Volt Electric Heated Base Layer Shirt

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Volt’s electric heated base layer shirt heats your entire back with four heated panels. Battery included provides 2-8 hours of heat depending on which of the four heating levels you choose.

High quality materials and ultra-thin heating panels make this shirt very comfortable to wear for any activity in cold weather.

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Electric heated base layer shirt is one of the simplest ways to stay warm in extreme cold. Thermal base layers are excellent for additional heat without the feeling of bulky clothing. They provide excellent heat retention and won’t get in the way of work or other activities like sports or hobbies.

Volt’s electric heated base layer shirt goes a step further and heats up your entire back with four heated panels. You won’t even feel the shirt’s ultra thin wires until you power it on. Four heated panels on the back of Volt’s heated undershirt will keep even the most chronically cold back warmed.

Volt’s heated shirt has 4 levels of heating. You can set the temperature based on your own needs and preferences, and the battery will last from 2 to 8 hours depending on heating setting.

Product comes with a 7.4V 2200mAh battery and charger. Battery dimensions are 3x2x1 inches, and weighs 4oz. Battery pocket is located on front lower left.

Volt’s electric heated underlayer shirt is made from micro polyester/spandex material with brushed fleece lining. It’s very comfortable to wear and you can also wear another shirt underneath if Volt’s heating is too much for your back.

Heated base layers are great for all year round. You can wear it under regular thermal clothes, or as another layer under other electric heated apparel. Volt’s electric heated shirt will keep your back toasty warm during hiking, fishing, golf, work, sports or any other activity or hobby in low of freezing temperatures.

3 reviews for Volt Electric Heated Base Layer Shirt

  1. Sheep

    This shirt is great quality and most importantly works. Have not used the heat setting above 2 out of 4. Provides even heat. Instructions could be a little clearer. This is the second Volt product I own. This shirt and a jacket. Great products for those who want to stay warm all year around.

  2. Louis LaMotte

    It is great only negative is the battery is by your waist so if you need to tuck in your shirt for work you have a battery in a bad spot.

  3. Saganhill

    I usually a 2XX large but this was sort of tight. It still works but it doesn’t come in a larger size.

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