Ergodyne N-Ferno Wind Resistant Balaclava

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High-quality wind resistant balaclava will keep your entire head warm in harsh winter conditions. Protect your face and neck with a full face mask during cold and windy days! Perfect for any outdoor activity including skiing, cycling, or even shoveling the snow.

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Ergodyne N-Ferno is a fully wind-resistant balaclava designed to keep your head and face warm during harsh weather conditions.

This high-quality fleece headmask will keep your head from feeling the cold and is perfect for skiing, hunting, motorcycling, snowboarding, hiking, or any other outdoor activity.

N-Ferno is made from flexible fleece with additional wind-resistant fabric covering your nose and neck. It’s perfectly designed to keep pockets of warm air in critical places, while still being very breathable and keeping cold air away from your skin.

Ergodyne’s N-Ferno balaclava provides full coverage warmth, protecting your face, nose, mouth and neck. The mask can be worn multiple ways. It can cover your full face and neck and leave only eyes open for maximum cold protection. You can also unhinge the front cover in a second to keep your nose, mouth or entire face exposed.

It has flexible uses and will allow you to adapt to the conditions instantly. You can also wear this face mask comfortably under a hat, skiing or motorcycle helmet, or goggles. It’s universal size, stretchable, very comfortable, and most importantly warm.

Comes in black, gray and lime colors.

18 reviews for Ergodyne N-Ferno Wind Resistant Balaclava

  1. Mocnozama

    I purchased this as a gift for a family member, to use when plowing snow. It was purchased with a set of ski goggles, and fit comfortably with the goggles, with no issues of viability and no issue of ‘sealing’ of the goggles when worn together.

    After a few weeks of use, he reported it to be comfortable and very warm, with the exception of the top of the head–which I attribute to this being designed to wear with a ski helmet. The lack of warmth at the top of the head is easily fixed with a watch cap during periods of extreme cold.

  2. Bob

    I have never owned a balaclava previous to this one so can’t make a direct comparison to other brands. But what I can tell you is that I get to hot in this balaclava. I commute via bicycle in winter and have been using this for a little over a month now, daily. I have a 20-ish minute commute. I often keep the mouth/nose covering around my neck. Even on days that have been below zero degrees, I do not use the mouth covering during my entire commute because it just gets to hot inside of there (which is a good thing). The material is very thin yet keeps me extremely warm. The only downside is that when I keep the full covering around my neck instead of the nose/mouth, it causes my ears to come just a little bit revealed so I get a breeze on them.

    Cheap price, very warm, and easy to pull the nose/mouth covering down to the neck while keeping the head covered.

  3. John M.

    I just finished wearing this for 5 hours in the cold on watch. I am in the United Stated Navy and find myself continuously buying more layers to stand the harsh weather, and as light and thin as this is it helped a ton. Could be a bit thicker for added warmth but I am pleased with this product. Also the cap and face are stitched in a way so you can easily wear it multiple ways. I can keep the entire mask on and simply and comfortably move the mouth piece below my chin and drink/eat when needed while still havng my ears and scalp covered. Also when wearing it and placing the mask below your chin there is minimal pressure and virtually no discomfort towards you neck,chin or mouth.

    Pleased all and all.

  4. M. Hewitt

    I love this balaclava. I’ve had a few but have always had a lot of gripes. I’m using this one for skiing and snowboarding. It is super warm but not thick enough to change the fit of my helmet. The face part hinges down so that on warmer days I can pull the front down and wear it more like a scarf. On really cold days I can pull it up and cover my nose and mouth completely. It has a breathing vent that keeps moisture from building up inside. Overall I rate it Awesome.

  5. CD

    Ok, so you look like a ninja, but you are warm. Pulled the face mask over my cheeks and put goggles on the cloth so the wind (-20 C) would not give me frost bite. I was warm and it is easier to cut in line at the lift when people think you are a Ninja Warrior.

  6. NYBookLover

    Excellent for keeping out the cold and wind! My son works for a solar company, and given that we live in New York, he is not only working on rooftops, but often working in the bitter cold. This mask does a super job keeping his skin covered and protected from the elements, and the fact that the top folds back down if he gets warm but still wants to keep his face covered, is terrific. This has prevented him from getting windburn in near zero temps and 30-40mph winds. I’m extremely happy with how well this works, and would highly recommend this!

  7. Goats

    I wear glasses, and most winter masks hurt my face when they press my glasses to hard and close on my nose, but this mask is different. It is hinged, so I can make adjustments to it while wearing it to make it more comfortable while doing my chores or walking the dog. I’m glad I discovered it. It is warm enough on my face when the wind is blowing, which it does a lot here in Iowa. For my head, I put up my hood over this mask because the top part of the mask is not warm enough in sub-zero temps or in the wind. It’s a great winter accessory.

  8. Steven V.

    Love this balclava I wear it everyday at work.I am a commercial window installer on high rise buildings.and when your 400 feet in the air on the edge of a building and it’s 30 degrees outside and the wind is blowing this hood keeps you head nice and warm.absolutely love how it hinges in the middle so you can pull the top and bottom up/down without effecting the top/ bottom

  9. JB

    I live in central Ohio and purchased this product to wear why I shovel the driveway. The wind can be very strong at times and this protects my face from windburn, while keeping me warm. I have utilized this product roughly five (5) times now with no complaints. Keeps me warm and dry! Depending on how hard you are working, you could work up a light sweat, so I just pull the mask down a little or the top piece upward. I have a smaller to average head size and it fits me well! Seems true to the one size fits all.

  10. Nerses

    I bought this before going on a trip to Canada during the winter, it was easily the most useful thing i purchased for my trip. I used it daily and it performed better than i expected. The mesh around the mouth area was perfect for not letting my glasses fog up during use. I also like that you can use it as a scarf, face mask, or fully on. because sometimes I didn’t need my head covered. Overall a great product that I would highly recommend to anyone.

  11. M-Callahan

    Really like this product. Wouldn’t suggest wearing it anywhere near a bank, but for cold-weather running it works great. I put on a colorful beanie over it to lighten up the mood, and subsequently make me look less frightening to passerbyers. Functionality wise…it works like a charm and prevents me from having labored breathing. 🙂

  12. Blake

    I’ve used quite a few masks like this and this is the best. You can wear it with the face part down and the top up like a regular cap, you can wear it with just the face part up, or obviously with it all and they’re all great. The only minor complaint is it would be really nice if the top was a bit thicker. I simply put another cap o over it if it’s cold enough though.

  13. Customer

    This is the best purchase I’ve made for winter. You won’t freeze your face off and it looks awesome. I really like the hinged functionality so that you can go into a store without them thinking you are robbing the place. If you want to keep your face, ears, and your sinuses from freezing, buy this balaclava.

  14. Moshland

    I have used this a few times in below freezing (0-32 F) temps with even colder wind chills and it has kept me warm. It is very soft and easy to breathe while wearing. It is comfortable enough to forget it’s on. Just don’t wear it with all black clothes and a heavy weighted black vest for exercising or people might look at you funny. Do they think I’m a ninja?

  15. Skyler Henry

    Bought this because it looks awesome. It performs about as as awesome as it looks. It’s quite warm and allows easy breathing through the mesh material in the front around your mouth and nose and still keeps you warm. My only complaint, like others is after wearing it for sometime it begins to hurt your nose just a little bit. (depends on your noses size) I wore it non stop for at least 3 hours out in the lovely Indiana Snow storm (our last one) Plowing the drive on the four wheeler and never one did my face get cold. (it was close to 0 degrees) So all in all a good product.

  16. Elle

    I’m in Finland and it’s cold as balls and this thing has Been a life saver for me. Protects ur neck ur face and ur head. Obviously u need to wear a hat too but I’m so glad I bought it. At time when its not too cold I would have to pull it down to breath better but then had to pull it back up. I like how it’s fleece.

  17. Nate

    I really like this balaclva it works great, it has kept me warm in below zero conditions here in Minnesota, it does not feel constrictive or too loose like some balaclavas — my only complaint is that sometimes it is too warm to wear and to be comfortable when it is too warm (15+ Degrees F w\ no wind is probably too warm for me to wear this).

  18. Aden

    This is one of the best balaclavas I’ve ever bought. The mesh screen over the mouth area makes it easier to breath, but still gives your some protection from the wind and cold. By far the best feature it the fold-down hood/beanie. If you get to warm, or if you go inside and want to get it off, just fold down the top and scrunch the whole thing up like a scarf until you need it again.

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