Ororo Women’s Heated Jacket

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Ororo women’s heated jacket is the perfect product to keep you warm in cold weather. It’s comfortable, warm, light, and will keep the cold and wind outside.

This electric heated jacket features three heating levels you can change at any time based on your preferences. Depending on heat settings it will keep your back and chest warm for 3 to 12 hours.

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Ororo women’s heated jacket is is one of the best electric heated jackets on the market. It features a detachable hood and is completely wind and water proof, making it ideal for any cold weather.

Carbon heating elements are located on left and right chest and mid-back. This provides warmth exactly where it’s needed most. You can turn the jacket on and off or change temperature at the press of a button.

Ororo women’s heated jacket also three different heat levels: low (100°F / 38°C), medium (113°F / 45°C) and high (131°F / 55°C).

High capacity rechargeable 4400mAh battery will provide 10-12 hours of heat on low, 6-7 on medium, and 3-4 hours on high temperature setting.

Ororo women’s electric jacket is durable and can be machine-washed as long as you don’t twist, wring, or machine-dry. It’s very well made, durable and includes a fleece lined neck and forearms for additional warmth and comfort.

Ororo women’s heated jacket is a quality electric product which will keep you toasty warm during jogging, hiking, walking, work, or any other activity or hobby in cold weather.

15 reviews for Ororo Women’s Heated Jacket

  1. Customer

    Jacket works great! I wish iwould have ordered a bigger size though. I measured myself and ordered a larger size than what I was expected to need and it still could be a little bigger. The arm legth seems to be very short.
    It keeps me nice and warm though and lasts all day on low.

  2. Bethanie

    Love this jacket! Battery pack is slim and fits nicely without being too heavy. I already want to buy an extra battery pack for long cold days, mainly cause I like to have it on high most of the time haha but even on the high setting I get a good 4 hours out of it.

  3. Dana Hazekiah

    I LOVE THIS JACKET!!! I do not like cold and I work at the football stadium and it gets cold there, this is AMAZING!

  4. ELE

    My normal size fit great. Very windproof. Very comfy. I bought it to wear on the motorcycle. The heat panels definitely helped keep me warm, but don’t expect it to feel like an electric blanket (I’d give it 5 stars if it were that warm). The hood is removable, but it would have been nice if it tucked into a pocket at the collar. I might buy a second charger so I don’t worry about running out of charge on long rides. This jacket will also be great for just general use in the winter. The electric panels really aren’t noticeable, and the jacket’s not too heavy or bulky. You do feel the battery in your pocket, but it’s not much different from carrying a phone in your pocket. Velcro at the sleeves would have been nice for an adjustable fit, but the sleeves are pretty good; it’s easy to get in and out of the jacket. Also, the upper parts of the arms are roomy, so you don’t feel constricted. I’m happy with this choice and had shopped around a lot before buying it.

  5. HSME3

    Jacket arrived quickly. Looks to be good quality, has full instructions, charger and battery. I ordered a large due to other reviews stating the jacket ran a little small. The large is a nice fit and no issues with the arm length. I have not charged/used the jacked yet, as I ordered early to have it for fall and spring sports.

  6. Ed

    Picked this up for my gal who works in the outdoors. She loves it and highly recommend it to anyone as well. My suggestion would be if you are on the edge of sizes. Always size up, the jacket does not have much stretch to it. But does work great even with out power being turned on. It’s a great wind breaker as well.

  7. Eric68

    This product runs a half size smaller than most jackets. But fits the shape of your body well for the average or athletic build. Very warm

  8. Customer

    I absolutely LOVE this coat! Keeps me toasty in thw winter and just right during our bipolar weather in West Virginia!! Thank you. Best Christmas gift ever!

  9. Dakota Rhodes

    I love love love this jacket. I work at a farm on my off days of my main job and am in the cold for 5-7 hours a day in the wee hours of the morning. Most times, i have layers of fleece on underneath this and i don’t even have to turn this on, but when i do press that button, ahhhhhh….. The only thing that i wish this jacket had was pocket warmers like the Milwaukee version has, but the difference in cost kind of makes up for that. Wonderful jacket for the $, I’ve been recommending this product to several people!

  10. Kenya

    My jacket arrived timely and with everything it was supposed to have. On a full charge the battery lasts for about 8 hours on medium heat. I bought a small which fits me well and can be worn under a larger parka comfortably.

  11. Lisa Viale

    I bought the men’s jacket for my father and loved it so much that I bought the women’s jacket for myself. The high setting is very toasty and lasts 4 hours. Medium setting lasted over 6 hours.
    I wanted a jacket that would look good even if I didn’t use the heat element. This jacket fits the bill.
    There were a few hiccups with my father’s order, I ordered the wrong size and a slight delay in shipping. The customer support was awesome. They responded in a timely manner and were very proactive. Thank you Sylvia.

  12. Lexi Cindric

    I love this jacket! It keeps me so warm- I have horses and take care of them in the below freezing temps regularly throughout the winter and I actually sweat when it’s on the hottest setting! I love this and would definitely purchase more products from them.

  13. Customer

    Bought this as a gift and she loved it! Heats up real quick and the ability to charge your phone with the battery is also nice. Would have received 5 stars but the jacket took over a month to get to me!

  14. Steve and Cindy

    Great coat but the fit is somewhat small when you have more than a tshirt under.

  15. LeAnna Hatcher

    Worth every penny – Got it just before the blizzard a week ago and AWESOME! I put this on with medium heat and wool coat over top of it and toasty warm during the height of the blizzard. Same things on the mornings when leaving for work and wind chill close to zero. Great layering piece with the bulk. Only problem takes long time for battery to charge and no heat in the arms.

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