MISBEST AA-Battery Powered Electric Socks

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MISBEST AA battery electric socks are aimed at customers who want quick heating provided to their toes in cold weather. AA batteries are easy to recharge and replace and will provide several hours of heating.

This inexpensive heated socks are not great for winter sports or extreme temperatures but will provide sufficient heat for chronically cold feet.

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MISBEST Electric Socks are one of the few products that use regular AA batteries. These are likely the most common batteries you can find anywhere, making these socks convenient for beginners looking to try their first heated socks.

These thermal socks are made of cotton and spandex. Heated area is under your toes. They are available in black and gray sizes.

Expected heating time is 2-4 hours. Each sock uses three regular 1.5V AA batteries available in every store. Using rechargeable batteries is highly recommended to save money in the long run. AA batteries are not included with the product, only battery pouches are.

As with other AA-battery powered electric socks, you expectations need to be reasonable. AA batteries are simply not powerful enough to provide high heating and those with chronically cold feet may find these socks underwhelming. However, the heat they provide can still help in non-extreme cold conditions.

Biggest downside to MISBEST’s socks is that there is no heating regulation. You can only turn the socks on and off, and there are no heating levels to choose. Simply pulling your pants up to your knees is an easy way to access the battery pouch and turn them on or off.

MISBEST AA-battery powered electric socks are inexpensive electric socks aimed at customers without big demands. They will not do wonders in extreme temperatures but can provide sufficient heating while walking, training or at home.

In summary these are affordable socks that will help your feet warm up. AA batteries are readily available anywhere making this is very convenient product for most people.


13 reviews for MISBEST AA-Battery Powered Electric Socks

  1. Tammy Colglazier

    These are not rechargeable although they’re listed as such. Otherwise they seem fine.

  2. Phoebe J. Grayson

    I bought these for my husband who works outside, unfortunately the batteries doesn’t last long at all.

  3. teacher

    Arrived super fast and in a box. This will be a gift for my husband but I put the batteries in and turned them on to check them out. Very impresed with the quality. Socks are super thick and the whole toe and ball of foot area heats up beautifully to be toasty warm. The wire that runs down from the battery is very discreeetly and comfortably hidden within the sock material itself so you don’t feel or see it. The pouch for the batteries (it conveniently takes AA batteries), is a perfect compact size that holds the batteries securely so they won’t move around at all. The battery pouch is at the top of the sock so you won’t feel it and it won’t interfere with boots. Wish I knew about these sooner.

  4. Allglad

    after looking at one of the pictures I thought it had lots of area warming…but now that I looked at them after trying them on I see the picture matches and its only got a warmer under the tip/toes area.

    Comfortable even with the batteries, but not much warm area even though it was on sale still I hoped for more.

    I dont think Id buy again at this price.

  5. Lori

    Did not work well at all

  6. Cynthia woodley

    The socks are good for warming your feet. They actually shut off after a certain period to keep from burning your feet. The battery pack is uncomfortable if using while you are asleep.

  7. Blair McDermott

    So far I have really enjoyed these socks! They are very easy to use and to clean. They feel great on your feet when it is cold outside. I work out in the cold so they have been great to wear. Will be ordering another pair!

  8. Suzanne E. Kleiman

    The heating element does not wrap around the toes, and I wish it did. It is under the ball of the foot, not as good. Socks are well made. I like that you can use standard rechargeable AA batteries. The 3 batteries make the battery pack a bit larger than other heated socks, less space around your calf, and harder for pants to fit around, but that is the trade off. They do work.

  9. Barry K. Locke

    Batteries wore out pretty quickly.

  10. Josh

    Over priced and dont heat very much at all and says rechargeable but they are not

  11. Huberdeau Amand

    I bought these to use during hunting season to keep my feet warm. They work like a charm!

  12. Ronald Franklin

    got 2 pairs of these for my daughter and her husband. They are season tickets holders to Denver Broncos games. Her biggest complaint is that her toes always stay so cold. Not anymore.

  13. Nabieasaurus

    The pictures are misleading and the warmth is only concentrated on the ball of the foot. Your heel stays cold and your top of the foot and toes stays cool and so does your ankle. I cannot recommend this.

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