Snookiz Microwave Heated Slippers for Women

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Snookiz microwave heated slippers will keep your feet warm for up to 30 minutes after only 30 seconds in a regular microwave.

These microwaveable heated slippers are designed for women. They come in several stylish patterns and colors and are fantastic for indoor use in winter.

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Snookiz microwave heated slippers aren’t electric, but can keep your feet warm for a short period. Microwave heated slippers are great when you need to warm up your feet quickly.

Snookiz’s slippers are made with 100% natural and environmentally friendly materials. They’re lightweight, flexible, and stylish with several colors and patterns.

These heated slippers soles need only 30-40 seconds in a regular microwave, after which they will provide your feet with 20-30 minutes of soothing heat.

Snookiz microwave heated slippers are extremely easy to use, and a very convenient way to quickly warm up your feet.

8 reviews for Snookiz Microwave Heated Slippers for Women

  1. Martha L. Richter

    These are the very best slippers I have ever had! When my cold feet issues kick in, I can simply place the slipper in my microwave (following the directions!), and my feet warm up beautifully! Then they stay warm because of the design. I would buy from this company again.

  2. HClower

    I bought these for my grandmother who has cancer and is always cold. She really likes these and it helps with her swelling as well.

  3. Imma Reader

    I wear size 9. Ordered size large 9-10. One foot is 8 1/2 the other 9 these were snug to put on thinking I had on wrong foot then when I tried them they made me aware all night long hurting with tightness. I first tried thin sock in with them and not possible


    Bought these for my mom, as her feet are always freezing….always, like the arctic. Kind of weird to microwave after your feet have been in there, but she seems to love them.

  5. ambivert1212

    These are super soft and cozy and I only heat them for the recommended time. Although they are a nice subtle toastiness I may try a tad longer heating because it doesn’t last as long as I’d like. I use these a lot when I apply cream or a foot mask and cover my foot with a boo tie liner and then slip it into these. Also beware they run very close to size if not a bit small in the length. I wear a size 8 and I’m not sure they’d be too comfortable with a thicker pair of socks.

  6. M. Basham

    I love these booties! I have been looking for something to keep my feet and ankles warm and these really do the job. Once heated in the microwave, they stay toasty for quite a long time. They hand wash beautifully, too. Thank you!

  7. Lisa Crampton

    These are exactly what I expected. They come with a bag to insert the slippers, when heating in the microwave (I almost threw it away thinking it was part of the packing material). They are a perfect fit on my bare feet. I walk around my house in them with no problem or discomfort. I highly recommend these slippers.

  8. Kendra Dietrich

    I always have cold feet and this boot with the microwave insole has been great for warming up my feet. Even after the insole looses the heat from the microwave, the heat remains inside the boot keeping your feet warm for a few hours. All from 30 secs in the microwave. I have been very pleased and my warm feet are happy!

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