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Zippo Heatbank is an electric hand warmer that combines Zippo’s brand of quality products with the convenience and technology of modern age. This electric hand warmer will keep your hands heated for up to 9 hours on a single charge.

This USB-powered rechargeable hand warmer can also be used as a portable battery for other USB devices like phones and tablets. Great for camping, road trips, or the usual day at the office.

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Zippo HeatBank is an electric hand warmer, a very convenient product to keep yourself warm in winter. This small and light device can easily keep your hands warm in cold weather during jogging, hiking, watching sports, or other events and activities.

This rechargeable electric hand warmer provides up to 9 hours of heating with its 5200 mAh li-ion battery. Zippo hand warmer has 5 heating levels up to 120°F (50°C). Heating is on both sides, so you can warm both of your hands at the same time.

Battery and heat indicator lights on Zippo’s hand heater will show you the power level. Power button makes it easy to control temperature at any time based on your needs and preferences.

Zippo electric hand warmer can also be used as a power bank unit to charge your phone or other device via USB cable.

Product comes in silver and green colors. It’s sleek-looking, warms up quickly, and will keep your hands toasty warm during any hobby or activity.

20 reviews for Zippo Electric Hand Warmer

  1. Charlie

    This is an initial review. Out of the box, the device was easy to charge and operate, and it gives off surprising amounts of heat on either setting. I love the dual function of also being able to use it for phone charging in an emergency. As an American product, the instruction manual is written in proper English, and is easy to read and use. This is a very cool little item and an excellent stocking stuffer for outdoors people, or bus commuters and others who are likely to have cold hands.

  2. Jesse Walker

    I really enjoy this, for what it is. It’s great for keeping your hands warm when you have/get to spend a couple hours outside in freezing temps (not certain it would last all day, but the heat output was reasonable). Backup power for the phone makes this a dual-purpose device, and worth keeping around for sure in the wintertime.

  3. Neal Reynolds

    Cold weather is arriving here in Indiana, and I’m thankful for this Zippo hand warmer. It’ll be a real life saver as temperatures here drop. It’s easily rechargeable. If you’re in country that gets really cold during the winter, this then is for you.

  4. Sheryl L. Katz

    This is actually fairly decent quality, not just a cheap throwaway. Its nice to have in you pocket on a cold day. Feels good to hold it. It’s handy to have as a spare charger. It came almost fully charged.

  5. Maxwell Edison

    My hands are on the large size and I find this warmer easy to hold. I work outside most of the day, and I’ve tested this warmer on three consecutive days where the temperature was just above freezing. This is not big or powerful enough to really warm your hands on a very cold day. At the highest setting, it does get rather warm, almost hot, but once you put it between your cold hands, your hands will cool it down as much as it will heat up your hands. Still, it’s better than nothing. (It starts to warm up quickly but it doesn’t seem to reach peak warmth until it’s been on for around 10 minutes.)

    It charges quickly and it does have a USB port that will charge a smallish device to use in an emergency or for any short period of time. Since it doesn’t really keep its heat long and because it’s kind of expensive for what you get, I can’t give this warmer a rating above average.

  6. AmandaGal

    The kidney bean shape is a little too large for my hands, and it’s a little large to fit in a pocket, but it does get pretty warm. I like that it can charge your phone. I was hoping for something I could slip in a pocket or my running belt, but this won’t do either. It would fit great in a backpack for hiking. It charges pretty fast, and it really does work for about six hours on a full charge. The battery goes down significantly faster if you’re charging your phone. It would be nice to have in your car in case of emergencies.

  7. loxnkeys

    Excellent warmer. Has good range of temps and is safer than the warmers that use lighter fluid. With it’s shape, if it had a flannel bag it would be perfect to place in the armpit to treat hypothermia.

  8. D. Sapphire

    I was very excited about this hand warmer, unfortunately it does not work all that well. if you have it in a pocket it will actually get pretty hot to the touch. however if you wrap a hand around it, your hand soaks in the heat so fast that the unit has a hard time keeping up. outdoor it will cool down with the slightest breeze. this hand warmer seems to be for indoor use only because is sure doesn’t work outside, especially if it’s slightly windy. very disappointing.

  9. Cooper3000

    I’ve suffered from frozen feet at night, not matter what I’ve tried. I turned one of the six hour ones on, threw it into the bottom of my sleeping g bag and it worked like a charm.

    I’ve also used them inside my midlayer pocket and it kept me warm on a sub freezing hike.

    I have also put them into my boots first thing in the am to get them warm.

    The only draw back is the metal is initially cold, but it only takes a few moments to warm up.

    It is worth the price I paid and I will continue to buy them.

  10. floyd2386

    Failed to perform at advertised specs. I suspected it wasn’t performing as advertised, so I gave it a test. I ended up only getting 3 hours and 43 minutes at the lowest level and 3 hours and 1 minute at the highest. I contacted Zippo and they sent me a replacement, that one had similar performance. Ended up getting a refund.

    I’m not sure if the problem is battery related or electronics, but I had 2 units from different sources both fail to live up to runtime expectations.

  11. David Nicholson

    Surprisingly hot for a battery powered unit. Lasts at least a couple of hours on hottest setting. I liked so much, I ordered a second unit when my wife confiscated the first. She loves them.

  12. Matt J Palubicki

    Easy to charge. Works well at cold winter sporting events.

  13. Customer

    I was super excited to try this out because my hands get super cold. Unfortunately, I’ll be returning this product.

    The biggest problem is that it doesn’t hold its heat. Even on the highest heat setting it’s barely hot—certainly no where near as hot as the disposable ones can get. Worse yet, once you pick it up, the heat that was there is completely gone almost immediately. It seriously feels like as soon as you grip it, it goes luke warm. You have to set it down and wait for it to heat back up a minute or two later, to yet again only get about 1 second of mild heat.

    The other big problem I have with it is that it’s huge. I do have small-ish hands and I can barely hold it comfortably. There are a lot of spots that are more comfortable to hold, like at the very top or bottom, but neither of those areas (nor any of the sides near the black seams) get any heat at all.

    I’m nitpicking at this point but the lights are also too bright, in my opinion, and the ports have no covers. It honestly just seems like a lazy, halfhearted gimmick product.

    Just all around disappointing for what looked like an awesome product. I’m not even going to bother seeing how it holds its charge. Not worth it.

    I hope someone can make a better version of this because I will buy it in a heartbeat. Make it hotter, smaller, and more sensible. Make it more expensive, I don’t care, as long as it does the job.

  14. P. Benincasa

    I’ve bought many different brands of these electric handwarmers and this one is one of the top picks. Holds the charge and lasts a good 4-6 hours based on setting level. It’s well made with a great feel. I wish it would heat up faster and have a more distinct feel among the heating levels. I would not have any reservations buying additional Zippo handwarmers.

  15. A. Gordon

    Not quite as warm as the Zippo hand warmer that takes the fluid, but not near as smelly and much more portable.

  16. Narek Israelyan

    This product checks so many boxes. The form factor is great (fits in your hand just right), is not too light or too heavy, battery life is fantastic especially compared to other hand warmers. The only problem – this device functions very poorly as a hand warmer. Even on the highest heat setting, if you grasp the hand warmer with cold hand it almost instantly becomes cool to the touch. The heat dissipates out of the device, and it does not become warm again unless you let go of the device and let it sit in your pocket for 10-15 seconds, and repeat the process. This is too annoying to do when you have frozen hands and doesn’t justify keeping the product for the other features.

  17. Antonella

    I bought two of these for my office, where they keep the AC always too cold. The first disappointment was that you cannot have them turned on while they are charging – and they take forever to charge (hours!). The heat is ok (barely), if you use the highest setting but, on that setting, they only last a bit over two hours. So, basically, they spend most of the time being unusable charging.
    I wish the description had been more accurate, including the short duration at the highest setting, the long charge time and the fact they cannot be used when on charge.

  18. C. Jong

    I live in a cold, ski-resort-type climate. In the dead of winter, it is expensive and difficult to keep the house warm, so we end up wearing layers of clothes in the house. Even then, our hands will get cold. This device really helped last winter. It doesn’t take too long to charge and lasts quite a while, even when set to the highest temperature. There are a range of temperatures to choose from. The lowest is good if you’re going to keep it in your pocket and warm your hands that way. This works well when I’m shoveling snow. The highest temperature is good if you just want to hold the device in your hands to warm them, which is what I use in the house. This hand warmer comes with a USB charging cable and works well with my USB-enabled surge protectors. I’ve had similar hand warmers that burned out after a few months, but so far this one is still going strong.

  19. Karl

    I should have bought this in January like I originally wanted! The heat it provides is pretty instant and it’s not burn your hands level heat, but like, a hug from someone after a marathon kind of heat. I’m excited to have it around when I’m driving to work in the morning and I don’t have time to heat up my car!

  20. Walt Ginsberg

    I have the six hour version. I’ve used the hand warmer twice, having received it last week. It charges fully in 2 – 3 hours. I’ve only used it on ‘medium warmth’ (two or three lights out of five). These ‘medium’ settings provide plenty of warmth for outdoor use. It lasts six hours. Operation of the hand warmer is easy to understand.. I’m going to buy them for others as Christmas gifts.

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