HotHands Knit Cap with Chemical Warmer Pockets

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HotHands knit cap with chemical warmer pockets is perfect for everyday use in cold weather. Two integrated pockets are designed to hold HotHands body or hand warmers for hours of continuous heating.

HotHands heated cap can be used for any activity or hobby in the cold. Disposable chemical warmers are sold separately.

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HotHands knit cap has integrated chemical warmer pockets. These pockets are designed specifically to use with HotHands products.

HotHands knit cap offers standard warmth and protection you’d expect from a knit cap. Sewn pockets are designed to hold two standard-sized HotHands chemical warmers. Pockets are located above your ears, providing excellent heating in the place where it’s needed most.

HotHands knit cap with chemical warmer pockets can easily be used without warmers for everyday use. When you need extra warmth placing two chemical warmers can provide from 8-12 hours of warmth.

When the temperature drops to freezing levels, HotHands products are reliable and convenient. Simple exposure to air is enough to warm them up. This knit cap is excellent for regular use, but also perfect for fishing, hunting, skiing, outdoor sports or any other activity or hobby in the cold.

7 reviews for HotHands Knit Cap with Chemical Warmer Pockets

  1. Mary

    My son plays college baseball in upstate NY. This hat is a godsend when it’s freezing cold at the games.

  2. Petmom

    I use Hothands hand warmers every cold winter day, so this cap appealed to me. It is a nice soft, comfy knit, but not particularly warm. The pockets that hold the warmers won’t stay in place over my ears. That sort of defeats the purpose. If you don’t mind repeatedly pulling the pockets into place, I guess you might like it. I now just use it, without the warmers, when it’s not so brutally cold.

  3. Steven Frederiksen

    It runs on the big side. So know that. And it could be a little tighter knitted. But it is what it is. You can get the same result from a regular beanie and putting the Warmers in it.

  4. Pumpkin

    The quality of the material is ok. Not very warm. I did like that it held the hot hands in pockets by your ears. If I needed a basic knit cap I would not buy this one. I would go with one that was thicker and better made.

  5. Nathan S

    Soft comfortable knitted cap. It will become your favorite. And that’s even without the hot hand pads that make it toasty warm. I love it. And now I’m walking more outside, even with the colder weather.

  6. Marco Rodriguez

    When I first got this product i gotta say i was kinda really dissapointed, its way larger than i thought and its kinda flimsy feeling (its the knitting). BUT i really only bought this because i needed a warm hat to wear for hunting and of course it had to be blaze orange, and this is actually better than what i would’ve wanted, because I wore my regular super warm hat and this hat fits over pretty much any hat you own and keeps you pretty warm and it comes with the little hot hands holders. So the way i see it, its worth the price in conjunction with another hat! its a perfect knit cap to put over baseball caps or beanies or w/e.

  7. Kristen

    The heatmax hand warmers work as described. Just shake up the little pouches and keep them in your pocket about 30 minutes and really feel them heat up. Then just place in the side cap pockets and your done. It does emit heat for 10 hours.

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