HotHands Socks With Chemical Warmer Pockets

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HotHands heated socks have integrated chemical warmer pockets. Pockets are located in front instep and on top of toes. Standard HotHands hand or toe warmers can easily fit into these pockets.

HotHands warmers offer hours of heat and will work as long they’re exposed to air. HotHands socks with chemical warmer pockets make it easy and convenient to keep your feet warm throughout the day.

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HotHands socks with chemical warmer pockets are lightweight socks with integrated pockets for HotHands chemical warmers. Disposable chemical warmers are simply placed into these pockets and will generate from 6 to over 12 hours of heat depending on warmers used.

HotHands chemical warmers offer hours of heating to your body as soon as they’re exposed to air. HotHands heated socks are regular socks, but pockets make it convenient and easy to slip hand warmers into them for hours of heating.

Pocket is located over the toes, ensuring there is no discomfort at the bottom of your foot. This makes it convenient to use for hiking, skiing, walking and other activities in the cold.

HotHands socks with chemical warmer pockets are made of acrylic-polyblend for total comfort and warmth. You can use these socks as regular socks. When needed, integrated pockets make it easy to warm up your feet for a full day or toasty toes.

12 reviews for HotHands Socks With Chemical Warmer Pockets

  1. Christina R Bjornstad

    Quality socks. much too big for me. I am a small person with size 4 left foot and size 6 right foot. I freeze my feet in winter since I have trouble finding warming solutions that still allow me to walk. Please offer various sizes and places for warming pads that don’t have to fit into shoes.

  2. Customer

    Very warm but a little tight with the heaters in

  3. Customer

    These socks work well with the smaller hand warmers but you need boots that are a little large, so you can get everything in the boot easy and are comfortable. Sock is made good and take your time getting them on, only when you arrive at a spot where you plan to fish or where you plan to walk in. if you get to your spot early, you can put them on over your thin socks and not give them a chance to sweat your feet on the walk. Good Luck

  4. Char

    Love these socks. Been a very cold January here in Nebraska. Warm, soft and come up to my knees. Perfect for those frigid days.

  5. Clay

    The pocket is on the top of the toes. Dont know why.

  6. KAQ

    Honestly I thought the socks themselves would be warmer than they were and I think the actual toe warmers that are made to stick to the bottom of your sock do a better job than these….I mean they are ok just did better with my own socks and the stick warmers.

  7. jkrites88

    I work outside year round, which is why I purchased them. They are a bit snug in a steel toe boot though. Keep that in mind. All – in – all a good product.

  8. eillac winans

    I purchased these for my husband who works as a police officer. He wears steel tow boots, but he always complained his feet were cold. After wearing them daily he loves them. The heat packets last and dont move around in his boots. I also like that the warmers can be purchased at many drug stores. GET PRODUCT

  9. Diane Barret

    I purchased these socks in the hope that my husband could wear them in bed at night to help with cold feet. It was NOT clear to us that the directions said NOT to wear the socks with the heat inserts to bed. We were very disappointed. However, my husband has been wearing the sox without the heat insert and has found them to be helpful anyway. I think the mf should make it clear that the inserts are not for bed.

  10. Amy Steele

    These are a one time use. you have to purchase heat packets from the manufacturer after you use the first one included.

  11. KH

    Socks are ultra thick and comfortable. The warmers do keep your toes toasty warm; almost too warm. The purpose of the purchase was as a gift for a golfer. The socks are a little too thick for the golf shoes. However the socks are great quality and were received in plenty of time to give at Christmas as I ordered the second week in December.

  12. fishinbob

    I went Camping on 10/08/10-10/11/10 and it got down to 40 Degrees at night and the Socks kept my feet warm at night. They worked like I hoped they would.

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