Ororo Men’s Heated Jacket

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Ororo heated jacket is thin and comfortable and designed for above-zero temperatures. Comfortable and light, Ororo’s electric jacket will keep you completely dry and keep the wind out.

Three temperature levels make this electric heated jacket ideal for any cold weather or activity. Heating fibers on your chest and back will keep you warm for 3 to 12 hours depending on heating settings.

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Ororo heated jacket is completely wind and water proof. With a detachable hood, it’s equally useful for chilly mornings or rainy days.

Carbon heating elements are located on your left and right chest and mid-back. This ensures maximum warmth on places you’ll feel it most.

Ororo heated jacket also has three different heat levels. Pressing the power button on your chest changes temperature from low (100°F / 38°C), medium (113°F / 45°C) and high (131°F / 55°C).

This electric heated jacket comes with a 7.4V battery which has a capacity of 4400mAh. On low heating it will last 10-12 hours, 6-7 hours on medium, and 3-4 hours on maximum temperature setting.

Ororo men’s electric jacket is durable and can be machine-washed as long as you don’t twist, wring, or machine-dry.

Ororo’s heated jacket has fleece-lined neck and forearms for added comfort. It’s not bulky or thermal, therefore not perfect for below zero temperatures, but will keep you very warm in various cold or windy weather. It’s lightweight and comfortable for jogging, hiking, cycling, watching football games or any other sports or activity in the cold.

19 reviews for Ororo Men’s Heated Jacket

  1. RAF

    Amazing! Works as advertised.
    I wish it had pockets also closer up to the chest so your hands could feel the warmth of the two chest plate areas that are also heated. Good raincoat too. Glad the hood is removable.
    Nice color. Zipper well-designed.
    Light and the battery is almost unnoticeable when it is inside its little pocket. Charges up quickly.

  2. IdealInspiration

    I just got my jacket and it fits well. It’s a really good looking jack, stylish and and appears well made. My only challenges lay with the battery. It’s heavy and the pocket it sits in is right behind the left front pocket which reduces what you can put in the front pocket.

    Also, I fin I have to unplug and plug in the battery into the pocket connector when I want to turn on the jacket. That’s a pain.

    The instructions don’t tell you what the usb or micro-usb is for. I’d prefer that to be how you charges and connected the battery to the jacket. Because of the plug type you can use other batteries.

    I also wish the heat went through the arms and collar.

    Otherwise, it seems like a nice jacket.

  3. David Hall

    Perfect for winter as I suffer from neuropathy this coat will help me get through the winter the fit was good it just what I ordered a large and it came out just right.

  4. Reshawn

    Honestly works better than I thought it would. I bought the jacket maybe one size too big so I wear a vest over it but I couldn’t have asked for much more from this jacket

  5. artvaness

    I ordered this jacket for my boyfriend who is normally a large but when it arrived it was tight and short in the sleeves, I loved the jacket so much it was a perfect fit for my dad who is battling cancer and is always cold he loves it and I’m happy because it looks so great on him, I’m a little afraid to order the next size up but it’s a great looking coat love it!

  6. Lisa Viale

    I bought this for my father and loved it so much that I bought the women’s jacket for myself. The high setting is very toasty and lasts 4 hours. Medium setting lasted over 6 hours.
    I wanted a jacket that would look good even if I didn’t use the heat element. This jacket fits the bill.
    There were a few hiccups, I ordered the wrong size and a slight delay in shipping. The customer support was awesome. They responded in a timely manner and were very proactive. Thank you Sylvia.

  7. Jawad eletab

    Just recieved this jacket so far im pretty amazed. Heats up very well in front chest and upper back. Logo lights up makes it look cool also. Will test out when it gets below freezing to see how it works but so far i feel alot of heat coming from it. Oh and amazing quality too i was surprised by the quality feels actually better than a north face

  8. Customer

    Heated jacket keeps you warm fits as expected but only thing is it takes awhile to charge.

  9. judy halt

    Reordered a larger size. But the jacket is Great!

  10. Customer

    Love it! I went to Alaska to go see the glaciers. While on the boat the temperatures dropped and the wind kicked in. I honestly felt nothing!! This jacket kept me warm and toasty. This jacket is worth the buy!!!!

  11. M. Argeris

    Nice jacket. Looks polished, fits well. Does not look like a “heated” jacket. Works well for those soccer weekends that turn into snow storms.

  12. Customer

    Love this jacket. OUTSTANDING performance in all seasons. The Kobalt size chart is very accurate, you want the jacket to be “snug” for heating element to be effective, but don’t worry there is plenty of mobility in the arms and shoulders. There are cords to adjust the fit around the hips. Reinforced forearms and elbows. Perfect got anyone who works outside, great for sporting events and concerts. Don’t hesitate, you’ll be glad you bought this coat. I purchased an extra battery because I work outdoors (at night), battery lasts about 6 hrs on high, 8 hrs on medium, and 10+ on low (I work 10 hour shifts). Coat was originally bought for work, but now I wear it everywhere.

  13. ms

    husband loves it for football and baseball games

  14. JonB

    Bought this as a gift for my sister who runs a barn. She is always out in the cold and has always complained about how freezing it is when she’s working on the farm. She has been extremely happy with it and has even told me she finds herself sweating sometimes in negative degree weather.

  15. Louise

    My husband loves this jacket! He is non the road a lot and in and out of mechanic shops. It is perfect! The kobalt logo lights up so people get a little freaked out by his jacket sometimes but he deosnt care great buy! My grandpa got one too he is 90… now we don’t die at family functions because the heat does not have to be at 75!!!

  16. Saint Stephen

    Very nice jacket . Well made and warm even when not turned on . battery pack pocket is well located so as not to interfere with movement . Battery lasts at least 6 hours on low heat . may last longer , I have not needed it to yet . Have not had it set above low for more than a couple of minutes as the low setting is quite warm , I would absolutely recommend it to anyone who goes outside in winter weather

  17. Beach Boy 33

    Amazing. This is a wonderful well made jacket with a surprise. Push the button, it warms up like a nice tight electric blanket, 3 heat levels. I have used it about 10 times, works great. Very nice looking on it’s own. Little button lights up like a small iron man medallion above the logo. I am amazed that they can sell this for this cost. Jacket alone appears like it should cost $100 before the added surprise.

  18. Christy M Ballard

    I love this coat!!! I work in an U heated warehouse and have frozen to death for the past 9 winters. Not anymore! This cost keeps me so warm — I even have to turn it down at times because I’m getting a bit too warm. Worth every single dollar.

  19. Customer

    Ordered a medium, i am a woman that wears size 8. It is pretty big, but wearable. The heat is warm, not hot. Very comfortable to wear, takes the edge off of cold weather. Battery lasts longer than the stated heat time. Not giving 5 stars because of sizing, too bad they don’t offer a small. Best price around on heated jackets that I could find!

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