Volt Electric Heated Slippers

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Volt electric heated slippers are equally functional inside or outside. Rechargeable batteries and adjustable temperature ensure your feet are as warm as you like them to be.

Product comes with remote control, batteries and charger. These heated slippers will keep your feet toasty warm for up to 10 hours.

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Volt electric heated slippers are excellent for keeping your feet warm. This product isn’t particularly appealing for wearing outside, especially in harsh conditions, but they can do wonders if you need to warm up your feet while inside.

Volt’s heated slippers are powered by two 3.7V rechargeable li-ion batteries with 2000mAh capacity. These electric slippers have four heat levels. They last over 3 hours on highest, 4.5 hours on medium/high, 6 hours on medium/low, and up to 10 hours on lowest temperature setting.

Remote control makes it very convenient to control temperature levels. You can select your desired heat level according to your own needs and preferences.

If you suffer from Raynaud’s disease, poor circulation, or simply want to keep your chronically cold feet warm, consider this product. Volt’s electric heated slippers is one of the best ways to keep your feet toasty warm.

5 reviews for Volt Electric Heated Slippers

  1. George Tanguay

    Love these slippers. They really help.

  2. C in VA

    I almost returned these slippers. Glad I read a review that these slippers run small.I have arthritis and thought the heat would help the pain in my feet. My problem with these slippers is that the opening to the slipper-bootie makes it hard to get your foot inside without lots of tugging and pulling. I have a high arch which also makes putting on these slippers difficult not to mention the batteries make the opening tight when inserted in their pouch on the slipper. I got the slippers on and wore them a few times and the opening stretched Slightly. I kept the slippers because they do a good job with putting heat on my feet. The rubber sole on the bottom make it a nice slipper to wear outside. I thought about returning the slippers and getting a larger size but once the slippers were on they were fine but remember get a larger size.Larger size would not necessarily mean larger opening.The opening for me is a design flaw, it needs to be bigger. If the arthritis in my hands gets worse I will be unable to put these slippers on without lots of tugging and pulling.

  3. Customer

    These are amazing! I’ve had them for over a year and I don’t know how I would live without them. They fit true to size and are very comfortable. One of the best gifts I have ever received!!

  4. D. Tyler

    These are so small that I would normally assume that these were miss-labeled, except that they are the second pair I ordered (first ones were a size Large that were WAY TOO SMALL as well). I got these for my father who wears a size 11. Also worth noting, is that these are extremely challenging to slip on. It would seem to me that this product should appeal to an elderly demographic who’s circulation is poor. If that is in fact the case, these should be designed to slip on and off MUCH more easily. Consider loosening the cut around the ankle and adding a single velcro strap to tighten. Frankly, this is a good idea regardless of when age of the wearer.

    I may still attempt ordering a 3rd pair (XXXXXXL) if they have it.

    If I ever do get a pair that fit, I may update my review to reflect the actual function of the product.

  5. Tim

    I’ve purchased LL Bean slippers that claim to be the warmest slippers out there. I’ve purchased many pairs of wool socks. My latest “fix” was wearing heat warmers (that people usually use skiing) on top of wool socks within my slippers. But you have to keep buying warmers because you can only use them once.

    Then I bought the Volt slippers. Simply awesome. I’m a male, size 10.5 foot. I have the XL volt slipper size. My first reaction was that they were snug at the toes. But the slippers stretch!! Give them a chance. Plus, you want them snug. If they fit like a roomy sneaker, it wouldn’t be as warm.

    The hottest setting gets nice and toasty. I work from home and have been wearing them every day for a week. Would like to have longer battery life (needs a mid-day charging), but super comfy and warm.

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