Fourheart USB Rechargeable Electric Hand Warmer

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The perfect product your hands were waiting for. This rechargeable electric hand warmer will keep your hands toasty warm for hours, and you can even use it to charge your mobile phone in emergencies.

Small, elegant, convenient, and multi-purpose device your hands will love. Made from high quality materials, comes in five colors.

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Fourheart rechargeable USB electric hand warmer is a portable and convenient device which can keep your hands warm for up to 10 hours on one charge. It’s useful for any outdoor activity in the cold and warms on both sides.

Product has three heating levels: 107°F (42°C), 118°F (48°C), and 131°F(55°C). With heating on both sides, this hand warmer can easily keep both of your hands toasty. Device heats up in just a few seconds, and will automatically turn off after one hour of continuous use to save battery (can easily be restarted immediately).

Battery capacity of 5200mAh can keep your hands warm from 5 to 10 hours, depending on heating setting. Battery charges for 2-3 hours. Large battery capacity is enough to fully charge a modern smartphone like iPhone or Samsung Galaxy.

This electric hand warmer can actually be used as a charger for your cell phone! If you need extra juice during a camping trip, fishing or hiking, this device can fully charge your phone with the USB cable included.

Product is made of high-tech aircraft grade aluminum and ABS materials, with an eco-friendly polymer battery. It’s shock-proof, explosion proof, and radiation free. Safe, convenient, useful, and comes with 24-months warranty.

This electric hand warmer comes in five colors: black, blue, gold, silver, and rose gold.

31 reviews for Fourheart USB Rechargeable Electric Hand Warmer

  1. Fatima

    Ah so cute. You know how most things look better in pictures? I think this one looks better in person. I purchased the rose gold and it’s beautiful. I was actually searching for hand warmers – ya know winter going to start and all – and came across this. Only after I purchased it did I realize it was also a power bank. Really exciting for me! It works with any phone that have a usb charger so it’s quite universal. I just really like that my hands stay warm ^.^

  2. Customer

    I really like this charger. It charges itself very fast and charges my phone fast. In the winter especially my hands get very cold. With this it helps alot. I take this with me wherever I go because my phone always needs to be charges. I have a Samsung Galaxy S6 and it charges it fast and helps alot.

  3. li bo wang

    Heats up quickly, has a nice battery life, and gets really warm! It’s also fairly durable, as I’ve dropped it five or six times onto hard concrete with no visible damage or loss of functionality. The only downside is that it also cools pretty quickly, but that’s easily fixed by keeping it in the excellent bag that comes with it. Also it is very quick to charge the phone . Easy to carry.

  4. Stacey L.

    Bought this handwarmer to take with me to my son’s football games. Works like a charm and keeps my hands toasty. I’ve also used it as a power bank to charge my iPhone. Great multifunctional product.

  5. Customer

    I’ve only used it once, but this thing is great. Went out camping last weekend and the temperature dipped down to the 30’s. I used it for at least 3 or 4 hours on the 2nd or 3rd setting. It was toasty-warm and never faded. Can’t beat the price for the functionality. Save yourself from purchasing the expendable hand warmers and pick this up!

  6. Sandra

    Great little hand warmer! It gets pretty hot and works for quite a while. It’s great on those days or nights when it is too cold to keep your hands out of gloves or pockets. Also being an energy bank for my phone it is an amazing gadget to have. Fits nicely in my pocket when not in use and holds a charge. Directions were a little hard to understand but I figured it all out over time. This is a perfect gadget for someone who always has cold hands. Also, it makes a great gift, stocking stuffer?

  7. Customer

    My husband works at a hydroelectric dam in Northern Idaho. Being a mechanic, he is often working during the cold winter months outside. With arthritis, using his hands can be a real test. The hand warmers are a great solution. He slides them into his gloves on the back side of his hand. The warmers work all day and he just loves them. He definitely would recommend them to out-of-doors workers.

  8. pall bearer

    Purchased this as an Xmas gift for my girlfriend. I don’t recall the instructions that were included being descriptive/helpful but she’s tech savvy and figured it out. She did use this throughout the rest of the winter and stated that it warms up pretty fast. When I asked her to give it a rating she said 4 out of 5. The hand warmer is a good size and is a pleasant pastel color (I purchased the blue color). I would purchase this device again.

  9. R. Morsy

    Oh my god this thing has been a godsend! My girlfriend loves it, so does everyone else and their mother.. literally and figuratively.. So cool!!!!

  10. Rob

    These do not come close to 5 hrs let alone 10. I told the company Ive tested 3 of them indoors at 70 degrees indoor temperature and they were nice and even sent me a $20 refund.. But i could not in good conscience give a good review or leave this out so other consumers know better and dont buy these thinking they will last 5-10 hrs, more like 2.5-3.5.. I’m disappointed in amazon for allowing these hand USB battery powered hand warmer ads to exaggerate the duration of time that they last. I’ve tried 3 different brands and they all exaggerate by at least 50%. It’s false advertising.

  11. Rebecca Foxworth

    This is a rechargeable handwarmer that you charge the same way you would a phone. One long press turns it on low heat, which lasts for about 6 hours. A short press will change from low to medium. Another from medium to high heat, which is great for using on a sore shoulder or back if you have a trouble spot. Three red indicator lights show the heat level.
    In addition to providing heat, this acts as a power bank for a cell phone. Just plug in and recharge (which reduces the time it will spend heating on a single charge, obviously). Blue lights show that heat is off, and it’s ready to charge your phone.
    Heat was uneven for the first three charges (this is explained in the directions), but is now completely consistent. Great if your hands are always cold…just stick it in your jacket pocket and have warm fingers all day.
    If you’re not picky about color, one of the colors is almost always on sale at a significantly lower price.

  12. Michelle Goulet

    I stay cold and have Reynauds. I’ve been bringing disposable hot hands to work to try to keep my hands functional, but they aren’t reusable and don’t last long enough.

    I found these while looking for alternative options. Decided to order one and try it.

    The first couple of times you charge and use it will not be the best (and the faqs mention that), but the 3rd time it keeps the charge and stays warm for about 6 hours on low.

    It begins warming up within a couple of seconds after you turn it on. Fully warm in no time at all. Even the low setting is nicely warm. Medium is about as high as I need usually. I’ve only needed it up to high when I’ve been outside in single-digit weather.

    I bought a second one 2 days after my first one. I can use one and charge the other. They’re wonderful. Can’t recommend them enough. I can finally maintain a comfortable temperature for my hands.

  13. Calin Elardi

    Excellent little product- we have used them several times over the last few weeks, easy to use and easy to charge, and much more efficient than buying/using disposable hand warmers! Very happy with the purchase

  14. Heather Eberts

    I was really excited about this because it seemed like it would be awesome but in the end I felt like it was just one more thing to carry around with me and keep track of. I didn’t use it as a hand warmer much and I never used it to charge my phone. Ended up sending it back. Perhaps it would be better in colder climates (I’m in Texas so it doesn’t get that cold here) or for those not able to plug their phones in to charge regularly. I do love the color though! Wish it was a good fit for me.

  15. Amy

    Heats up quickly, lasts for HOURS! Has 3 heat settings. Bought 2 (one for each pocket) but will buy another one, to prop-up in my sports bra.

    I’ve had these for a few months now and one of them will not charge anymore. This MIGHT have something to do with the fact that it fell a few feet, onto a hard surface, so something may have been jolted loose. I haven’t found an easy way to open the device yet (I’m not an electrician, so it might be a good thing if I new figured it out) but I’m sure it’s an easy fix for anyone with electrical training.

    The one that did not fall is still working GREAT! I stick it in my sports bra so it covers my heart. It really got me through the cold Bavarian winter.

  16. JReedle

    This little handwarmer works just like the description. It is attractive, and it fits nicely in my hands. I have arthritis and a finger injury, and this really helps warm up my cold hands and gets the circulation going. The only reason I give it four stars is because it didn’t work out of the box. It was completely dead, even after charging for a couple of hours. I thought it was broken. However, I let it charge overnight, and it came to life. Now it works wonderfully.

  17. Woodchuck

    Has been used on ski slopes. snow shoveling and as foot warmer. Very goo and functional. Be sure to be careful…. it does get HOT!!!

  18. FauxReal

    My power was out for 6 days due to the recent nor’easter. My house got down to 37 degrees inside and I was washing in icy water. Every time I washed my hands they were freezing and it was hard to warm them up even with gloves on. I turned this on for a couple of minutes and got my hands warmed up.

    I originally bought it for using when my hands got cold when I shoveled snow but I was so glad to have it during the outage.

  19. Mary H.

    I’m pretty disappointed in this product. Ive tried charging it many times now to full charge and it just stops at the first light and dies out very quickly. I seem to be the only one with this problem too. Isn’t worth the money.

  20. Racer

    battery doesn’t last as long as i’d like and takes a while to charge but great when working

  21. QueenRoachie

    This was great when it was frigid out and my new car has no heated steering wheel. (I know, gonna die of mild discomfort.) I hate driving with gloves, so put this on a lanyard and I wear it around my neck so that I can warm my hands while I’m driving. I got one for each member of my family, so the kids use them while waiting for the bus. I’ve never used any setting higher than low, as they seem like they get too hot to the touch.

  22. Customer

    My wife bought this for her mother, who suffers from Raynaud syndrome, and it brings her great relief. This was her favorite Christmas present of the year. She takes them with her wherever she goes.

  23. Tyler Froats

    I bought two and am not dissapointed over a month later. Charges my iphone 6 without any issues. It heats nicely and may get too hit for some but it cools back down again and then heats back up again. It does not come with an iphone lightning charge cable instead of android.

  24. Tony

    Too confusing…… It only has one button that has to do many different functions. Good idea though.

  25. Eric

    This warmer is great, I use it to warm my ski boots and gloves before I put them on. I drop the warmer in a boot for about five minutes so that my toes are warm right away, I would say not to leave them in there for a long time as I’m not sure what would happen. Not sure on its long term durability, but so far it’s been great and holds a charge well. I definitely use it for charging too.

  26. Customer

    Heats up and works really well. I’m impressed at how hot this gets. The only downside is how much time is needed to charge this. It takes forever.

  27. Randy

    My wife has a damaged spinal cord. One of the strange consequences is freezing hands. They are not actually cold, but SHE feels them numb and frozen. But she can still feel warmth. These handwarmers have been a Godsend. They heat up within seconds and settings two and three are actually too hot. Setting number one is quite warm. And they last for hours. I bought two. One to use while the other charges. Suggestion; an average phone charger isn’t the best to use. Use a charger that puts out 2 amps like you would have for a tablet. Just know they work, hot and fast.

  28. Kathy E

    This is awesome. It does take a while to charge but lasts much longer than I expected on a charge. Both the warming and charging features have exceeded my expectations…especially considering the low price.

  29. Mamta K

    I walk to my work which is like 20 min walk and my hands get really cold in harsh winter months. That is the reason I got this. It works for the fall weather in Boston. However I highly down it will work good during the peak winter season.

    Will update after the winter season

  30. Mark

    Does an excellent job warming. Charge lasts for less than 3 hours and takes about 6 hours to recharge.

  31. Hawk BB Fan

    Doesn’t heat for long when outdoors even if it is in your pocket….bit disappointed about that overall….for shorter needs this would be just fine-I wanted it to last for a round of golf….4-5 hours max…

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