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Thermal neoprene toe warmers by Meister are an inexpensive and effective way to keep your toes warm at all times. Can be used indoors, or outdoors for various activities like hiking, cycling, football, fishing…

Insulated 2.5mm thermal neoprene will ensure your toes are always toasty warm and perfectly comfortable for any activity.

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Body extremities such as toes are often the first part of body that gets cold. In harsh temperatures or outdoor activities it’s important to keep them warm and toasty.

Meister thermal toe warmer booties are made for cycling, running, hiking, ice baths, and are suitable for any other outdoor activity. If you suffer from cold toes these neoprene toe warmers will keep them heated.

These toe warmers or “toe booties” are comfortable to wear and won’t get in the way of your favorite activities. Neoprene material does an excellent job at keeping heat in, while being thin and comfortable. If it can keep divers from feeling the icy waters in winter, it sure can keep your toes warm as well.

Where full neoprene socks would cause your entire foot to sweat, these toe warmer booties will only make your toes warm while allowing the rest of your foot to breathe.

Toe warmers can easily be worn under regular socks, thermal socks, or even electric socks for additional heat. Product is comfortable enough to be worn during outdoor sports like football or soccer and can easily fit in any boots.

12 reviews for Meister Thermal Toe Warmers

  1. bg1

    Got these for my husband for Christmas because he always complains about his toes being cold in his work boots. We have bought a ton of socks over the years, and boots, and shoes, and he still has issues. So I bought these, and they have shut him up. I am going to have to order more because he wears them almost 24/7. He is telling his friends about them and now they are trying to decide if they need them. They keep his toes warm even when it is down to -2. So far that is the coldest it has been here.

  2. Lee

    I am a woman with a 6.5 shoe size. I love this product with my booties – protect/warm my toes and allow me to wear my booties without socks showing around my ankles. Love them. They take up a bit of room, so you’ll need an extra 1/2 size, but that is usually OK because no need for socks that also take up room.

  3. Lake

    I have Raynaud’s and Acrocyanosis. Nothing I’ve used so far could keep my toes warm, as my toes are often cold from the inside out, but these do the trick! One time my toes were even slightly sweaty when I removed them, and I have anhidrosis on my feet, so this event alone says how amazing these toe warmers are!

  4. alan c. wilson

    These will probably fit most toes nicely. I have pretty fat feet and they’re stretchable and comfortable. HOWEVER… they are not terribly warmth retaining in really cold weather or if you have poor circulation. I put them inside my wool socks inside snowboots and my toes were as cold as ice after the hike. Maybe better to keep the toes warm in bed on a cold night.\

  5. srenee

    I have Raynaud’s and these are fabulous at keeping my toes warm. I have used them cycling, hunting, football games….just about any outdoor event in the winter. They are far more comfortable than I anticipated and fit in any shoe from biking to boots. For the most part I forget I even have them on. I put them on under my socks and they hold the toe warmer in place. I will be ordering a second pair to have an extra as these have made all the difference in my outdoor activities.

  6. Nia Hartman

    I got these to wear inside my cycling shoes on days that don’t warrant a full shoe cover. Sadly, they fit too tightly on my toes. I wear a size 12D and yet they felt they would only work for someone who has a smaller and narrower foot. Items like these work well when they are just shy of snug. Unfortunately, they were smaller than that.

  7. Customer

    I have used these products to work in a deep freezer company. Wow, the results beat my expectations! These guys sent me two pairs, even though I ordered for one. Every after 5 hours, I would change to another pair. The temperatures in this company are below -10 F , but the products protected my toes after trying out various items. I work in freezer sometimes 60 hours a week.

  8. Tajsultani

    They do keep your toes warm, but were a little tight fitting. I didn’t use for running, etc., so can’t confirm or deny if they stretch out with use. I have circulation issues and feet get cold really fast, so wore to bed at night. would love to see a “whole foot” warmer or have them be a little longer so they don’t slide off (or feel like it) when wearing to bed.

  9. Paula M Tarr

    I was a little disappointed. My toes still got cold. I’ve only worn them once. They make my shoes fit too tight, even after loosening the laces. I did receive quickly & the product looks to be made well. I will give them another try before I try something else.

  10. k. bannister

    I have Raynaud’s disease and these have been a life saver this winter!!! I have a thin pair and this pair which is thicker. Both are awesome! This thicker pair won’t fit in all my shoes because of the thickness, but I wear them daily in my slippers.

  11. uncle jazz

    I have poor circulation to my feet so my toes are always cold. I put these on over my socks and then put on my hiking boots when I had to shovel snow and my toes stayed warm. If you have poor foot circulation or your feet/toes get cold even when you have heavy socks and boots, I would definitely give these a try.

  12. tyrone taylor

    I do security so I’m outside all day patrolling and in the winter time especially you need layers to keep you warm and that includes your toes and I can tell you first-hand experience wearing double socks will not cut it,lol with these little babies my toes were never ever cold once this winter

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