lasted well beyond the advertised 10 hours. I worked outside at a Colorado ski resort– my job was at 12,000 feet altitude! Extreme weather was common. In the coldest months I needed hand-warmers every day, so I wanted to buy them in bulk. I was the hero of my crew, because I was the guy who *always* had extra hand-warmers on him. At less than $1 a pair, sharing was affordable.

    No complaints and I will definitely be buying more of these when I return to work this coming winter.

  10. S. B.

    On the whole these are a great product however there are two things that led me to only give 3 stars rather than 5. First, they take a while to heat up. Do not plan to open these on the spot and find immediate heat relief. They take a good 20 to 30 mins to fully activate. Second thing I wasnt pleased with was that the first few packages in the box Never heated up the way they should have. They were “duds”, and I was going to return the whole box thinking they were all expired, however the next few packages worked much better and so far have been ok. I wished they heated up within seconds. Just know if you get these they requre some planning ahead, and bring extras in case you get a “dud” that doesnt heat up well.

  11. Gary C.

    My wife has Raynaud’s Syndrome; she is a long distance runner and former bike racer of a certain age. I bought a box of these to see if they would prevent her fingers from whitening on lower than room temperature days, and, they work! She keeps them in her mittens while walking in freezing weather here (Portland OR) without problems. The fifth star is not given because the company dumbed down the heat couple of years ago; she now uses two pairs instead of one.
    A tip for buyers/users of these: REI makes a plastic box for kayakers and fishermen that is airtight and fits a pair of these perfectly, causing the heat generating reaction to stop and allowing them to be restarted days later.

  12. Customer

    Works well, lasts a long time although maybe not ten hours.

  13. Sharon C.

    If you’re a person who has chronically cold feet and hands, this is a great product for you. I buy several cases of hot hands and toasty toes every winter. Hand Warmers can also serve as toe warmers in winter slippers! I have a habit of carrying a few with me and gift them to friends when they are unprepared for cold conditions; giving the gift of warmth all winter long.

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