Drymax Cold Weather Running Socks

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Drymax cold weather running socks are made from a unique blend of materials ensuring long-lasting durability, moisture wicking properties, and extreme comfort.

Product is made in US, and premium materials make them one of the best running socks you can find on the market.

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Warm, dry and comfortable feet are the the most important thing when running. Drymax is well aware, and their running socks are designed for runners.

Drymax cold weather running socks are made from a unique blend of materials: 48% polyester, 42% olefin, 5% elastane, and 5% nylon. This combination ensures long-lasting durability, moisture wicking properties, and extreme comfort.

Sweating can cause your feet to be very cold in freezing temperatures, making it more susceptible to blisters and even frostbite. These cold weather running socks have a dual layer moisture removal system, ensuring your feet are always dry.

These socks are primarily intended for running, but they’re just as fantastic for any outdoor activity, hobby or sports.

Drymax cold weather run crew socks are made in US, and premium materials make them one of the best running socks you can find on the market.

18 reviews for Drymax Cold Weather Running Socks

  1. Rachael

    I’m typically not one to bother writing product reviews, but I am so impressed with these socks that I feel it’s necessary. I bought these socks for a trail race in Idaho, anticipating that it would be a chilly day. It ended up snowing 6″ – surprise! Despite the weather, these socks kept my feet comfortable and warm through the entire race. Even when they got wet in stream crossings, they quickly wicked the water away and stayed warm. I’d highly recommend them for any cold weather running.

  2. Jared Hageman

    I use these for running in very cold and sometimes wet weather. They do a good job of keeping my feet warm, even if I submerge them in slush. Very good product!

  3. Alex

    I use these when I run in sub 30 degree weather. I have used these down into the single digits, not including windchill. They are thick, and you will notice they are thick. They do a good job at blocking the wind on the top of the foot, and they are ok at keeping the toes warm. Unfortunately there is only so much you can do to keep your feet warm in the cold with just running shoes and socks.

    Obviously the warmth you will get from the various temps is based off the time you are running, water/snow, and your own ability to handle lower temperatures. They are definitely warmer than my normal running socks. The socks have about 3 layers of material.

    All in all, if you run in the cold, get a pair.

  4. Joshua R

    I really needed a pair during the winter of great “harsh conditions” socks and these guys really do the trick. I ran with them in a snowstrom in shorts and they totally kept me warm and dry.

  5. Customer

    I bought these socks with the intention of wearing them for running in the cold weather. They are warm, but they’re just a little too bulky to wear with my running shoes. They’re perfect with my snow boots, but they make the fit on my running shoes too tight to wear for running.

  6. Customer

    Where to begin? I wasn’t in love with spending more than $5 for one pair of socks, but I figured I’d give it a shot. Running is hard enough. Running in Michigan winters is even harder. Running through melting snow just down right sucks, but not with these bad boys. I ran through puddles of melted snow. Sure my feet got wet, but they didn’t get cold. It was amazing. My feet felt wet for about 30 seconds and then back to nice and warm until the next puddle. I will never go out winter running without these socks.

  7. Lisa Mitchell

    These socks rock! I have issues with the cold. Serious issues. If it’s below 70 degrees, I am cold….especially in my hands and feet. I ordered these for my trip to Washington State as I knew I would be outside running and snow was predicted. The socks arrived on time and have been fabulous! I have worn them everyday in temperatures in the teens and running through calf-deep powder. They are amazing. I was just thinking that I should have ordered more so I didn’t have to wash them every day. Super happy with this purchase.

  8. Cynical Whiskey

    Warm, dry and comfy. I wear these for bicycle riding in the winter and they do a great job keeping my feet warm and when I take them off, they are mostly dry; even after hours of hitting the trails.

  9. Barbara B

    Good socks. They keep my feet dry and warm while running. At first I was unsure because of how thick they are, but they work just fine in my running shoes.

  10. MTS

    These deliver a nice balance of warmth, wicking and comfort. Not too bulky, but heavier and thicker than featherweight socks that are commonly used by runners… but I have found them to be perfect when used with any sneakers that are not very tight. Glad I found them based on positive (accurately so) reviews here.

  11. Michelle T.

    I purchased these specifically for running in the cold and through the snow. They are fantastic for this purpose— even if I trudge in the snow for miles, and step in a puddle or two, my feet are never cold (save for a minute or so after I’ve stepped in a cold puddle). They keep my feet relatively dry and definitely warm (and to be clear, my shoes are regular old running shoes with lots of mesh). I am so glad I made this purchase!

  12. D. Cornell

    Temperatures in the teens and feet were comfortable. Seams are no bother. These socks have an unusual texture, sort of stiff, but once they are put on it works. Being a winter sock they are naturally a little thicker so if your shoes are snug these would be too much. I am very pleased with the comfort and have no complaints.

  13. Sceptic

    I bought the socks for individuals that have wool allergies. They found them warmer than wearing two pairs of cotton athletic socks and didn’t feel to tight while wearing shoes, work boots and ski boots. They also reported that the socks dried quickly. While not as warm as a pair of alpaca socks I purchased I felt the Drymax socks were more durable for heavy use while working in cold weather.

  14. sharmon

    I have Raynaud’s syndrome and run outside year around. These keep my feet warm and don’t over heat. Great product.

  15. Dale Carr

    Great socks! if shoe is tight you should move up 1/2 size to allow room.

  16. Leighanne Lacy

    I had the privilege of using these during the winter and spring here in Wisconsin. These socks are phenomenally warm and do an excellent job of staying dry. I stepped in puddles in below freezing days whilst wearing triathlon shoes (big mesh openings on the toe) and my feet stayed dry and warm. I would highly recommend these to anyone who runs/hikes/skis/whatever in cold and wet climates or to anyone who wants warm, dry feet in cold weather. I’m really glad I got 2 pairs. I only gave this 4 stars because of the price. It’s not bad, but I’m a broke college student.

  17. aaron lang

    Put them to the test. zero weather ice fishing and even with running around drilling holes and setting up equipment and chasing tip ups these socks kept my feet warm and dry.

  18. C. Bailey

    bought this for winter running. Love the sock – feels a bit tight at first, but that didn’t cause any problems, doesn’t rub in any spot and does a great job of wicking away moisture. So far seems to be holding up to multiple washing etc.

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