Tough Headwear’s Thermal Skull Cap Beanie

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Tough Headwear’s thermal skull cap is a quality made beanie or helmet liner with lifetime warranty. You can choose from a regular beanie, ponytail version, or beanie with a face mask included.

This flexible, lightweight and comfortable product will keep you warm in everyday activities.

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This skull cap or beanie is great for any cold weather. You can wear it as-is, or under a helmet. Excellent way to keep your head warm during cycling, riding a motorcycle, skiing, running, working out or playing sports.

Tough Headwear’s thermal skull cap beanie is flexible, lightweight and very comfortable. Breathable materials will keep the sweat away, and brushed lining will provide heat retention. Beanie also covers your ears well, and 89% polyester and 11% spandex blend ensures it fits any head.

TH’s skull cap beanie comes in three variations. First is a regular skull cap or helmet liner, great for everyday use or under a motorcycle, cycling or football helmets. Second variation is the same skull cap but with a pony tail opening.

Third variation of this thermal beanie comes with a face mask attached, able to keep your ears, nose and mouth fully covered. The ninja look will make you look great but also keep you warmer. It’s not as warm as Ergodyne’s N-Ferno balaclava which is better suited for extreme temperatures, but will do the job well in above freezing temperatures.

To top it all off, this thermal skull cap has a lifetime warranty so you can rest assured it’s quality made and will keep your warm for many winters.

11 reviews for Tough Headwear’s Thermal Skull Cap Beanie

  1. N. S. Murali

    Most comfortable hiking and biking cap for winter weather. Light, padded where needed and allows wearing helmet without hassles.

  2. Xavier S.

    Purchased for the exact reason it was made. Added to my winter commuting gear. Fit my large head great. Covers the tips of my ears to help keep them from going numb. I Like the reflective mountain logo, that was a nice touch. I’m happy with my purchase.

  3. Rose Lane

    This fits and appears to be durable, but it is no good if you plan on wearing it under a properly fitting helmet. Too thick. You can get the helmet on, but it will be way too tight. So I will keep it to wear under an adjustable ball cap or something like that, but won’t work for my intended use.

  4. Customer

    Pony tail has to set low in order to be able to wear. I normally wear my ponytail high. If you wear your ponytail low, it should be fine.

  5. D. Oliver

    I bought this as a helmet liner. I wear a large AFX FX-17 helmet. It is the design with the ear flaps. In the past, I used Helmet Sliks. I liked Helmet Sliks, but I don’t think they are made anymore. So far I’ve been impressed with this helmet liner. It fits me perfectly and helps my helmet slide over my ears. Plus, it will help absorb perspiration and keep my new helmet from smelling bad. The seams don’t bother my head, but I don’t have a shaved head either. I will probably buy another one to swap out while washing.

  6. Glen Williams

    Well made, comfortable, fully covers ears and drops to my brow in front. Also, doesn’t leave massive seam indentations on my forhead like most other helmet liners I’ve tried. Out of 4-5 different liners I’ve tried, this is by far the best.

  7. DB

    Bought this had to go under a ski helmet for an upcoming ski trip. I haven’t yet worn it on the slopes, but wore it around outside in 18 degree weather and it was very warm. I usually fit a small/medium size baseball hat with a 21 5/8 in circumference. This is a little large in that I have some bunching at the top of the hat and it doesn’t fit flush against my head, but it is still very warm and I like that it has a place for my ponytail and will still wear.

    I like that it is small enough to pack into a small space which makes it great for fitting into a suitcase when I already have bulky ski gear.

  8. Runner girl

    Love this hat! It’s not heavy and bulky like normal winter hats. It’s very light and the fleece is very soft. I wore it for a four mile run the other day and it didn’t make my head hot at all! Definitely the best running hat I’ve ever had!

  9. Brian

    Fit perfectly and kept my head nice and warm in addition to shielding my ears from the cold wind. I pretty much forgot it was on as I rode with it. Pretty much can’t get any better.

  10. Electronics Whiz

    This is great for outside winter exercising — I’m using it both for biking (under a helmet) and for running. Warm, yet lightweight and not a bother.

  11. Mickey Finn

    I like this thing much more than I thought. Its super soft, but still stays on my head when I take my ski helmet off. It covers my ears in a way my helmet just doesn’t. My ears stay warm despite the fabric being fairly thin. The price was good and it works better than expected. What more can you ask for? The only think I can think of that MIGHT be a future issue is that this fabric is so thin and soft aggressive wear might damage it, but I have no evidence that would happen. Also, at this price point buy another if it wears out years later.

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