Volt Electric Heated Scarf


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Fashionable electric heated scarf is exactly what your neck needs for cold weather. Volt heated scarf is very warm, cozy, and soft to the touch. It will keep your neck warmer than ever for up to 7 hours with built-in battery heating system.

Volt electric heated scarf is perfect for any occasion or activity in the cold, and makes for a perfect seasonal gift for friends or loved ones.

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Volt rechargeable electric heated scarf is the best way to keep your neck warm. Scarves are universal fashion products that can be used in every occasion and paired with any piece of clothing. While nobody else may notice you’re wearing an electric scarf, your neck will definitely know.

Volt has been making quality electric heated apparel for a long time, and their battery heated scarf is worth considering as a welcome addition in winter months. Volt heated scarf is made from micro polyester fleece. It’s very soft and warm even while not heated, and fully machine washable.

5V rechargeable battery/USB powerbank with 3000mAh capacity powers this electric heated scarf. In a pinch, you can even use this power bank to quickly charge your cell phone!

Heating area is directly in center of the scarf, on the base of your neck. Volt electric heated scarf has three levels of heating. Easily accessible button controls temperature levels at any time. Heating will last from 3 to 7 hours depending on heat settings.

Product also has two small pockets at each end of the scarf. These pockets are designed to hold chemical warmers just in case you need extra heat.

Skiing, ice skating, ice fishing, walking or shoveling snow, commuting to work or light jogging in winter, the possibilities are endless. Volt electric heated scarf can keep your neck warm in any weather, and also makes for a perfect Christmas gift.


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