ThreeLeaf Rechargeable Hand Warmer

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ThreeLeaf rechargeable hand warmer is the perfect way to keep your hands and fingers toasty warm in cold. Powerful battery will keep the device generating heat for up to 10 hours.

ThreeLeaf hand warmer is excellent for camping, watching football games, jogging, commuting to work, or many other hobbies and activities in freezing temperatures. Device can also be used to charge a cell phone.

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ThreeLeaf rechargeable hand warmer is the perfect way to keep your hands and fingers toasty warm in cold. This device is very useful for watching sports, hiking, camping or other outdoor activities, but equally useful for indoors use in home or office.

ThreeLeaf hand warmer is able to keep your hands warmed for up to 10 hours. Powerful high-capacity 7800mAh battery can keep your hands from freezing for almost half a day. This warmer has heating on both sides. This means you can hold it with both hands and keep them warmed.

Device is charged via USB cable. You can plug it into any laptop or computer, and charging takes 3-4 hours. USB cable is included with the product.

ThreeLeaf’s warmer is easy to power up with a single button. You can also control heating it generates by selecting one of three preset temperature levels: low (100-107°F), medium (110-120°F), and high (120-130°F).

Like most electric hand warmers on the market, ThreeLeaf’s can also be used as a power bank or portable battery. High capacity battery is enough to charge an average Samsung or iPhone twice!

10 hours of warmth is enough for a fun day hiking or camping, and you can finally do it without freezing hands. ThreeLeaf rechargeable hand warmer is a very useful device for anyone living or working in cold weather.

10 reviews for ThreeLeaf Rechargeable Hand Warmer

  1. Customer

    Works good, got this for outdoor sporting events and deer hunting season. Has kept my fingers toasty.

  2. Lori JE

    I’m pleasantly surprised at how much I like this little device. It warms up very fast and I think if kept on the low setting, should last the better part of a day. Just the thing to keep in one’s pocket when out in the snow for the day. I like that it is rechargeable and reusable. I’m not a fan of throwaway items.

  3. Davis S.

    Works like a champ. Heats up very fast. It is very comfortably sized and perfect temperature choices from chilly restaurants to winter outings. My wife and daughter love it. I should also mention that I bought a giant 10,000 mAh heater for myself which absolutely fails along side this little thing. Mine is heavy, slow, ridiculously sized and doesn’t reach half the temperature of this one. I will be buying more of these little warmers in the future

  4. J. M.

    A little large for small hands, but works great. I have one, & gave another as a gift to a family member with Reynaud’s.

  5. Mary Falcone

    Good, but wish it got a bit warmer

  6. Customer

    nice gadget. This is a christmas present for my boyfriend and me. He always complains I have cold hands in winter and after playing computer games. I don’t have the cold hand problem after having this with me

  7. P. Green

    I love this hand warmer! I slip it into my pocket and it keeps me warm when I am walking my dog on those cold Wisconsin mornings. The heat lasts a long time. I only recharge it about once a week and I use it almost daily.

  8. Jeffrey Wilbert

    My wife loves this thing, she is a massage therapist and naturally her hands are cold all the time so she uses this to warm up her hands before she ‘s about to massage a client. It lasts her all day easily and it has the bonus of functioning as a portable charging device for your phone or table or any other device.

  9. NKJ

    Liked the warmer. The cord was too short and a electric plug should have been part of the package. It is great for warming hands.

  10. redfox

    Tragically, I use this to keep my hands from getting chilled and stiff in an over-cooled office. It works great! I keep it in my sweatshirt pocket or hold it in my hands while thinking, and it keeps my whole body from getting cold. May have to take this thing on the road when winter comes! 🙂

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