VentureHeat Battery Heated Base Layer Bottoms

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VentureHeat battery heated base layer bottoms will help your legs stay warm in harsh winter. Three heating areas in crucial locations will ensure maximum heating efficiency.

These battery heated pants are lined with fleece and are warm even while powered off. They are comfortable to wear, and you won’t even notice the thin micro alloy fibers are there until you turn them on.

Three levels of heat and an easy to access controller ensure you can change temperature according to your preferences for up to 5 hours of heat.

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VentureHeat battery heated base layer bottoms is an excellent way to stay warm in cold weather. VentureHeat base layer pants have three heating areas in crucial places where heating is more effective to ensure your legs are warm at all times.

Heating areas are on back of your hip and on both knees. This ensures optimal heating efficiency and keeps the most important body parts warm. Moisture wicking materials and fleece lined interior will further ensure you are dry, comfortable and warm even while these electric bottoms are not powered up.

These battery heated base layer bottoms have temperature control with three different heat levels. Controller can easily be put in your pocket, so changing heat settings is easy and convenient. Rechargeable lithium-ion battery included with the product will keep this base layer heating for up to 5 hours.

VentureHeat battery heated base layer bottoms are a great way to keep your body warm during extreme cold. It’s suitable for any outdoor activity or hobby, and paired with VentureHeat’s battery heated shirt or any electric socks it can truly keep you toasty warm in any weather.

11 reviews for VentureHeat Battery Heated Base Layer Bottoms

  1. Christa R. Matherne

    I finally had the chance to use them this weekend, they worked very good. Had them on low and it was perfect riding


    warm except battery runs out quickly if you are trying to run on high all night long, started running then turning off and cycling on and off the rest of the night and it worked pretty well. felt good on arthritic knees

  3. Customer

    Still waiting for a refund. It doesn’t heat well at all

  4. bobby

    Doesn’t work

  5. sw

    These seem like a good idea but not so much in practice. The battery back is bulky and heavy. It sits right on the hip bone and is quite uncomfortable. I had to return them

  6. Christina D.

    Love these pants! I just wish the battery life was longer. Otherwise they are awesome!

  7. RobertP

    Nice heated base layer. I would rather have a battery powered, USB compatible pant with wind protection built in, but this will do for now.

  8. Dave Nelson

    Worked great for deer hunting. Lookin forward to trying them out for ice fishing. Lasted a long time, and found I didn’t need to use my thermacells as much because they keep the blood flowing to your feet warmer.

  9. The Guy

    Didn’t work well for riding under leather pants in the 15-30 degree range. Some parts were warm others froze.

  10. T.S.

    love it. I spend a lot of time either on the soccer field, and/or baseball field, as my kids play on the travel level on these.
    I purchased the pants, and shirt to stay warmer during the cold season. I figured, I will give it a try, and am glad I did.
    I was really cold this week-end, and I got to use the items. They work well, and kept me warm!

  11. Darcy H

    I bought these for working outside every day but they only heated my knees and lower back area. My thighs and butt were still freezing cold. We’ve been to the moon but we can’t make a decent pair of heated pants.

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