Heat Holders Winter Thermal Socks

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Heat Holders are the ultimate thermal socks. They are carefully constructed from high quality materials and unique manufacturing processes to keep your feet warmer and more comfortable than ever. They are seven times warmer than regular cotton socks and will keep the cold away even in harshest conditions!

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Heat Holders are described as the ultimate thermal socks. For any cold day or night, inside or outside, thermal socks by Heat Holders will keep your feet warmer than ever.

Heat Holders’ thermal socks are constructed from high quality materials: 91% acrylic, 5% nylon, 3% polyester, and 1% elastane. They are constructed from specially developed thermal yarn which provides extreme insulation against the cold, while allowing your feet to breathe. In addition these thermal socks also have unique cushioning holding in even more warm air.

Heat Holders are approximately seven times warmer than basic cotton socks. They are extremely comfortable due to special brushing process used on the inside, and will keep your feet warm throughout the day.

These thermal socks fully machine washable and very durable. They are 11″ high and 2″ wide, and are available in dozens of colors and patterns to suit anyone’s taste.

For extreme warmth consider wearing them alongside electric socks and you’ll be amazed at the results.

14 reviews for Heat Holders Winter Thermal Socks

  1. Dan Helms

    Arrived on time, in good condition, functions as described. Superb for even extremely cold weather. Excellent materials, very high quality. Note: The great qualities of these socks depends on the finely-brushed interior lining, which can deteriorate with use and also with washing. Take extra care to wash them delicately to prolong their lifespan.

  2. Customer

    So warm and the inside lining is so soft! My mom was visiting and borrowed my pair. She loved them so much, she got her own! They also hold up well to washing. Great buy!

  3. C Blackburn

    Love these socks. I am pre-diabetic and have trouble w neuropathy, and I find these socks very comfy And keep my feet nice and toasty! I will be buying a second pair. Only reason I gave them four stars was, after washing they “pill” (I think that’s the right word), so I spend a few minutes removing the pulling after each wash.

  4. Steve Mont

    Very comfortable and extremely soft socks, generous size for a size 13 foot. The interior has a kind of furry material lining which makes the socks very thick and warm in the cold. Only compliant is that they’re a little too breathable for intense winds. I wear these while riding a bike and the wind at riding speed still bites at my toes unless I layer with another sock under. I could also see the breathability as a selling point for some people whose feet might sweat in wool or something, but for someone looking for extreme wind protection I would say these will fall a little short. But for just protection from the cold these are great. Would recommend.

  5. Customer

    Keeps my feet feeling toasty no matter what. I have neuropathy in my feet from injury and they are always cold. These socks even help improve circulation for me! Now I just need a pair of gloves that work as well.

  6. Eranos

    These must be the best winter socks I purchased in my entire life.
    I usually buy socks from local stores and supermarkets, always to be disappointed by their quality – but continue to use them anyway.

    I’m soon going on vacation in a very cold climate and I KNOW I made the best choice with these.
    Inserting you leg inside feels like that feeling when you go to a pet store and pet the fluffiest animals there without the ability to stop.

  7. Fred Rosenthal

    These socks are really hot. They look like conventional black socks but they’re not. These things will start cooking your feet almost instantly. And they’re also comfortable.

  8. Customer

    I have bought so many pairs of these. For Christmas I bought some for everyone in my family. I don’t think I could face winter without them. I use them for work and for home. My father has a problem with his feet swelling and these are the only socks that he wants to wear now.

  9. KBC

    Absolute best socks ever. My feet freeze no matter what. I have not been in the cold in 18 years and am stuck on a construction project in Maine. They have made this winter tolerable as they actually do keep my feet warm. (I have put an additional cotton boot sock under them and wear water proof LL Bean Boots). This is a first for me! Highly Recommend and I have bought several pair.

  10. J. Mase

    Such wonderful, warm and comfortable socks. I used to be a fan of 100% wool and they do work, but these are warmer and can be machine washed and dried and don’t shrink or mat.

  11. f+c

    These are so thick and soft! Perfect for keeping our feet warm all day while working outdoors in the winter. These are similar to a brand we have bought previously in the store, and we’ve loved them. The one thing to consider if you are going to wear these with boots is the thickness. They are quite plush and thick and could cause shoes/boots to feel tight. Otherwise they are great for keeping feet warm and highly recommended.

  12. tomatobob

    These socks are great and keep my toes warm. They slip on and off easily, yet stay where they should on my feet. They’ve stood up well to washing in cool water, and the wife has let them dry with no heat. If they continue to stand up so well, I’ll buy another pair.

  13. Chris Lutkins

    These socks are the warmest socks on the market! I originally heard about these from my buddy and I went out and bought them. They are perfect for hunting and skiing. Really anytime it is cold these a perfect to have. The socks are very soft on the inside. In fact my wife ended up stealing these from me because they are so warm and she is always cold. These are a must have for winter!

  14. Nick

    Nice and warm for sure! I didn’t expect them to be as thick as they are, so they make your shoes feel really tight when wearing them. Otherwise, these socks are super toasty, and they are quite fun to slip and slide with them on bare floors :p

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