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Volt heated socks have four different levels of heat and provide up to 10 hours of soothing warmth for your entire feet. Heat settings can easily and conveniently be changed with a sleek remote control.

Volt’s electric heated socks are flexible, comfortable and durable, and suitable for any outdoor activity in the cold.

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Volt is known for manufacturing quality heated socks, gloves, and other electric heated clothes. Their products are often more expensive than other alternatives on the market, but the quality is often worth the investment.

Volt heated socks are made from a polyester and spandex blend. This moisture-wicking combination of materials provides comfort and flexibility. Volt’s electric socks are thin enough and can be worn under or over another pair of socks easily.

Most electric socks heat your front instep or part of your insole. Volt’s heated socks have heating throughout the entirety of your foot, from toes to heel.

Volt electric socks are powered by two rechargeable 2000mAh batteries. Each battery weighs around 2 ounces and discreetly tucks into a small pocket on each sock.

This product has four different power level settings. On highest heating socks will provide over 3 hours of warmth, and up to 10 hours on lowest. They are one of the few electric socks available that feature a remote control allowing you to change heat settings conveniently and at any time.

Volt heated socks definitely more expensive than most other electric socks you can find. They do seem durable and well-crafted, but don’t necessarily have much to offer to warrant their high price.

Regardless if you’re looking for quality electric socks, Volt’s are worth considering.

9 reviews for Volt Heated Socks

  1. Eddie Helms

    Fits as advertised. Doesn’t get as warm as desired

  2. Customer

    They worked at home but not when I was at the top of the mountain and freezing in the wind after hiking 2,000 vertical. I will try them again because when I tested them again at home they heated up though not for along time. I know it’s not an easy thing to make work, but the system seems very fussy.

  3. Tami

    I work in a very cold environment… Wear these everyday…

  4. Tammy R.

    I purchased these for a late-season deer hunt in Illinois. The first day I wore them, the high was about 18 F with winds between 15-20 mph. My feet stayed warm. I never used them beyond the 50% setting and they were cozy. Only complaint was with Muck boots, you should be careful walking as the sock is high and the top of the boot can push the battery out of its pocket. I lost a battery but found it quickly. Afterwards, I waited until getting into the treestand to put the batteries in and turn them on and removed them prior to leaving. Thrilled with this purchase so far.

  5. John Craig

    I had high hopes for these socks, but in the end they were too big to fit into my shoes/boots and keep my feet warm while I’m working in cold places. The concept is great and I love wearing them when I don’t have to go anywhere else. Snow hasn’t really started here, but some of the nights are cold and they keep my feet toasty. I wish they were a bit more portable, so keep working on the design. I’ll get the next version!

  6. M. Welch

    I have extremely cold feet and these heated socks are AWESOME!!! They help keep my feet WARM in any place I may go and any shoe/boot I wear because they are so thin. I highly recommend them to anyone that has a hard time keeping their feet warm. Volt is a brand that I’ve come to trust with helping me stay warm with heated slippers, heated jacket & heated gloves and now these heated socks.

  7. D. Brennan

    I spend a lot of time outdoors in the winter as, with two exceptions, I don’t get cold very often. One of those exceptions are my feet. Even with two layers of socks my toes can go numb after several hours walking or hiking in snow or sub-freezing temps. I had joked around in years gone by of buying some battery powered socks but never actually got around to doing it. Then came along this opportunity to try out a pair from Volt.

    It’s still fairly temperate here in the Northeast so I couldn’t try them out in actual snow. To give these a real test I had to rig up an experiment. I took a 5 gallon bucket that I use for sous vide and filled it with ice water. I put a heated sock on one foot and set it to the third highest setting. On the other foot I wore a standard sock liner and mid-weight wool sock. Both feet went into large plastic bags and then into the bucket. I opened my copy of the The Purloined Poodle (Oberon’s Meaty Mysteries) and started the stopwatch.

    After about 20 minutes, and several great chapters, my non-electrified foot was fairly numb. Out it came. My electrified foot was still toasty warm. In fact I turned it down one setting. I finished the book (112 pages though I read it on my iPad) and my foot still felt positively toasty.

    So 45 minutes in a bucket of ice water and my foot felt warm. I cannot help but look forward to much more comfortable feet this winter.

  8. Alan Beggerow

    Many years ago I tried a pair of heated socks. They were actual socks with a metal band on the inside of the toe. They used D sized batteries, one for each sock, and battery life was really short. And the daned things never worked very well.

    This modern version is actually a thin sock that is designed to go over a sock on your foot so you have the comfort of a regular sock next to your skin. The batteries are rechargable, and hold a charge according to how much you use the sock.

    They work, but are not waterproof. This could be a problem if you’re out in the snow. By using the socks only when your feet are really cold, a charge will last a lot longer than if they’re left on.

    A good enough product that works well, but the price is high. Over $100 for larger sizes, a little less for smaller sizes. If you don’t mind spending the money, these will keep your feet warm.

  9. J. Miller

    I finally hade opportunity to wear these on a fairly cold morning in my tree stand. Batteries held up for at least 4 hours. The remote worked great. Sure could have used these in years past. I am so glad I have them now. Batteries should last several more hours before recharging is required.

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