HotHands Body & Hand Super Warmer

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“Super Warmers” are larger size than regular hand warmers by HotHands, and last twice as long. These warmers are perfect for full-day activities in the cold and will generate up to 18 hours of heat.

Package includes 40 hand & body warmers.

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HotHands body and hand warmers are perfect for times when you need long-lasting heat. Whether it’s fishing, hiking, cycling or just plowing snow, these warmers will keep you toasty for up to 18 hours.

“Super Warmers” are larger size than regular hand warmers by HotHands, and last twice as long. Warmers are made from natural materials perfectly safe for use on any part of the body. They come in special packaging, and when opened will start to heat up immediately after coming into contact with air.

With approximate dimensions of 4.5×3.5 inches, the warmers can be placed in your pocket, boots or gloves. As long as they’re exposed to air they will generate heat.

Package includes 40 hand and body warmers.

12 reviews for HotHands Body & Hand Super Warmer

  1. Carly

    Retains heat for hours. When I’ve used hand warmers in the past, I noticed that they tend to lose heat after a few hours. These stayed hot for almost an entire 24 hours. I was so impressed with how warm these hand warmers got, and they truly stay at that same level of heat for the entire 18 hours (as advertised). The size is also perfect, it can keep your entire hand warm. I will definitely be purchasing them again.

  2. COHikerGirl

    I teach Wilderness Survival for the Colorado Mountain Club, and these are what I hand out when I take students into the field. I prefer the much longer-lasting heat these offer, and their bigger size is more effective in warming a cold butt, a cold core, or to effectively heat someone under their armpits. Since I don’t care for sweaty feet (as you’ll get from using the small toe- or finger-warmers), I like to tuck these into the socks around the ankles for students whose footwear has proven insufficient, which seems to work better, anyway. Of the available options in chemical warmers, these are my favs.

  3. Ginny

    They do exactly what they’re supposed to – keep my hands warm!! I also use them to help ease pain I have in various parts of my body from arthritis. I am amazed at how long they hold their heat! If I use one at night for my pain, it’s still warm to the touch in the morning.

  4. Scouter

    Took about 10 mins to warm up but did work after you shake them up to get them activated. If you leave them on the open air they will not get warm but if you can keep them in your pocket, sleeping bag or where ever they do a really good job and will last the 12-18 hours. I bought two cases of these and I would buy them again.

  5. Titus from Texas

    I take them out of the pack 20 minutes before I start exercising. They typically don’t warm up until 10 minutes after I start exercising, so it takes about 30 minutes to get really warm. I’ve had them stay warm 8 hours after I took them out of the pack.

    The are big, big enough to cover my entire hand. I have a feeling their large size is what also causes them to take longer to warm up. More material in the pack requires a longer activation time for the chemicals to react with the oxygen in the air.

  6. Suyang

    The heat can really last for a long time(about 12 hours, I did not really count). But the worst part of this is that it can not be put fixed on any part of your body, and if you use other things to fasten it (like I used a scarf to fasten it on my knee), it will be TOOOOO HOT TO USE. I know the product says it should not be used overnight, but it’s just frustrated trying use it to relieve your pain but you can only wear them for about two hours (also a waste for its long lasting heating time). I guess it is true that they are only for hands

  7. girlfriend11

    These are not the small hand warmers, so check the dimensions. Also, they are VERY hot! If you are planning to slide them inside your gloves or mittens, you may need to use a glove liner. I rate them highly, because the cold really bothers my hands and these work for many hours and give me plenty of heat.

  8. C. R. M.

    I bought these for winter golf on days when my hands are cold. They work very well and last longer than the regular HotHand hand warmers. I would recommend these for anyone working out doors or someone who engages in wintertime outdoor activitive.

  9. Susan Rae

    I have been using these in a dog house where I have a stray cat staying. The temps have been between 0 and 25 for two weeks, but keeping her warm in her little house. I put a couple of these warmers under her blanket late every night and they are still warm in the morning. Great!!

  10. Robert L. King

    These really, really work and I will definitely be using these in all my cold weather work. I think I would prefer the smaller size though.

  11. Naomi Tesfamikael

    I ordered these for my boyfriend who works in the freezer at his job. He loves them! He said these were warm even after working 15 hour days. We have purchased this product so many times that we have lost count!

  12. Sparks

    These hot packs are HUGE. I got these to fit in my kids gloves and ski boots and they are way too big so basically unusable.

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