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Zippo hand warmers are perfectly safe to use and will produce up to 12 hours of heat. Easy to use and refillable with regular lighter fluid.

Perfect gift for your friends or loved ones, or an inexpensive and reusable hand warmer for the cold days and nights.

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Zippo is a well-known company producing quality lighters. They expanded to other products as well, and one of their most exciting ones is the hand warmer.

Zippo hand warmers are powered by regular lighter fluid. They are easy to fill and recharge, and feature an improved fill cup which reduces potential spills.

Product is sleek and thin and can easily fit in any pocket. Catalytic burner produces flameless gentle warmth for 6-12 hours depending on model. If putting in flammable fluid and open flame inside your pocket concerns you, rest assured with a modicum of common sense the product is perfectly safe to use.

Zippo hand warmers come in the following patterns and colors: chrome, chrome silver, pearl white, matte black, blaze orange, pink, and realtree camouflage.

If you like watching your kids play soccer in the cold or just want something to keep your hands from freezing while walking, Zippo hand warmers are for you. They’re also a perfect gift for your friend or loved one who enjoys watching live football games, hunting, or any other outdoor activity.

41 reviews for Zippo Hand Warmer

  1. Eric Cook

    I got this for myself back in winter time and it worked great I couldn’t believe that it worked as well as it did and I still don’t understand really how it works cuz you legitly have a small flame going at all times in your pocket but it did work and it didn’t burn anything but it was with the whole time so it worked quite well

  2. Matt

    Used at winter soccer games in the rain. Had an issue getting it to light a few times. After the first few times this thing really heats up. Hard to measure the right amount for hours. Sometimes I overfilled my mark for hours and it still went out early. After a few times using it the consistency increased and got easier to use. Strongly recommend for anyone needing warm hands and no access to a power source to recharge an electronic handwarmer.

  3. Gary P Turner

    These are great. Used one all my life. Don’t be scared because it burns on fuel. I wouldn’t let a child fill the fuel or light it. but once lit I have no worries about letting a child carry one for the day as we play outside in the snow. The felt very safely smolders and the case is warm but will not burn you.

  4. Matthew

    I bought this for my brother for his birthday, and he is an avid hunter, so I am speaking from his experience. This thing works wonders. If you hunt in a place like Michigan, where there’s likely a foot or two of snow on the ground during rifle season, THIS will save your hands and…more delicate parts, haha. It runs off lighter fluid, it’s odorless, and there isn’t an open flame. It works completely as described. Glad I bought it for him!

  5. Chappy

    Wish it were a bit warmer in cold weather. I do feel safe lighting it and stuffing in my coat pocket though – which I was concerned about originally. No issues. You put it in a cloth protective bag that comes with it. Threw it in my sleeping bag too. Once you light it – you can’t turn it off till it’s out of fuel so you get good at measuring how much fuel you put in. The protective cloth really dampens the heat coming out of it. I also tried the ThermaCell 2-pack electronic handwarmers for ~$80 and those didn’t seem warm enough at all to me – this was much better. And for outdoors – gas better than batteries. Sometimes I can smell the scent of fuel coming from it when I have it about a foot from my face.

  6. Joe

    I love it. Works well, fun to use, and is less wasteful than disposables. I used it this deer season. I would experiment with the amount of fuel/time since there is no way to turn it off. It does put off a mild fuel smell, not enough that it is offensive or that my hands stink like fuel but it is noticeable.

  7. ExHelot

    With a filling of Zippo lighter fluid in the recommended amount, the handwarmer stayed lit for eight hours.The filling funnel is a great idea that was absent way back when I had one of these back in the 70’s.The funnel makes filling very safe, clean, accurate and easy. I would have given it five stars except for one issue and that is that the warmer doesn’t really give off that much heat especially for the kind of temperatures we experience here in Northern Michigan. I’m guessing that if it were kept either out of the storage bag (Zippo recommends that it be in the bag when in use) or was wrapped in a bandanna or lighter fabric that it would give off more useable heat or that what heat it did generate would be more readily available. I suspect though that the main determinant in how much heat is generated would be how much oxygen the unit receives. Overall thogh I am pleased with this purchase.

  8. Henry

    Just got this and cranked it up. I use one it for hunting and also for baseball games when my grandson plays on a cold day. Works great. I would tell you to stay with the larger of these. It is not that large. Maybe the size of a pack of cigarettes but much thinner.

  9. BillandKate

    This is a must have for anyone that spends time out in the cold. This runs off lighter fluid, will burn all day, and will keep your fingers defrosted in your jacket pocket. Super great for guys that work in the elements.

  10. Bruce

    This hand warmer is good. A suggestion how this can be better is to make it cylindrical. That way I can grasp it like a cup so the heat can be evenly distributed throughout one whole hand or 3/4 of both hands cupped around it.

  11. IDA CBer

    I had an old Joni hand warmer which more or less bit the dust from age and a little rust. Bought these and they work fantastic. Excellent price and shipping too.

  12. David Loudon

    These things work great. They sometimes will go for much longer than the stated 12 hours and they get very, very hot. Much better than chemical handwarmers. Be careful to use the included measuring cup and don’t overfill; I tried to eyeball it once, and I put FAR too much fluid in there (surprisingly easy to do), and when I lit it it caught on fire, and I had to shake out the excess and wait a long time for it to evaporate before I could use the hand warmer again. Great product.

  13. Red94

    I work in the palletizing department at an ice cream factory and during winter it is insufferable. This little gadget is a game changer.. It runs on fluid so you never hafto go without to plug it in to charge.. HUGE plus. It will go out if suffocated tho

  14. Customer

    It isn’t perfect bc it kinda does smell like lighter fluid. But… it takes the edge off the cold weather. Used it at a Metallica concert and I was not cold, which for me, is rare!!

  15. Duncan

    GREAT!! Zippo must have listened to customer complaints on their hand warmers. The 6 hour one works like a charm, lights the first time, no loose burner or cap. This little unit fits well in the palm of your hand, and throws out some heat. It’s about the size of a standard Zippo lighter. The 12 hour ones are just too cumbersome, but this is just the right size.

  16. David Gonnerman

    Item works just fine. I work outside. When it is cold, it is cold for hours. My problem is I need my hands constantly to work. Not much time to put hands in pockets, unlike others. I suspect at a cold football game, it would be great to have a couple in pockets. That is why NOT 5 stars.

    I did not find it hot at all. Just warm. Sure it is hot without the protective cover.

    It works exactly as advertised.

  17. CMill

    I honestly wish I could buy this for all of my family and friends. It’s perfect. Being that it’s made by Zippo I had full faith and it delivered. It’s easy to refill, VERY portable, easy to maintain and use and it stays hot for SO LONG. Even if it starts to fade you can run your lighter across the heater to get more time and heat. Just be careful because the top part can be pretty hot. I’m beyond satisfied with mine. I would always recommend it. Even if you don’t need it. Zippo never disappoints.

  18. Luis

    Just great.

    It lasted warm the time it was supposed to, and and you can just barely smell the fluid, wich is amazing it would be annoying to have that smell for hours.

    Easy to use, and fills sturdy.

  19. Eric M

    I need to get some odorless fluid to use, but it’s an incredibly pleasant warmth. There’s no flame, so don’t worry — instead there’s a catalyst inside that ‘smoulders’ the fuel, slowly, vaporizing it to burn. It kept me warm on an extremely cold camping trip.

  20. Customer

    great product. Kept me warm for more than 6 hours. Best for a cold camping night.

  21. A. Nusret

    Did not work as great as people said it did for them which saddened me as I am anemic and need something to keep my hands warm during the winter.

  22. Tyler Edwards

    I bought this with the intent of taking it with me to Mexico for a hunting trip. it was very cold in the dessert that time of year and i thought it would come in handy. It works well as far as getting warm – all good there. but it smells like lighter fluid when you burn it. Not the end of the world, but not something i wanted to use and risk messing up my hunt.

  23. Braiden Sunshine

    Gets pretty hot. Love the design and ease of use. Seems pretty durable too! Would love it but I have to caution people something fairly obvious. DONT FALL ASLEEP WITH IT. If it falls out if it’s protective pouch it gets much more air than normal and it gets extremely hot. I rolled over on it in my sleep and burned myself pretty bad. As a product to be used only in its specific application it’s great, but its a little less versitile then it’s disposable cousins in that it can be dangerous if not used properly.

  24. Customer

    I work outdoors all winter in Pennsylvania. This product is wonderful. Typical Zippo quality and lasts 8 hours when filled. No disappointments here!

  25. Scott M.

    I work outdoors all winter in Pennsylvania. This product is wonderful. Typical Zippo quality and lasts 8 hours when filled. No disappointments here!

  26. Cathy G.

    Got this to use for golf on cold days. Found them difficult to fill and light. Also, they don’t last as long as advertised. Pretty disappointing.

  27. Carolyn Mathews

    I gave all the grandkids these for Christmas, and hands down, it was a favorite gift. They use them at outdoor sporting events and when hunting. They are easy to refill, and they loved the bright color!

  28. Jill M Schiefelbein

    Keep them in the pouch to and they will keep generating heat for the full 12 hours. Remove them from the pouch and you might get 1/2 that time. Once I figured that out I was confident enough to buy this as a Christmas gift for my Dad and 2 brothers.

  29. A.T. Moffett

    I purchased this hand warmer several months ago in anticipation of being outside for long periods of time when it was cold. I liked this one because of how much time you could get out of it (10-12 hours). I enjoy hunting, fishing, boating, hiking, etc and like to have my hands free of gloves. This worked wonderfully at first. It then became increasingly difficult to light and much more inconsistent for duration. It has been used about 15- 20 times. It finally pushed me over the edge last week fishing in the northeast on a cold, wet day. It took quite a while to light, I thought it was ok, and when we were on the water it was out. I’ve only used zippo lighter fluid. I would’ve loved to give this 5 stars, but it became too much of a hassle and let me down when I really needed it.

  30. Terry O. Barrois

    Not what I expected. I would think this would work for it’s purpose, I just don’t like the idea of using lighter fluid for something I will slip into my pocket. I was looking to get one that would charge electrically

  31. veridad77

    Buy these for your women if you take them in the outdoors in the winter, you will be a hero. That’s always a good thing. This way you can have bad ass family outdoor fun and they will not complain. Gave these to all the ladies in the family this year. They spend a bit of time in the wild and these keep their hands cozy. Old school quality product.

  32. G. Tirebiter

    it’s meh. I last used a handwarmer in the 50’s when an aunt brought it home after a visit to the mainland. I used it last December in Seattle. It was cold, it snowed. It didn’t work so good for me. I don’t know why, I followed the instructions.

  33. Timothy F

    Stays warm for all of the 12 hrs and then some. Only half fill it now and gets me a work shift when outside all day. Works well to defrost hands but not so overly hot as some warmers get.

  34. Evan

    Keeps my hands super warm in the cold months! Easy to use and small enough to keep in a tiny pocket. I haven’t had any problems with the smell.

  35. Huckleberry

    Once you get it going, its a life saver. I use mine inside oven mittenss for fishing. That’s right, oven mittens! Plenty room to move my hands, quickly remove when one hits and keeps the whole area inside WARM!

  36. chewbacca

    As a finish carpenter there have been days where this is the only reason I’ve been able to keep working

  37. ChrisC

    Worked great while hunting. It only seems to last 8-10 hours.

  38. zombot

    Before you buy this, you need to ask yourself if you really need a TWELVE-hour hand warmer. Zippo also makes a fueled 6-hour, as well as rechargeable electronic 6- and 2-hour ones. If you plan to be outdoors all day in the cold for a few days a year, then I recommend this product. This takes a bit of fuel per fill, so make sure you have extra. (You can always fill it partially if you don’t need the full 12 hours of warmth.)

    That said, this is an *excellent* device. I took it with me camping in the rain in the Pacific Northwest, and it was the best decision ever. I love everything about it– the look, the feel, even the smell. If you’re like me and your whole body feels cold when your hands are cold, then this product will be your best friend on cold outdoor excursions.

  39. Customer

    Product is a bit cheap looking, and you have to keep buying new coils and liquids. Would definitely buy an electric one next time.

  40. YoYo

    Heats very well and for a long time. Easy to light. Foolproof. However, don’t believe anyone that says this doesn’t smell. It produces a definite smell while it’s working. Not strong enough to make me want to stop using it, but it’s noticeable.

  41. Aaron

    It’s very nice, very well made. Works as advertised and has helped me through some very rough nights on the job. The one thing I would note is that any dirt or dust that gets into the element ruins it pretty quickly. I work in the desert with lots of dust, and I am getting about one month of constant use out of these. Considering the price, that’s still very much worth it. Waaaay warmer than the single use ones, and I do get the full 12 hour use out of a fill. I purchase these for friends they are so nice.

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