HotHands Fleece Gloves with Chemical Warmer Pockets

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HotHands fleece gloves with chemical warmer pockets is perfect for everyday use in cold weather. Integrated pockets are designed to hold HotHands body or hand warmers for hours of continuous heating.

HotHands heated gloves can be used for any activity or hobby in the cold. Disposable chemical warmers are sold separately.

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HotHands fleece gloves with chemical warmer pockets are an easy way to keep your hands and fingers warm in cold weather. Warm fleece combined with chemical warmers is enough to keep even chronically cold hands warm.

HotHands fleece gloves/mittens come with integrated pockets designed to hold HotHands chemical warmers. Chemical warmers are made from natural materials and are perfectly safe to use. Chemical reaction upon exposure to air will enable them to generate heat for over 8 hours.

Chemical warmer pockets are located on palm and top of the hand. This enables you to place two chemical warmers on each hand, covering both sides for extra heating.

HotHands heated fleece gloves are comfortable and convenient for most activities in the cold. If you need to keep your hands toasty warm for hours during sports, hiking, camping or any other activity or hobby, HotHands fleece gloves with chemical warmer pockets will do the job well.

11 reviews for HotHands Fleece Gloves with Chemical Warmer Pockets

  1. Normal G. Wardell

    Excellent product kept my hands warm at football game.
    I would recommend this product.

  2. Lynn

    A great product. Used at a sporting event in extreme cold and with the hand warmer in side, my hands stayed warm.

  3. Customer

    I purchased these for a 9 day hunting trip. After 2-3 days, the smartphone tipped finger wore off rendering the ability to use your smartphone impossible unless you take the gloves off. . . . which is why I purchased this set of gloves so I would not have to take them off in sub zero temps.

  4. Vindy Khullar

    Does not warm the finger tips..
    I do not recommend this…

  5. Customer

    For some reason I thought the finger area was open, don’t know if I had looked at too many gloves before deciding on these, but I am so impressed with these because they are first a glove and then you can add the mitten if needed. There are areas all over to stick in the heat packets if needed. I usually wear a size large or extra large women’s gloves because I do not like them tight. I ordered the medium and they fit great. The wind chill was 10 degrees today and my hands stayed toasty warm and that is unusual, my hands always seem to be cold. I am thrilled with this purchase and would highly recommend them to people.

  6. Will B.

    Great for the woods of Vermont during deer season. Keep hands nice and toasty.

  7. Customer

    I purchased these mittens to wear while snowblowing last winter. The work fairly well. There are pockets in the front and back for heat packs, but they can shift around some. Overall, much better than “ordinary” mittens for the snowblowing job!!

  8. Ron Malinowski, Jr.

    after trying many gloves these actually are warm enough for getting by doing crossing guard duties for 30-45 minutes in the cold mornings (20’s), it would be nice if there was velcro to keep the glove mode over your fingers.

  9. Glenn A.

    Nice gloves they keep your hands warm even without the heat packs.They are not very water proof

  10. Ulysses

    Running in the winter in Vermont, these are essential. My fingers get cold and even numb with normal gloves, but these keep them toasty. I like that I can flip the mitten part off later in the run when I get warmer. Vermont essentials!

  11. Mark A Neylon Sr

    I bought these gloves two seasons ago for stand hunting in Pennsylvania.Over the years,I’ve tried many different glove/liner glove combinations and still my hands were cold.These gloves are wonderful for in and out periods or chores around the house as they are…add the warmers and they are outstanding.I’ve hunted for 10+ hours in under 20 degree weather and these kept my hands warm and comfortable and have proved to be very durable.I highly recommend these gloves…they flat out work.

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