Ororo Electric Heated Hoodie

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Ororo electric heated hoodie is durable and fully machine washable. Included battery will provide up to 8 hours of adjustable heat to your back and chest.

Ororo’s electric hoodie is great for casual wear any time of the year, or for any outdoor activities or hobbies in the cold.

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Ororo electric heated hoodie is lightweight and soft, and a convenient and effective way to keep yourself warm. This battery heated hoodie is made from 60% cotton and 40% polyester. Materials make it very comfortable, durable, and with great insulation from the elements.

Durable materials and carbon fiber heating elements make ororo’s heated hoodie fully machine washable.

Ororo electric heated hoodie has three heat levels: low, medium and high. Power button on your left chest conveniently changes temperature based on your needs and preferences.

Heating areas are on left and right chest and mid-back. This provides excellent heating in the most important places. 7.4V li-ion battery with 4400mAh capacity is included with the product. Battery lasts 7-8 hours on low (100°F / 38°C), 4-5 hours on medium (113°F / 45°C), and 2-3 hours on high (131°F / 45°C) temperature setting.

Electric heated hoodie by ororo is great as an outer shell in mild cold. It looks like a regular hoodie shirt, but you’ll most certainly know the difference once you power it on. Hoodie can easily be used as another layer under your winter jacket for added heat.

Ororo electric hoodie is great for casual wear in any time of the year, or for any outdoor activities or hobbies in the cold. Comes in light gray and navy blue.

12 reviews for Ororo Electric Heated Hoodie

  1. Kevin K.

    Great heat, great battery, great material. My only issue is the sizing is weird. I’m a very average sized male (5’10, 170 lbs, average proportions). Most of my clothes are mediums, so I tried on a medium (from a friend who recommended this before I ordered), and it was a little big on me, so I ordered a small. The hoodie technically fits ok, but the torso is a bit oversized, and the sleeves are tight on me. Even the smalls seem to be designed for big bodied, thin-armed people. If they revise their fit, I’d gladly buy another one.

  2. carlos a miranda

    Nice and I like it 3 years and working good

  3. cheryl

    I am a fairly smaller framed female- I should have ordered an XS instead of a S but I wanted the blue and it was the only available in S-L. Other than that- I LOVE this product. I wear it daily in my classroom because after shoulder replacement I am considerably colder than I used to be and my students are always hot. It lasts all day and keeps me toasty even on the lowest setting. The battery pack is a bit bulky but totally worth the heat. I will be ordering one for my husband and have several friends that are ordering one after my high recommendation of this product.

  4. Mark

    Nice but alittle small and it does not seem to get as warm as a few others I’ve had. But not bad for the price

  5. Renea Z.

    Bought this jacket for my dad who is always cold and he absolutely loves it! I read previous reviews that said the sizes run a little large so I bought him a small instead of a medium and it fit perfect. It heats up fast and stay warm for hours. Would recommend this item to anyone who is always cold.

  6. Customer

    This hoodie helped me get thru the winter. It will run about 3 or more hours straight but the hoodie itself is very warm so I usually just turn it on for 10-15min to warm up under my jacket and I am then good for a while.

  7. barbara butler

    It is a little large but it is as large as the xl I ordered at first.It works great.Does the battery last longer if I lower the heat?I also love how soft it feels.

  8. raphe

    Lasts for hours, like 5+. This is one of the few with a dedicated pocket in the front door the battery. Much better than those in the back! I tried a bunch of others and my wife hated them all. This is the only one they had a reasonable sized battery that want bulky and keening into her back. It’s like carrying a cell phone in the front pocket of a hoodie. Super toasty too.

  9. Tammy

    Got for my husband – he didn’t think it was warm enough – so I use is and LOVE it. Don’t expect it to keep you warm in freezing conditions though if you wore another coat over it, it might. But down in the 40’s it helps a lot.

  10. Out West

    Bought large – fits good but sleeves are slightly larger than a large but very comfortable. Good quality.
    Using it for winter motorcycle riding (didn’t want to plug myself in) and can now sit outside at coffee shop and stay warm.
    Price is far too high, though.

  11. Sharon

    I have other heating garments from other companies and they’re good… Heck they are even great! But this sweatshirt is the absolute best out of everything I own that makes me warm and I get to control if I Want it hot or just warm!

  12. glysdahl

    Used it this weekend deer hunting in northern Minnesota. It was snowing with temps in the single didgits. It helped keep me worm in the medium mode.

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