HotHands Fleece Mittens with Chemical Warmer Pockets

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HotHands fleece mittens with chemical warmer pockets will easily keep your hands toasty warm in cold weather. These mittens are made of fleece, and combined with HotHands chemical warmers will keep your hands hot for hours.

HotHands heated fleece mittens can be used for any activity or hobby in the cold. Disposable chemical warmers are sold separately.

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HotHands fleece mittens with chemical warmer pockets are a very convenient way to keep your hands and fingers toasty warm in freezing temperature. Warm fleece material combined with chemical warmers is enough to keep even chronically cold hands warm.

HotHands fleece mittens come with integrated pockets designed to hold HotHands chemical warmers. Chemical warmers are made from natural materials and are perfectly safe to use. As soon as they’re exposed to air, a chemical reaction will enable them to generate heat for over 8 hours.

HotHands heated fleece mittens are comfortable and convenient for most activities in the cold. If you need to keep your hands toasty warm for hours during sports, hiking, camping or any other activity or hobby, HotHands fleece mittens with chemical warmer pockets will do the job well.

5 reviews for HotHands Fleece Mittens with Chemical Warmer Pockets

  1. Michael Hazard

    Wish it was covered with a wind resistant outer layer to improve heat retention. Just doesn’t hold heat very well but a lot cheaper than the $200 option, battery heated mittens I found.

  2. Susan J. Kreye

    Live in Minnesota and you never know what the weather will be like when golfing season starts in April and ends in November. I purchased the Heat Max Heated Mittens a number of weeks ago and have worn them many times. The heat packs keep my hands toasty warm, I only wish that they could be pushed up on my wrists when I am hitting the ball rather than taking them off and leaving them on the cart. I worry that I will lose them.

  3. KH

    The handwarmers fit well in the mittens. The mittens were big enough for the hands but not bulky or slippery. Better than keeping handwarmers in pants/jacket pockets

  4. hilltop mom

    This mitten with the special pouch for hand warmers suits my needs perfectly. The warmth provided through the mitten from the hand warmer keeps my fingertips toasty warm and allows me to shovel snow in bitter cold temperatures.

  5. willige

    I wear these over my golf gloves and they keep my fingers warm. They are fleece mittens with a pocket for the heat packets

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