VentureHeat Battery Heated Base Layer Shirt

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VentureHeat battery heated shirt has three heating areas in crucial places ensuring your upper body is warm enough for any activity or hobby in the cold.

Even when the shirt is not powered on, synthetic poly-spandex and fleece lined interior will ensure you’re warm and dry.

VentureHeat’s electric base layer top has three different temperature levels and provides up to 5 hours of heat.

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VentureHeat’s battery heated base layer shirt is a great way to keep yourself warm during harsh cold. This base layer shirt has three heating areas in critical places which will ensure your torso is warm at all times.

Heating areas are in upper back, lower back, and belly. This ensures maximum temperature efficiency and keeps the most crucial places heated. Synthetic poly-spandex and fleece lined interior will ensure you’re warm and dry even while the shirt is not activated.

This electric base layer shirt has a built-in temperature controller with three different heat settings. Controller is located at waist and may be harder to reach in case you’re wearing multiple layers of clothing on top of it, but it still allows you to regulate heat and set temperature according to your needs and preferences.

Worried about wires? This base layer is lined with flexible hair-thin micro alloy fibers you will not feel at all until you power up the shirt and feel the warmth they generate.

VentureHeat electric shirt is powered by a li-ion battery. Lowest heat setting with provide up to 5 hours of heat, 3.5 hours on medium, and 2 hours on highest. Even 2 hours with highest temperature is long enough to watch a football game in winter and keep yourself warm the entire time.

Electric heated base layers are an easy way to keep your body warm during extreme cold. Whether it’s fishing, skiing, golfing, working or simply walking your dog, heated electric shirt by VentureHeat can provide some much-needed warmth.

9 reviews for VentureHeat Battery Heated Base Layer Shirt

  1. Customer

    Bought as gifts. One loved it but had to return other because receiver didn’t want to hand wash.

  2. C. Barkan

    Excellent shirt. Keeps me nice and warm on my motorcycle in 40 degree weather.

  3. kimonokiddo

    Absolutely wonderful product! It keeps you warm for a good four hours. I need to buy another battery for those 8 hour days, but, a superb buy! Thank you!

  4. Keith

    Overall the shirt performs well, but it only runs about 2.5 to 3 hours on medium, with a fully charged battery. The on/off switch is located at, or below the belt line, depending how tall you are. In my case it was right under my belt. If you going outside with a heated shirt, you are likely to be wearing multiple layers. Trying to get at the switch is awkward, at best. The brochure, provided by the manufacturer, indicated that the switch was suppose to be located on a flap, which could be worn outside the pants. Mine was not. So I’m guessing I received an older model. Not cool since I paid full price for the shirt. The various three temperature ranges are controlled by the on/off switch. However, the color indications are not intuitive. Red (high), Yellow (medium) and Green (low). Red (high), Orange (medium) and Yellow (low), would make more sense. The battery has a proprietary jack rather than a mini USB, which would be preferred.
    The shirt is heated using sewn in wires. A heat fabric, such as that used in car seats would be more durable. And distribute heat more efficiently and evenly; likely extending battery life.

  5. Tom Long

    Very nice product! I use it while hunting, it definitely takes the chill off after sitting for awhile. Which will help you stay out longer.

  6. BD6

    I like this base layer. It would be nice if it had a bit more wind stopper in it. However this and a puffy jacket did keep my upper body warm in sub zero wind. The battery last as advertised yet buy the extra battery you will want it.

  7. Vanessa

    Needs to add arm heated areas , the heated portion us good on the body.

  8. Gina Brown

    By the 4th hole in 45 degree weather, and my husband was ready to swear off golf for the season. Bulky clothes made it so he couldn’t hit the balls right, and staying cold isn’t an option. As long as he has plenty of back up batteries, it doesnt matter how cold it gets outside, he stays toasty warm. Worth every penny. But dont be cheap, go ahead and order the extra batteries, you wont be dissapointed!

  9. RAH

    Not worth the money

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