ValueRays USB Heated Slippers

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ValueRays USB heated slippers are an inexpensive way to keep your feet warm at home. These USB electric slippers must be plugged in and do not have batteries.

65″ long USB cords provide enough freedom to make them useful for watching TV at home or sitting in front of a computer in your office.

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ValueRays USB heated slippers are warm and comfortable slippers for indoor use. These electric slippers are best used for sitting in front of a TV or computer.

ValueRays heated slippers are USB powered, and do not have batteries. You will have to keep these slippers plugged in, unlike most other heated socks or apparel which use rechargeable batteries.

Heating elements are on the sole of these slippers, covered in flame retardant fabric. Slippers are easy to connect via included 65″ long USB cords. They can be connected to any USB-capable device, including computers or smart TVs, or you can use a USB adapter on a power strip.

ValueRays electric slippers feature black shag fur and will keep your feet warm even while not powered on. They don’t offer as much freedom of movement as battery-powered heated products, but are wonderfully comfortable and useful for keeping your feet warm while at home.

11 reviews for ValueRays USB Heated Slippers

  1. Diane J

    These are very warm slippers……use every night. Love them

  2. lydiana

    not great would like if it got warmer

  3. Farley X Wilbur

    Not the absolute best, but these things work and work fairly well. You need to be a bit careful not to jerk the wires too much although I’ve had no real problems. But then, I’ve been careful. Made it through one winter and my feet get cold because I’m older now and that’s just the way things go. These kept me comfortable. They do need the two port adapter though, so be sure you buy it too.

  4. Charlotte Wilson

    Gave as a gift to my daughter and she is thrilled with the product. She claims that they keep her feet very toasty while working on her laptop propped up on the couch. They are also comfortable when she walks around the house.

  5. Customer

    Used two USB ports, and the cable is in the way. but does help keep feet warm

  6. DynoTesting

    These things are fantastic! The hot setting is a bit to warm unless you are in a very cold environment, but the ability to switch is great!
    Note that I did need to purchase a usb extension cable to get sufficient distance from the wall: FYI.

  7. Customer

    Bought these for my husband since his work is over a parking garage, the floor gets pretty cold during the winter. He keeps these in his desk and loves them. Had them for two winters now with no problem.

  8. DAW

    sent these right back. Notice there is a wire attached to the toes? That means no walking around in them.

  9. C. Emery

    Slippers work great! This is the second set i have purchased and have been very happy both times. Would definitely purchase this product again.

  10. Myron MacNeil

    I got these for my wife who gets cold feet while she watches TV. As long as you remain stationary it’s a great product. They warm your feet to a comfortable temperature, not hot. Just remember to disconnect the wires before taking any steps so they won’t trip you. They get a lot of use.

  11. Mike

    The quality is pretty decent as far as slippers go. They’re slippers, not work-boots, so don’t be rough with them. That said, they take a bit of time to warm up, but when they do, it’s amazingly comfortable to have them on. I’m going to be using these religiously through the winter. I wear a size 10 shoes, and the small/mediums are fit snugly, but not too tight. My foot measured about 4 1/2 inches across, so if your feet are any bigger, I would suggest going for the larger size. No complaints overall.

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