ActionHeat Battery Heated Base Layer Shirt


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ActionHeat’s battery powered base layer is an electric shirt that can keep your torso warm for over 10 hours. This electronic shirt will keep your body warm during work, sports, or any other activity in the cold.

Three different heat levels will ensure optimal temperature from 90°F to 135°F.

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ActionHeat battery heated base layer shirt is an electric base layer providing heat where it’s most needed. This base layer shirt is made of a polyester blend with excellent insulation and comfort.

Action heat electric shirt is powered by a 6000mAh battery which can provide up to 10 hours of heat. This base layer shirt is compatible with any 5V battery, and you can easily purchase a replacement if you need warmth for longer.

Battery coming with this product is rechargeable and comes with a USB cable. It’s in fact a power bank which you can also use to fully charge your iPhone or other modern smartphone. In case you get caught in bad weather and need extra juice while camping, being able to power your phone or other device can prove useful.

This electric base layer has three different heating levels. On lowest setting you can expect over 10 hours of heat with 90°F. Medium setting will emit 120°F for over 5 hours. Highest setting will heat your torso with high 135°F for over 3 hours. Heating is regulated by simply pressing a button on your chest.

ActionHeat’s heated base layer shirt has strategically placed heating panels with ultra-fine fibers providing excellent heating performance.

This electric base layer is fantastic for a full day of sports, hunting, running, fishing, skiing, or any other outdoor activity in the cold. This battery heated electric shirt will keep your upper body warm for hours.


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