VVM Electric Hand Warmers (2-Pack)


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VVM Electric Hand Warmers are a 2-in-1 rechargeable hand warmer pack for ultimate warmth on the go. You can stay cozy with someone else, or enjoy your own toasty comfort. Perfect for camping, golf, and outdoor activities.

These electric hand warmers provide rapid and stable double-sided heat, reaching 131°F in 3 seconds. You can adjust the temperature with 3 available levels, providing up to 16 hours of warmth per unit.

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Introducing VVM Electric Hand Warmers – the perfect companions for chilly adventures! Stay cozy together with this 2-pack of rechargeable hand warmers featuring a versatile 2-in-1 snap design. Share warmth with family and friends, fitting perfectly in jackets, pockets, gloves, and socks.

Pocket-sized and lightweight, these hand warmers are on-the-go essentials. At only 1.85cm thick and 71g each, they’re lighter than your phone. Experience extended warmth with up to 16 hours of continuous heat from the 6000mAh battery and smart AI-Chip.

Rapid, consistent heat is at your fingertips, reaching 131°F in just 3 seconds. Adjust the temperature with three available levels for personalized comfort. These hand warmers are ideal for camping, golf, hiking, skiing, or as a thoughtful gift for loved ones.

Charge both hand warmers simultaneously with the 2-in-1 USB-C cable, fully charging in 4-5 hours. The ultra-thin design and quick heat release make VVM Electric Hand Warmers a must-have for winter adventures. Stay warm, stay connected, stay outdoors!


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